25 Days to a Happier Home Ebook

It’s finally here!

So many of you sweet readers have asked about my ebook. I am so excited to finally announce it is AVAILABLE and READY TO PURCHASE!

new happy home ebook

My husband has worked diligently to offer you a professional layout, easy-to-read format and a variety of ways to purchase for your convenience. Thank you, honey.

Other sweet blogging friends of mine, as well as real-life friends, have teamed up to bring you some awesome, fun giveaways this week that any wife or mom would love! I would tell you about them now, but that would ruin all the fun surprises that are in store — so you’ll just have to stop by every single day until July 21st to find out!

First, I want to talk about why I wrote this ebook. That’s pretty important, isn’t it?

Too many times — more than I can count — moms and wives have come to me in frustration and tears about parenting issues and marriage problems. My heart went out to them as I too had experienced many of the same difficult situations. Sometimes you feel like you are getting nowhere in your family relationships. Sometimes you even begin to think that the seemingly happy families are all just fake. But, let me let you in on a little secret. There are some real families out there that are truly happy. They have strong, thriving marriages and close-knit relationships with their kids. They really do exist.

Let’s be honest, no marriage or parent/child relationship is going to be absolutely perfect 24/7. Why? Because our human relationships are made up of…wait for this deep thought…humans. We are simply people, and you know what? People are always going to fail you, and you are always going to fail others.


Yep, there’s a but (of course). God gives us real-life principles all through His word that can enable us make the best out of our human relationships. Love thy neighbor, honour all men, be kind to on another and forgive one another are just a few of the relationship principles God teaches us in his word. If we follow the principles He has given us, we can cultivate a happier home for our husbands, our children and even ourselves.

I don’t have the time to go through every relationship principle in the Bible that can be applied to your marriage and journey of motherhood, but I do highlight many of them within the 100 plus pages of this ebook. Trust me, if you stick to the daily challenges and commit to mold your home into a happier one — no matter the work and sacrifice involved — you can and will enjoy a happier home. Your family is worth it — aren’t they?

Here’s a quick clip of the heart and purpose behind this book. Just remember we took this video in a hot, humid no-air-condition room. Yeah, it felt like a rain forest!


I sincerely hope and pray that you will choose to take the challenge today — the happier home challenge. Determine to change your home in 25 days! You can do it!

25 Days to a Happier Home now!

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