Three Simple Tips To Help Boys Pee IN the Potty — Not the Floor!

Little Boys Peeing On the Floor and Not IN the Potty Is a Big Deal!

I cringe talking about this topic, (even though I do talk about potty training tips often!) but I know lots of moms struggle with their boys peeing on the floor or around the toilet — but not IN the toilet.


It can cause stinky bathrooms and make keeping the bathroom clean an undesirable task.

These three simple tips to help boys pee IN the potty and not on the floor are about to make your life a lot less messy!

Oh, and if your child won’t poop in the potty, you can find some mom-to-mom help right here.

You’re welcome!

helping boys pee in the potty

I had a few “aha”moments with this issue not too long ago.

I have two boys.

For some reason, a barbaric desire has come out of each of them to “mark their territories” in our bathrooms.

Sometimes I would find the “evidence” by accident.

A very, yucky, cold and wet accident that I stepped in — barefoot.


Must we really have this conversation?

Unfortunately, we do.


To hopefully help at least few moms overcome this struggle and not be fearful to walk into their bathroom with bare feet.

I mean really. We should be able to walk into our bathrooms without fear of unpleasant findings. That’s why we scrupulously clean them!

Ok, so here’s my five tips to get boys to pee IN the toilet!

Bribe your boys.

I do this very many, childhood bad habits.

Biting nails? I bribe.

Sucking thumbs? Unashamedly bribe.

Peeing on the floor? I bribe for boys to aim for the toilet bowl.

Offer your son a prize for every day (or every week) he successfully avoids peeing on the floor or sprinkling the toilet seat.

I definitely offer prizes for keeping the toilet seat dry during the week!

If at anytime during the day there is evidence that one of my sons missed the mark (LOL!), then they don’t receive the prize.

NO matter how many crocodile tears they cry, I don’t reward them for peeing on the floor again.

I don’t reward them for peeing on the toilet seat again.

And one day their wife will thank me. ;0)

Rewards, prizes or bribes can be parent’s choice. Stickers, snacks, extended bedtimes, movies etc. Whichever rewards you think work best!

Give him something to “aim” for.

This tip hones in on that boyish, free spirit. This parenting tip doesn’t make your son feel like they are limited in their bathroom exercises.

Nope, it gives them something fun to look forward to — and a task.

Easy-peasy target practice is accomplished by tossing in one square of toilet paper and prompting your son to “shoot” the square. That’s it.

Simple, eh?

Sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective ones!

If you’re at home, you can also use cheerios!

But, toilet paper is almost always available — in public and at home.

Give consequences for not peeing in the toilet.

Nothing harsh, but creative consequences.

A creative consequence could be something like…every time he misses the mark, he has to do a light clean-up of the bathroom.

This is actually really good parenting!


Because you’re teaching your child an important life skill — cleaning up after himself!

There’s nothing like cleaning up your own mess to encourage you to stop making them!

Have you struggled with getting boys to pee in the potty? What worked for you?

Write me and let me know or connect with me on social media!

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