Ultimate 15 Minutes or Less Meal Ideas Moms Need Now

I thought I was busy before I had kids — boy was I in for a BIG surprise!

I needed these ultimate 15 minutes or less meal ideas years ago. Six kids later I’m still trying to think of brilliant time-saving hacks!

Let me do you and your family a favor.

Let me tell you some of the BEST 15 minute meals that you and your entire family will love.

fifteen minute meal ideas for busy moms

With these fifteen minute or less meal ideas there is no more stressing about last minute dinner or lunch guests. I’ve got you covered with these crazy-simple recipes that will give you more time for connecting! Because time with friends and family matters so much more than hours and hours in the kitchen!

Without further adieu, let’s dig into these time-saving,absolutely yummy meal ideas!

Ultimate 15 Minutes or Less Meal Ideas Moms Need Now

  • Cheesy Italian Skillet. Ya’ll — I just made another version of this and added chicken and additional two cups of diced tomatoes.

    It was ahh-mazing and there was almost no mess to clean up afterwards! It’s all made in ONE dish and it’s ready in 15 minutes!

    If you have any comfort food, cheese lovers or Italian fans, this fifteen minute meal idea works like magic!

  • Tai Pei® Entrée. This is definitely something a busy mom needs to keep in her freezer! Entrees are made with real, pure ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

    None of the bad stuff, just pure and delicious goodness.

    fifteen minute meal ideas

    When busy mom days get tough, it’s always a stress-saver to reach into my freezer and grab any one of my favorite flavors.

    Living overseas on Asian cuisine for several years definitely puts Asian food on my “warm your heart” checklist.

    fifteen minute meal ideas

    Lunch is never boring when I can choose from a huge selection of flavors!

    And I don’t have to order delivery or take-out!

    fifteenmibute meal ideas

  • Breakfast cookies. Oh….these are so good!

    Even though they’re technically “breakfast” cookies I serve them all day long!

    Great for meals and snacks!


    And there’s no sugar in these cookies!

  • fifteenminute meal ideas for moms

  • Homemade Hummus. Our blender runs almost every single day.

    We’re either making hummus or shakes…hummus or shakes…shakes or hummus!

    You’ll find a super simple recipe that’s ready in just a few minutes on this website.

    Serve it with fresh veggies, chips or make a sandwich with it! So many fun options!

  • Tortilla Pizza. Tortilla pizza is a fun meal idea that moms with young kids at home will love!

    Add your own favorite toppings and bake.

    So simple. So good.

    So perfect for a time-saving meal!

  • fifteen minute meal ideas

  • Philly Chicken Cheesesteak. I was surprised how fast toasted Philly cheese steak recipe cooks up!

    Chicken is sautéed with onions then cooked with mozzarella cheese.

    Add to your fave hoagie or french bread and it makes the perfect, super-busy mom meal.

    It’s absolutely perfect for serving last minute guests too! Need the recipe?

    Search for it on this site!

  • Easy Asian stir-fry. Asian stir-fry is super fast and easy — and you can find is my authentic recipe on this site!!
  • fifteen minutemen ideas

    fifteen minute meals

  • Stove-top Bacon Shells and Cheese. This is comfort food on steroids!

    Nobody needs boxed mac and cheese when they can have homemade, super creamy mac in cheese in fifteen minutes.

    Crumbled bacon adds added protein and loads of hearty flavor!

    This dish is a HUGE hit at my house!

  • fifteen minute meal ideas

Enjoy your NEW list of ultimate fifteen minute meals that moms need to know now!

Life just got yummier and less stressful — don’t you agree?

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