32 Salmon Recipes You’ll Want to Make Every Week!

Our Favorite Salmon Recipes are Below!

Salmon is a staple in our house! We make this salmon stew often as well as grilled, baked, and pan-fried salmon fillets.

When it comes to fish, we prefer salmon above all else!

Ready to make an incredibly flavorful recipe?

Try at least two this week…and more the next!

Salmon Recipe #1: Pan-seared salmon.

This recipe looks super simple but fancy enough to serve guests!

Salmon Recipe #2: Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon

This glazed salmon takes your salmon recipe up a few notches. That glaze looks beyond delicious!

Salmon Recipe #3: Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl

This recipe has beautiful honey, lime, and cilantro flavors that come together in this tasty salmon rice bowl.

Salmon Recipe #4: Garlic Tuscan Salmon

Garlic fans will love this recipe that has spinach and sun-dried tomatoes! Yum!

Salmon Recipe #5: Spinach Stuffed Salmon

I love how you can tuck spinach inside of a salmon fillet in this recipe.

More Salmon Recipes You’ll Love!

Salmon Recipe #6: Sweet and Spicy Cajun Salmon

Nothing like mixing sweet and spicy in this recipe!

Salmon Recipe #7: Salmon Pesto Pasta

Pesto pasta hits the spot…especially when it comes with salmon as the main feature!

Read the instructions here.

Salmon Recipe #8: Orange Glazed Salmon

Love glaze on a fresh piece of salmon! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

Salmon Recipe #9: Blackened Salmon

This recipe boast of fillets of salmon brushed with butter, rubbed with a bold spice blend, and pan-seared to perfection.

This easy recipe is simple and impressive!

Salmon Recipe #10: Pineapple Salmon

Pineapple and fish make the perfect pair!

Try this recipe if you don’t believe me!

Delectable Salmon Recipes for Your Family

Salmon Recipe #11: Baked Teriyaki Salmon

Try adding teriyaki flavors to your salmon for an extra flavor kick!

Here’s a great recipe to try out!

Salmon Recipe #12: Panko Crumbed Salmon

Panko crumbs give this salmon recipe a HUGE crunch!

Salmon Recipe #13: Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

The air fryer keeps making your favorite salmon recipe less messy and quick!

This recipe looks perfect for air fryer fans!

Salmon Recipe #14: Crispy Garlic Parmesan Salmon

A crispy outside, but a juicy inside, is the result of this salmon recipe!

Creative Recipes that Use Salmon

Salmon Recipe #15: Maple Glazed Salmon

Enjoy the a creative blend of flavors in this recipe! The glaze makes it!

Salmon Recipe #16: Cashew Coconut Salmon

Crunchy, sweet and fresh! That’s the words used to describe this favorite salmon recipe!

Try it here.

Salmon Recipe #17: Savory Salmon Wellington

This recipe takes a classic up a few notches!

Salmon Recipe #18: Salmon in Roasted Pepper Sauce

Salmon never gets boring when it’s cooked in a roasted pepper sauce!

Salmon Recipe #19: Honey Balsamic Salmon Bruschetta

This salmon version of bruschetta is perfect for a party!

Salmon Recipe #20: Honey Balsamic Salmon

Try a new salmon recipe by combining honey and balsamic!

Healthier Salmon Recipes

Salmon Recipe #21: Cilantro Salmon

Lots of lemon and cilantro make this recipe a fresh twist to your typical baked salmon!

Salmon Recipe #22: Salmon Pasta with Mixed Herbs

A comfort food mixed with your favorite fish in this perfect recipe!

Salmon Recipe #23: Pecan Crusted Salmon

Any recipe that uses pecans really takes things up a notch or two!

Can’t wait to make this recipe today!

Salmon Recipe #24: Creamy Lemon and Fresh Tomato Pasta

This salmon pasta dish hits every taste bud and comfort food spot!

Super Fresh Salmon Recipes

Salmon Recipe #25: Honey Sriracha Salmon

Add some fun heat to a salmon recipe by making this dish!

Salmon Recipe #26: Miso Soy Salmon Sashimi Bowl

This is a great appetizer on a warm summer evening!

Salmon Recipe #27: Salmon Cakes with Chive and Garlic Sauce

Soft and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside these salmon cakes with chive and garlic sauce is a delicious and inexpensive treat!

Salmon Recipe #28: Cowboy Butter Baked Salmon

Seasoned baked salmon is a savory, tangy and spicy butter sauce!

This is a highly addictive and easy recipe!

Try it here.

Salmon Recipe #29: Best Easy Healthy Baked Salmon

Easy Healthy Baked Salmon is full of flavor, perfectly flaky and tender, and simple to make in just 30 minutes!

A quick and delicious one pan meal.

Salmon Recipe #30: Lemon Pepper Salmon Recipe for Broiler or Grill

This lemon pepper salmon recipe is a quick easy dinner.

Lemon, pepper, garlic, and oregano make a flavorful marinade that will have you begging for seconds!

Salmon Recipe #31: Broiled Salmon

Naturally fresh salmon broiled to a perfectly cooked exterior and a juicy melt-in-your-mouth interior.

Find the recipe here.

Salmon Recipe #32: Salmon Patties

This is a classic, Southern recipe that families love!

Plus, it’s super simple!

Try salmon patties here.

Which Salmon Recipes Will You Try First?

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