40 Boy Names that Start With S

What Boy Names People Love!

One of the biggest milestones of becoming a parent is naming your children.

Once you know the gender of your baby, the search of the perfect baby name is on!

Some families like to use a specific letter for each child.

Maybe you’re choosing all S’s for your children’s names…

Or maybe you just love the letter S!

boy names that start with S

Whichever the case, you’ll love digging into this BIG list of boy names that start with the letter S!

Plus, we did some research to give you the meanings behind some of these super-cute names!

Be sure to let us know which name you choose!

Boy Name #1: Samuel:

Samuel comes from the Hebrew for “god has heard,” according to Behind the Name.

It has constantly ranked in the top 100 most popular names in the U.S. since 1880.

Boy name #2: Sam

The shortened version of Samuel.

Boy name #3: Saul

Bible scholars love this name because of one of the most famous apostles in the Bible.

boy pointing to baby boy names

Boy name #4: Santiago

A unique name!

Boy name #5: Shane

Shane is an Irish name that means “God is gracious,” according to Nameberry.

Shane has been a consistently popular name in the U.S. since the early 1900s.

Boy name #6: Stanley

Stanley is an English name that means “near the stony clearing,” according to Nameberry. Famous Stanleys include Stanley Kramer, Stanley Kubrick, and Stanley Tucci.

boy named Stanley smiling

Boy name #7: Said

Definitely a more out-of-the-box, trendy name.

Boy name #8: Spencer

Spencer has English origins and means “house steward,” according to Nameberry.

It’s been a consistently popular name since the late 1800s, so you know it’ll never go out of style.

Boy name #9: Shiloh

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Shilo is: The one to whom it belongs.

baby boy smiling about his name that starts with an S

Boy name #10: Shepherd

Such a cute, unique name for a baby boy!

Boy name #11: Stephen

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Stephen is: Crown; crowned.

Boy name #12: Simon

Simon is a good name for your empathetic little boy.

It has Hebrew roots and means “the listener,” according to Nameberry.

Boy name #13: Silas

The name Silas means Man Of The Forest and is of Latin origin

Silas holding up oranges

Boy name #14: Samson

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Samson is: Sun child; bright sun.

Boy name #15: Syrus

Another popular spelling is Cyrus.

Boy name #16: Shawn

A popular name in the 80’s!

baby boy

Boy name #17: Stewart

It’s a Scottish last name many use for a masculine first name!

Boy name #18: Steven

Steven is a classic name that means “garland” or “crown,” according to Nameberry.

Famous Stevens include Steven Spielberg and Steven Soderbergh.

Boy name #19: Sky

Definitely a newer, edgier name.

baby boy name ideas that start with the letter S

Boy name #20: Seven

Some people have named their son after this number. Seriously.

Boy Name #21: Sylvester

You’re probably thinking of the cartoon cat or Sylvestor Stalone.

There is no in-between.

Boy Name #22: Sheldon

This name carries an intellectual feel with it!

Boy Name #23: Sammy

A boyish form of Samuel.

Boy Name #24: Simeon

The name Simeon means God Has Heard and is of Greek origin.

Boy Name #25: Sonny

Definitely a name that makes you think of a fun, outgoing kid!

boy named Sonny

Boy Name #26: Scott

Scott means “from Scotland,” according to Disney Family.

It’s a classic, solid name that won’t go out of style.

Boy Name #27: Sterling

I’ve only met people in super small towns with this name. :)

Boy Name #28: Sebastian

Sebastian has Greek origins and means “venerable,” according to Baby Names.

One famous fictional Sebastian is in The Little Mermaid.

boy named Sebastian smiling

Boy Name #29: Scout

Sounds like a nickname for a son, but sometimes it’s an authentic first name!

Boy Name #30: Shalom

A beautiful Jewish name!

Boy Name #31: Solomon

The name Solomon means Peaceful One and is of Hebrew origin

Boy Name #32: Skyler

Skyler is a name that’s popular for boys and girls.

It means “scholar” and has Dutch roots, according to The Bump.

Boy Name #33: Sullivan

Sullivan is a great name for your brown-eyed boy. It has Irish roots and means “black-eyed one,” according to Nameberry.

Nicknames for Sullivan include Sul and Sully.

Boy Name #34: Sawyer

Fans of literary classics love this name!

Boy Name #35: Sean

Sean is the Irish variation of the name John, according to Nameberry. Sean has alternate spellings of Shawn and Shaun.

Boy Name #36: Seth

Seth has Hebrew origins and means “appointed,” according to Nameberry. Famous Seths include talk-show host Seth Meyers and actors Seth Rogen and Seth MacFarlane.

Boy Name #37: Sergio

The name Sergio means Servant and is of Italian origin.

Boy Name #37: Sage

My favorite shade of green!

Boy Name #38: Salem

The name Salem means Peace and is of Hebrew origin.

Boy Name #39: Slade

A name for one tough kid!

Boy Name #40: Saxon

A name after a group of Germanic people that inhabited parts of central and northern Germany from Roman times.

What is Your Favorite Boy Name that Starts with an S?

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