Crazy Romantic, At-Home Coffee Date Night Ideas You’ll Love

Who Loves Date Nights..and Coffee?!

Ask my husband.

I’m always up for a coffee date (or date night at home!) — even during a snowstorm!

If you want some winter date night ideas, here’s an incredible list from Club31Women.

romantic coffee date night ideas

But life happens and we can’t always sneak away and head to our favorite coffee shop.

What’s a coffee lovin’ mom to do?

Enter romantic at home coffee date night ideas.

These creative and romantic ideas keep all coffee lovin’ moms and dads happy!

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Because a busy mom needs QUICK!

Romantic At-Home Coffee Date Night Ideas

coffee date night ideas

Create a coffee bar.

This is such a fun idea!

Go all out and have chocolate syrup, homemade whipped cream, plain whipping cream, white chocolate chips, smashed graham crackers and marshmallows, cinnamon, traditional coffee syrups, and even flavored sugars.

Use a blindfold.

You and your spouse can take turns creating fun coffee combinations for each other.

Find out the truth.

Take turns asking these questions to each other.

You may think you know your spouse’s coffee choices — but you may be surprised!
Here are some fun questions to ask!

Romantic Coffee Date Questions

    • Do you prefer expresso, French Press, K-cups, drip, cold brew or instant coffee the most?
    • Do you prefer hot or iced coffee?
    • Caramel or mocha flavors?
    • Do you like chain coffee shops or individually owned coffee shops?
    • How many cups of coffee do you prefer to drink on a daily basis?
    • Does coffee help you relax or perk you up?
    • When did you begin drinking coffee?
    • Were your parents avid coffee drinkers?
coffee date night

Curl up for a good movie.

Go ahead and plan on watching your fave movie on your coffee date night.

Speak sweet nothings.

In under one minute describe your spouse using only descriptive words pertaining to coffee.

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May your marriage be BRIMMING with date night ideas!

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Enjoy your coffee date night at home!

Which idea will you try first — or will you try them ALL on one coffee date?

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