18 Valentine’s Day Games for Families

Families Love These Valentine’s Day Games!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner!

It’s another opportunity to add some extra blessings to our family’s day.

Why not pick a few of these fun games to make the day more memorable?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts, it can be for families too!

Celebrate the day together with your kids and save the evening for just you and your hubby.

Don’t worry, these games are super-simple, take little time and little prep because I know you’re all super-busy!

Pick two or three from this list and your Valentine’s Day will be crazy fun.

Your kids will remember these special times as a family and you can be sure heart-to-heart connections will be made!

Ready to have some fun and make some awesome memories! Let’s go!

Fun Family Games for Valentine’s Day

Who Do You Love?

This is a great game for your family if you have small children.

No winners or losers!

Materials needed:



  • Arrange chairs in a circle so that the seats are facing inside.
  • The player who is “it” stands in the center of the circle, and the other kids sit in the chairs facing her.
  • The “it” approaches one of the seated children and says, “Who do you love?” The player who is approached must come up with an answer, such as “I love everyone wearing pink” or “I love everyone who has a dog,” and then anyone wearing pink or who has a pet dog must stand up and scramble to find a new seat.
  • Players cannot shift to the seat next to them, should it become vacant. They must move at least two chairs away from their original spot.
  • In the meantime, “it” should try to sit down in one of the vacant chairs.
  • Once everyone finds a spot, the one player left standing becomes the new “it” and must then approach a seated player and ask, “Who do you love?”
  • Play until everyone wants to stop!

Valentine’s Games That Your Family Will Love!

Valentine’s Day Party Word Mix

Love word games?

Here’s the game for your crew.

Materials needed:

Index cards


  • Before the game, write on index cards thirty different Valentine’s Day related words.
  • Mix the cards up and place them in the middle of a table and have each person select two cards.
  • Each person then composes a song or poem with those two words in it.
  • Then each person reads his poem or sings his song out loud for the entire family.

Valentine’s Day Wink

Such a simple game that ends up in giggles!

Materials Needed:



  • Make a circle of chairs, half the number of participants, plus one.
  • Have half the people stand behind the chairs and half sit in the chairs. Make sure there is one empty chair with a person standing behind it.
  • The person standing behind the empty chair is “it.”
  • “It” then picks one of the people sitting in the chairs and winks at them. The person in the chair has to race to the empty chair before the person standing behind her tags her. If she is tagged, she remains in her seat and “it” winks at another person.
  • If the person in the chair gets into the empty chair, the person behind her is the new “it.”
  • Repeat as many times as the players want!

Valentine’s Day Heart Hunt

Materials needed:

20 paper hearts


  • Hide hearts in various places around the house.
  • Give kids a basket or cup to place all the hearts they find.
  • Set a time limit for the heart hunt.
  • When time is up, count hearts to see who got the most and reward with a prize!

Love Your Smile!

  • Everyone sits in a circle.
  • The first player smiles and tries to get each person to smile.
  • They get a point for each one that they get to smile on their turn.
  • When their turn is over, they “wipe the smile off their face” and it is the next person’s turn!

Heart Bean Bag Toss

A simple game that’s easy to set up and play!

See it here.

Valentine’s Day Musical Hearts Game

An awesome game that gets your family running, hopping and spinning!

Find the instructions for this Valentine’s Day Game here!

Valentine's Day Game Ideas for Families

Even More Valentine’s Games for Families!

Heart Hopscotch

You can play this game inside OR outside!

Get the full instructions here!

Heart hospcotch Valentine's Day game

Heart Basketball

Materials needed:

  • Corrugated Cardboad

  • Red or pink spray paint

  • Red balloons

  • Cut a heart-shaped frame out of a corrugated cardboard box and spray paint it red or pink.


  • Hang it from a doorway or have two adults hold it.
  • Blow up red balloons and tie the ends. Kids try to score by batting it through the opening of the heart to score a point.

Valentine’s Day Game: Pin the Heart on the Fox.

This is incredibly cute!

It’s a foxy, Valentine’s twist to the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game.

Completely adorable!

Grab the game here!

Heart Balloon Stomp

Materials Needed:


  • Blow up balloons.
  • Give each player a balloon and string.
  • Each player ties the heart-shaped balloon around their ankle.
  • Once all the players are ready have someone yell, “Get ready, Get Set…STOMP THE HEARTS!”
  • Everyone tries to stomp someone else’s balloon and pop it. The person whose balloon remains unpopped is the winner!

Valentine’s Day Seek and Find Game

All you need is this set of cards and you’re ready to go!

Kids love this!

Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrow Toss Game

A super simple game for a big group of kids!

Get all the details here.

Valentine’s Day Heart Zap!

This game is perfect for toddlers all the way to adults!

It can be set up in a few minutes and is great for playing outdoors or indoors.

See the full instructions here.

Valentine's Day Zap Game

Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

Adding a Valentine’s Day Twist to classics is the best idea!

Find out how to make your own Heart Tic-Tac-Toe game here!

Valentine's Day games for families -- Tic Tac Toe

It’s super simple!

Conversation Hearts Towers

Materials Needed:

LOTS of conversation hearts


  • Give everyone a box of conversation hearts.
  • Tell each player to make a tower as tall as they can with conversation hearts.
  • The highest tower wins!

Valentine’s Day Twister Game

Love the game Twister?

Try this Conversation Hearts version we absolutely love!

Valentine's Day Game Twister

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

Ready for another simple, game?

Try Conversation Hearts memory game that comes with its own printables!

Valentine's Day Memory Game

Which Valentine’s Game Will Your Family Play?

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