25 Christmas S’mores Recipes

The Christmas holiday is the perfect opportunity to break out your fave s’mores recipes! Think BEYOND the traditional s’mores recipe and try these holiday treats that are sure to please! No one will complain when they taste holiday flavors whipped into their fave campfire treats! Nope, you’ll probably receive many thanks as well as requests for your holiday s’mores recipe! I highly recommend the Nutella cookie recipe — it’s my family’s fave!

Christmas s'mores recipes

25 Christmas S’mores Recipes

  1. Love this simple version of Christmas S’mores.
  2. What’s more festive than holiday bark? Try this fun S’mores Bark recipe that will be a crowd-pleaser!
  3. Mmmm…these Holiday S’mores look oh-so-temping!
  4. Snowman peeps in a s’more?! Absolutely! Find this super-cute recipe at The Frugal Girls.
  5. Candy canes turn these s’mores treats into a holiday favorite!
  6. Going to a holiday treat swap? Take these Rocky Road S’mores to wow your friends!
  7. Here’s a simple Christmas S’mores recipe that your kids can help make!
  8. This is also a family-friendly Christmas S’mores recipe.
  9. Have you ever tried s’mores in a bar? First time for everything! Enjoy the festive touch in these Christmas S’mores Bars.
  10. Take these S’mores Cookies to your next holiday party, and you’ll return with an empty dish! No crumb left behind — wink, wink!
  11. Holidays are the best time to whip up some homemade candy. Try this S’mores Candy recipe. s’mores candy
  12. Ooohh! These Holiday S’mores look yummy-yum-yum!
  13. Ah, yes! Christmas is not Christmas without Nutella. Check out my fave ingredient in these Nutella Christmas S’mores.
  14. Try s’mores in a cheery Holiday S’mores Pop.
  15. Don’t these Peanut Butter Christmas Cookie S’mores look irresistible?
  16. Love these simple Shortbread S’mores.
  17. These Chocolate-dipped S’mores are worth he extra calories, don’t ya think?
  18. Love this Holiday S’mores and Hot Chocolate combination!
  19. Yes, please! Chocolate-dipped Pretzel S’mores will hit the holiday spot!
  20. Any mom would love these S’mores Truffles!
  21. More holiday s’mores on the way with this simple recipe.
  22. My kids will LOVE this S’mores Trail Mix recipe.
  23. Did you know you can eat holiday s’mores inside out? This recipe shows you how!
  24. Peppermint adds the perfect holiday touch to these S’mores Magic Bars.
  25. If those 24 recipes don’t do the trick, you can always try this simple Christmas S’mores recipe.

Which one will you make first? Oh, please say it’s the Nutella one — or the truffles! Those are MY two fave! :)

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