Sanity Saving Laundry Tip Every Busy Mom Needs to Know

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For some of us laundry is our nemesis.

It’s always there…taunting busy moms.

Never actually finished — just lessened.

That’s why every busy mom needs to know this sanity saving laundry tip.

This is the ONE sanity saving laundry tip the every busy mom needs to know! It's time-saving, stress-relieving and so incredibly simple. Definitely an Aha moment in a busy mom's journey!

Laundry’s like a giant, hungry blob that keeps growing, growing and growing…

When we feel like we’ve disintegrated the laundry blob, it shows up
again…and again.

It’s the annoying neighbor who never leaves.

It’s the uninvited pest we attempt to squash.

On the floor in our kid’s bedroom…

Beside the washing machine..

In the bathroom…

It seems to leave a slobbish trail in most areas of the house.

A busy mom can’t fight back in a nonchalant way.

She has to dig into her deepest pocket of hacks.

Super-mom hacks.

And inside that pocket, she finds this sanity-saving tip.

The very best sanity saving laundry tip I've ever read!

It’s the one that’s gives every mom who has children ages six and above hope against the hungry, growing laundry blob.

Need that sanity saving laundry tip?

I won’t keep it from you.

I’m not that mean.

What’s the most stressful part of laundry duty?

It’s not pre-treating.

Definitely not starting the washing machine.

Transferring clothes to the dryer?


It’s folding and putting away.

Until I’m rich enough to purchase a folding machine, I still have to fold laundry..;0)

Sanity Saving Laundry Tip Every Busy Mom Should Know

Enter color-coded laundry baskets.

Or color coded, canvas collapsible squares.

Or laundry baskets with labels.

Either of that trio of options will work!

washing laundry

After you, your kids or your husband (or all of you) have folded laundry, simply place the folded laundry in a designated basket for each individual or each bedroom.

My Favorite Laundry Tip is Right Below!

laundry tip

Have a green basket for one child.

A yellow basket for another child.

A purple basket for you.

A blue basket for your husband.

You can get an entire pack of multi-colored, portable storage containers right here.

They’re awesome because they come in FIVE different colors!

Don’t be afraid to check out the rave reviews!

Have a larger family?

Consider using labels or choosing a canvas style that has more design options like these.

There’s ten different designs to choose from!

Moving on…

How to Make the Laundry Tip Work!

Place these baskets in a designated laundry-pick up area.

Before the end of the day, each person needs to put away the individual basket of laundry.

This saves busy moms much time — and sanity.

And it’s definitely not too much to ask of anyone living in your home!

For younger kids, you can offer small rewards for putting away laundry!

Words of praise, stickers, extra hugs or a special treat should do the trick!

Putting away six, seven or eight people’s clothing takes a bit of time.

But putting away your own?



You betcha.

Sanity-saving? Definitely.

Something you should start today? Absolutely.

Go ahead and conquer the laundry blob!

May it never grow into a sanity-eating, time-stealing blob again!

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