Incredible At Home Date Night Ideas

Looking for Date Night Ideas for Nights at Home?

At-Home Date Nights aren’t just for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary!

They’re for any time you need to reconnect with your spouse!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Just get creative, thoughtful and romantic.

Money tight right now?

at home date night ideas that are super romantic

No worries.

These ideas are cheap, cheap!

Stay-at-home date nights are spontaneous, convenient, comfy and definitely romantic.

I love that I don’t have to wait for a baby-sitter or dine out at an expensive restaurant in order to date my husband!

In fact, because at home date nights are so frugal and convenient, I can have them very often — yay!

Don’t worry about having to be super-creative.

Below you’ll find ten romantic date ideas that will keep you busy for some time!

You’ll love these ideas you’ll want to repeat the dates frequently — and so will your spouse!

10 Romantic Stay-at-home Date Ideas

At-Home Date Night Idea #1: Hot Cocoa Date

My hubby and I were home with our four munchkins.

No baby-sitter or money was in sight — but I was craving some one-on-one time with my spouse.

So, I did something out of the ordinary for us. I went into the kitchen and whipped up some hot cocoa and told my hubby we were having a “hot cocoa” date.

I squeezed into the living room chair with him and we watched the evening news together.

Nothing fancy, but it was fun, cheap and we were spending time together.

Want to make this idea a little bit more fun?

Try adding special flavors like caramel, mint, raspberry or English toffee — and of course, marshmallows!

Or you can check out our romantic coffee and cocoa date nights here!

At-Home Date Night Idea #2: Mexican picnic

This takes a little bit of prep and planning.

Choose your favorite Mexican dishes.

Not just one, but several.

Make one serving of each dish and you and your hubby can taste-test and share the yummies.

Some ideas to try are chimichangas, chicken nachos, burritos, fish tacos, fajitas and of course, re-fried bean and Mexican rice.

Finish off with some fried ice cream.

To add some whimsy to your date, purchase a few large sombreros — or you could just wear silly hats and pretend they are sombreros.

Throw a blanket on your living room or bedroom floor and start your picnic.

Try to only communicate in Spanish for the first 30 minutes of your date.

Any silly accents are welcome!

romantic at home date night ideas

At-Home Date Night Idea #3: Go star-gazing.

Sometimes my husband hurriedly pulls me outside to stargaze.

I love it. It’s free and very romantic.

Why not plan an entire evening under the stars?

Set up a tent or throw out some blankets.

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery!

At-Home Date Night Idea #4: Fun photo-shoot.

Have fun and grab lots of props and plan for some photo ops in different rooms of your house.

You can have silly, romantic or just everyday pictures.

It’s a lot cheaper than getting a professional portrait done as well as a lot of fun!

At-Home Date Night Idea #5: Go mad!

Have you ever played Mad Libs?

Your romantic, stay-at-home date night is the perfect time to start!

Make it super-fun with these Madly in Love free mad libs printable!

a couple enjoying a date night at home

At-Home Date Night Idea #6: Walk Down Memory Lane

Try to re-enact your first date, first anniversary or the day you were engaged.

Wear similar clothing, eat the same food and anything else you can remember from that special moment in time.

The butterflies will start fluttering again as you reminiscence this amazing experience together.

At-Home Date Night Idea #7: Spa night

Think herbal bath with flower petals, white robes, comfy slippers, and massages.

Don’t forget to light some candles to give a calm, relaxing ambiance to your less-than-quiet, typical days.

Finish off with some sparkling grape or apple cider!

At-Home Date Night Idea #8: Play a game!

Add your own fun, romantic twists to Taboo, Scrabble or Rummicube!

My husband and I enjoy playing each other in a game called BLINK!

It’s super-fast, so it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it always gets us laughing together!

At-Home Date Night Idea #9: Create a Scrapbook

With all the latest and greatest digital photo-sharing going on, it’s fun to sit back and arrange and muse over photographs of your life and your family’s.

Create a scrapbook that is devoted to your marriage and includes love letters, fave perfume samples, newspaper clippings, your wedding invitations and anything that reminds you of your love for each other!

Keeping it in one tangible place will make it easy for you and your hubby to reminisce on the good times together.

At-Home Date Night Idea #10: Work on a project together.

Though this may be boring to some, my husband and I really enjoy working together on projects.

Maybe it’s designing a new printable for my website, or maybe it’s learning a new song — either way, we are both learning something or creating something new — together!

Enjoy your date!


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