33 Easy Baby Shower Games

These Baby Shower Games are a BLAST!

After six babies, I’ve learned that baby shower games make or break a baby shower!

Since I’ve had so many people shower me with love, I’m always looking for an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

easy baby shower games you'll love

Many times we’re trying to find the right gift, pick the best date and plan some amazing finger foods…

But baby shower games help break the ice…

Start conversations…

And encourage oodles of giggles!

Ready to pick five or ten incredibly easy games to celebrate the new mom and baby?

Let’s do it!

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30 Easy Baby Shower Games You’ll Love!

Baby Shower Game Idea #1: Who’s Who?


How To Play: 

Collect baby pictures of each of the guests before the party or have them bring their pictures to the party.

Guests must determine who’s who.

baby under a cover

Baby Shower Game Idea #2: Bubble Gum Baby


How to Play

To play, give all guests one wrapped piece of bubble gum.

Set a timer and give everyone five minutes to sculpt a baby out of their un-chewed bubble gum.

The mommy-to-be gets to pick the winner!

Get ready for lots of giggles!

baby shower games everyone will love

Baby Shower Game Idea #3: Name that Lullaby


How to Play:

Break up into two teams.

Play classic lullabies for guests and whichever team guesses the most correct lullabies wins!

mom rocking a baby during a baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #4: Blind Folded Diaper Changing Station


  • Diaper changing station
  • Baby dolls
  • blindfolds

How to Play:

Split up into two teams.

On each player’s turn, they will be blindfolded and will have to change the baby doll’s diaper.

As soon as the diaper is changed, they’ll pass the blindfold to he next player until their entire team has completed changing the diapers.

First team that finishes wins!

diaper changing game at baby shower
Photo Credit: Design Dazzle

Baby Shower Game Idea #5: Baby’s First Portrait


How to Play

After you’ve passed out the supplies, have each guest hold the notecard to their foreheads and instruct them to draw what they think the mom-to-be’s new baby will look like.

Let the mom pick out the BEST portrait!

Get ready for GIGGLES!

Baby Shower Game Idea #6: Spit the Binky


Enough binkies for each guest.

How to Play this Game: 

Line all baby shower guests up.

Give each guest a binky.

On the count of three, have every person spit the binky as far as they can.

Whoever can spit the binky the farthest wins.

Baby Shower Game Idea #7: Don’t Say That!



How to Play: 

Choose two words that cannot be spoken throughout the shower (mommy, bib, for example).

Each guest receives a clothespin when they arrive at the party.

Whoever uses the off-limits words must give up their clothespin to the person who caught them.

At the end of the party, the person with the most clothespins wins.

baby shower game idea

Baby Shower Game Idea #8: How Many?


How This Game is Played: 

Place the jelly beans inside a jar or baby bottle.

Have guests write down how many they think are in the container.

The person with the closest guess wins!

guessing game at baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #9: Do You Remember?


  • Tray
  • baby themed items
  • paper
  • pens
  • timer

How to Play:

Show each guest the tray arranged with baby items.

After two minutes, remove the tray. Guests must write down all the items they remember within three minutes.

Baby Shower Game Idea #10: Babies are Expensive!


  • paper
  • pens

How to Play:

Compile a list of baby items, such as diapers, wipes, bibs, etc.  

Call out each item to the guests and have them mark down what they think the current retail price is.

At the end of the list, have them add their guesses answer.

The guest with the closest total – without going over – wins.

baby booties for a baby shower game

Baby Shower Game Idea #11: Baby Shower Selfie Station

Materials Needed:

  • Photo Props from our FREE, Printable Baby Shower Kit
  • Camera

How to Play:

Grab our FREE printable photo props below (they’re each 8×10) and set up a selfie station for guests!

Make sure you get a few photos of the entire group to put in the baby book too!

Baby Shower Game Idea #12: Perfect Timing


How to Play:

While the mama-to-be opens gifts, set the timer for random intervals.

Whoever’s gift is being opened when the timer goes off wins a prize.

Continue until all gifts are opened!

Baby Shower Game Idea #13: What’s In Your Purse?

Have every guest grab their purse.

This is a fun game that celebrates all the interesting items we store in our bags and purses!

Buy the simple, pre-designed game here for the next baby shower you host!

whats in your purse game for baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #14: Baby Shower Bingo


Printable Baby Shower Kit that Includes Bingo!

bingo games for baby shower

This baby shower game for large groups needs no explanation!

Bingo is ALWAYS fun, and you can make it fun for the shower by making or purchasing baby shower bingo cards.

Baby Shower Game Idea #15: Word Game


How to Play: 

Write your baby shower themed word on each piece of poster board.

Some ideas to try could be:

  • Baby
  • Diaper
  • Pregnancy

Each team has five minutes to write as many words as they can from the letters in the phrase.

The team with the most words wins.

Baby Shower Game Idea #16: Diaper Decorating


How to Play

Guests can help keep the mommy to be happy and entertained during diaper changings.

How? By taking a diaper and decorating it!

They can write words of encouragement and even funny jokes to help the new mommy smile during night diaper changes!

Baby Shower Game Idea #17: Animal Pregnancy Shower Game


  • Printable Game from our Baby Shower Set
  • pens

The animal pregnancy baby shower game is fun for animal fans!

Who knew animals had such long gestational periods?!

How to Play

Give out the printable game and have guests draw a line to the correct answer.

The guest with the most correct answers wins!

baby shower printable game

Baby Shower Game Idea #18: He Said, She Said

This super fun baby shower game has guests guessing “who said it?”

How to Play:

Ask the same questions and take an answer from both mom-to-be and dad-to-be.

printable baby shower game

Record those answers, and choose one answer (either his or hers) and have the guests write down which person they thought gave that response.

They simply need to write “mom” or “dad.”

The guest with the most correct answers is the winner!

Baby Shower Game Idea #19: Baby Predictions and Advice

This is SUCH a cute idea because it also turns into an instant keepsake for the mom to be!

You can easily make and print sheets of paper for your guests to write their predictions about who the new baby will look like, what he or she will weigh, etc.

Mom and Dad will have SO much fun going everyone’s answers after the baby is born to see who was right, who was close, and who was waaaay off.

If you don’t want to make your own, you can also purchase these cute ready-made sheets from NordicFleur on Etsy!

baby shower games and printable

Baby Shower Game Idea #20: Guess Who?

Guess Who? 

Is a fun baby shower game along the lines of “He Said, She Said” where guests get to try their hand and guessing which of the baby’s parents did or said a certain baby or pregnancy-related action.

The baby shower guest with the most right answers will win a prize!

Once again, you can make these questions up yourself or buy some pretty pre-printed ones on Amazon.

games for baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #21: Baby Shower ABCs Game


How to Play:

Give the guest of honor a sheet with every letter of the alphabet and have her fill in a baby-related item for each letter.

During the baby shower, give all the guests the same paper and have them do the same.

Whoever’s list matches the new mama’s most WINS!

Baby Shower Game Idea #21: Guess that Baby Food!


  • 8-10 jars of various baby food
  • spoons
  • blindfolds OR aluminum foil

How to Play:

Cover players eyes with blindfolds OR cover each jar in foil so no one knows what baby food is inside the jars.

baby shower food game

Write down which number goes with which food before the game begins.

Divide guests into teams and have a different person from each team taste each food and write down what they think it is.

Whichever team gets the most right wins!

Thanks to Embracing Home for the fun idea and image!


Baby Shower Game Idea #22: Baby Trivia


  • Questions
  • pens

Put your shower guests’ baby knowledge to the test with a trivia game!

Come up with 15 questions and see who can guess the answers!

Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will LOVE!

Baby Shower Game Idea #23: What’s in the Diaper Bag?


  • Baby products
  • diaper bag

How to Play: 

Place 6-10 new, unopened baby products inside a new diaper bag.

Ask guests to guess what items are inside, without opening it.

Whoever guesses the most correct items wins!

Give the products and diaper bag as a gift to the the new mom when you’re done!

baby shower games

Baby Shower Game Idea #24: Baby Shower Charades

Supplies Needed: 

Small slips of paper.

How to Play:

 Write baby-related topics on the slips of paper.

Divide up players into teams.

One person silently acts out the word or words on the paper while the rest of the team members try to guess.

More Charades Ideas can be found here!

Baby Shower Game Idea #25: Baby Animal Name Game


How to Play: 

Match the name of the baby to the mama!

Click on the link above to download the game from Spaceships and Laser Beams!

animal game for a baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #26: How Big Is Her Tummy?


Toilet paper

How to Play: 

Ask each guest to guess how many squares of toilet paper it will take to get all the way around the pregnant mom’s tummy.

pregnant mom at baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #27: Diaper Her Up!


  • Rolls of toilet paper
  • Brave players :)

How to Play: 

Divide guests into teams and give them each a roll of toilet paper.

Players choose a team mate and in three minutes must wrap that player up wot create a diaper with the roll of toilet paper!

Best diaper wins…ha!

baby shower game with diapers

Baby Shower Game Idea #28: Toss the Diaper! 


How To Play: 

Tuck bean bags inside the three diapers.

Blindfolded guests must prepare for middle of the night diaper changes!

They get three tries to get the filled diaper into the trashcan!

The blindfold is to prepare them for the dark nights of diaper changes!

diaper game for baby shower

Baby Shower Game Idea #29: What Will Baby Look Like?


  • Pictures of mommy and daddy cut into strips
  • tape

How to Play: 

Have guests create a baby out fo the pictures! Guest of honor picks her favorite as the winner!

Baby Shower Game Idea #30: My Water Broke!


Miniature plastic babies frozen into cubes of ice.

How to Play: 

Place cubes of ice into guests drinks.

Whoever’s ice melts first, yells “My water broke!” and WINS!

Baby Shower Game Idea #31: Is Baby Thirsty?


How to Play:

Guests drink as much water as they can in one minute from the baby bottle.

Get ready for giggles!

baby bottle for baby shower game

Baby Shower Game Idea #32: Oh-so-cute Baby!


  • Laundry basket
  • baby clothes (including socks, hats, bows, etc.)
  • timer

How to Play: 

Place baby items in laundry basket.

Guests try to put together as many complete outfits as possible in one minute.

Baby Shower Game Idea #33: Baby Bump Twister


How to Play: 

Guests wear weights in their fanny packs that are strapped on them.

Add a pillow around the waist and play Twister!

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