27 Edible Cookie Dough Recipes

We All Need Edible Cookie Dought Right Now!

During a crisis, there’s one comfort food that always comes through…edible cookie dough.

easy edible cookie dough recipes

I have four daughters and we can all agree on one thing.

Girls need cookie dough.

Moms need cookie dough.


Before you dig into all these recipes, we want to share some cookie dough tips with you!

  • Heat treating your flour is what makes the cookie dough “edible.” Be sure to heat treat flour by baking it in the oven first, then set it aside to cool.
  • We prefer using unsalted butter in edible cookie dough recipes (though it’s not required!) because brands can vary in their level of saltiness.
  • Add salt slowly and taste as you go.
  • You can always make half a batch if you just want a little bit of cookie dough! Or make half a batch and freeze the other half! Cookie dough freezes well!


Because so many of us are batch cooking, freezer cooking (try these freezer-friendly breakfast recipes too!) and stocking up right now, here’s how you can freeze edible cookie dough!

  • Roll cookie dough into balls.
  • Chill cookie dough balls in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Place cold cookie dough balls into a labeled zipped-top bag– large or small depending on how much dough you have.
  • Label the bag with the month place the bag in the freezer. 
  • Freeze cookie dough for up to 3 months.

On with the Edible Cookie Dough Recipes!

Why not try a NEW cookie dough recipe every week?!

Sounds like a reasonable challenge…;0)

Let me know which one you loved most! (Psst! I hope it was my recipe…ha!)

Edible Cookie Dough Recipes

#1: Simple Edible Cookie Dough

This cookie dough is super simple and looks totally scoopable!

easy chocolate chip cookie dough recipe that's edible

#2: Brownie Edible Cookie Dough

Brownie cookie dough is a dream come true! Get the best of both world in ONE bite!

#3: Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

This recipe is perfect for sugar cookie fans!

#4: Peanut Butter Edible Cookie Dough

Love peanut butter cookies? You’ll love this edible cookie dough recipe!

#5: Monster Cookie Dough Bites

A fun easy to eat so many favorite cookie flavors in one bite!

Grab the recipe from one of my favorite dessert blogs here!

#6: Reece’s Edible Cookie Dough

Ummm….what?! Please..I need two batches of this…NOW!

#7: Edible Salted Caramel Cookie Dough

Nothing says comfort food like salted caramel. Enjoy it in an edible cookie recipe here!

#8: Snickerdoodle Edible Cookie Dough

Snickerdoodles are soooo good!

My daughters will definitely want to make this version of homemade, edible cookie dough!

#9: S’mores Cookie Dough Recipe

Yes, even this S’mores cookie dough is edible! Yay for that!

#10: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

So good. And it’s my recipe…ha!

It’s pretty popular on Pinterest and it’s been pinned thousands of times! Make a few batches today!

edible cookie dough recipe

#11: Cookies and Cream Edible Cookie Dough

Grab some Oreoe for this batch of cookie dough!

#12: Edible Cake Batter Cookie Dough

This cake batter edible cookie dough recipe is incredibly unique!

#13: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bomb

This keto version of edible cookie dough is fun too!

#14: Unicorn Cookie Dough

So colorful and fun! This edible cookie dough is perfect for unicorn fans!

#15: Monster Cookie Dough That’s Edible

Oooh! This is edible cookie dough the ultimate way!

#16: Edible Skinny Red Velvet Cookie Dough

Mmmm….red velvet cookie dough sounds so good right now!

#17: Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough

I didn’t like mint chocolate growing up, but now it’s one of my favorite flavors!

Can’t way to dig into this edible cookie dough!

easy cookie dough recipe that's edible

#18: Gamora Edible Cookie Dough

Super colorful for Star Wars fans! Try it here!

#19: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie dough all made into one fun, edible cookie dough recipe!

#20: Gingerbread Cookie Dough

Because some of us can eat gingerbread cookies any time of the year. Just saying.

#21: Blueberry Lemon Edible Cookie Dough

It’s super pretty and tastes like spring!

Grab the recipe here!

edible cookie dough recipe

#22: Pumpkin Cookie Dough

This is a fun, edible pumpkin cookie recipe pumpkin lovers will enjoy!

#23: Cookie Dough Bars

A creative easy to enjoy edible cookie dough!

Grab the recipe here!

easy edible peanut butter cookie dough recipe

#24: Rainbow Cookie Dough

We love rainbow cookies!

Can’t wait to try this edible cookie dough version!

rainbow edible cookie dough

#25: Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough

My daughter was so happy when she found this recipe!

She made it immediately and gobbled down some gluten-free cookie dough!

#26: Protein Vegan Edible Cookie Dough

This Vegan version is made with white beans!

#27 Gluten-Free, Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Yes, this healthier version is edible too! Enjoy!

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