10 Spontaneous Date Night Ideas

Date Nights Are Incredibly Fun for Your Marriage!

Every marriage needs some spontaneous date night ideas to spice things up!

My kids know that my husband and I often have spontaneous date night ideas up our sleeves.

They often moan and groan when they hear about our fun night.

You know it’s fun if the kids are jealous!

Don’t worry — we make sure they get to have fun too!

Every single Friday night is set aside just for family fun night.

But date nights?

They could happen any night — plans are ALWAYS subject to change — wink, wink!

If your marriage is getting kind of hum-drum, snoozy and yesterday’s newzy, try these spontaneous date night ideas that will remind you and your hubby of the fireworks you experienced in the earlier days.

Who said marriage had to be predictable, same-old, same-old and yawn-worthy boring?

Not me!

Insanely Fun, Last Minute Date Night Ideas

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #1: Dessert tasting experiment.

For this fun adventure, prepare or purchase your fave desserts.

Number them all and then have you and your spouse rate them from “almost heaven” to “almost inedible edible.”

This is a great way to learn what desserts your spouse really loves!

But, I already know my husband’s fave dessert — cheesecake.

And for a spontaneous date night, I don’t have time to whip one up, but I can grab his fave one at the grocery store.

Or you can go through our easy dessert book and make ALL the desserts! Download the book here!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #2: Make a mystery latte for each other.

Grab your fave coffee and add yummy syrups, milk and sugar to make the perfect mystery cup for your spouse!

See if your spouse can name all the flavors.

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #3: Invite your husband to an at-home sporting event.

Find out when your husband’s fave team is playing and make some fun game food like popcorn, finger foods and end with dessert.

Make up some cute homemade “you’re invited” cards to invite him to your date.

Sneak them into his shoes, clothes, briefcase or car in the morning so he can’t miss them!

He’ll love that you made time and put thought into something he loves!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #4: Play a game of impromptu mini golf.

Send your spouse a text that says, “Meet me at (insert address or name of business) for a fun night of competition.”

Play a fun, competitive game of mini golf and come up with a fun prize your spouse will love!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #5: Take a last minute outdoor excursion.

I have always tried to take advantage of the perks of the area where I live.

My family has traveled so many times, so each place had its own perks.

If you’re near a lake, head there one afternoon to do some fishing, boating or even catch fireflies.

If you’re near the beach, take a last minute romantic stroll on the sand.

If you’re near the mountains, cruise up and enjoy the gorgeous scenery!

Just get out of your house and have some last-minute fun!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #6: Rent a bicycle built for two.

I am a pushover when my husband sings me the song, “A Bicycle Built for Two.”

Make that song a reality and rent a bicycle built for two and try it out!

It will definitely teach you how to work together — and you’ll probably enjoy a lot of giggles along the way!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #7: Try a last minute progressive dinner for two!

Quickly jot down your fave local reststarants and head out on an empty stomach.

Share an appetizer at one restaurant then head to the next one for your main course.

Choose another restaurant for dessert and that will complete your progressive dinner for two!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #8: Freshen up your vows.

Do you remember your wedding vows?

You may be surprised!

If you can locate them, grab them up and make two copies — one for you and one for your spouse.

Read them to each other again and reminence over your special day not so long ago!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #9: Cook it up!

Grab some random ingredients from your pantry snd fridge, place them on the counter and set a 20 minute timer.

You and your spouse go head-to-head in creating the most creative, beautiful and tastiest dish in 20 minutes for those random ingredients!

The results should be comically interesting!

Spontaneous Date Night Idea #10: Play 20 Questions.

You just need paper and pen for this — or your smart phone!

Jot down 20 questions to ask your spouse about himself and your realtionship (avoid questions that have one word answers).

Ask your spouse to be absolutely honest and find out more and grow closer as a couple!

Word to the wise: don’t ask any questions that could stir an argument or hurt someone’s feelings.

Focus on funny memories, things that make each other smile and your first memory of special events in your life!

Keep the mood upbeat, fun and affectionate!

Go Beyond Dinner and a Movie! Enjoy A Spontaneous Date Night!

Do you have any date night ideas that were a huge hit?

Share them with us on social media!

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