How to Save Money On Groceries: Simple Tips to Make it Painless!

Trying to Save Money on Groceries? Try These Money-saving Tips!

Saving money on groceries is necessary for feeding eight people three times a day!

save money on grocery bill

About three years ago drastically cut my grocery bill with a few changes — and I didn’t even need coupons!

And guess what?

You can too!

how ot save money on your groceries

My hubby and I carefully budget our major expenses every month.

Three years ago the food budget did not seem like it was sufficient.

We were running out of food and eating meals that no one really wanted to eat.

Snacks were pitifully embarrassing and my family was dreaming about hearty, mouth-watering meals — but our budget was still super-tight!

I knew our grocery budget needed to grow, but the cold, hard reality was still staring me in the face.

There was no additional income to help it grow.

I had to work with the budget that was set before us, but I needed to get creative so my family could begin to enjoy mealtime again!

grocery list that helps save money on groceries

I racked my brain.

Think, think, think.

What did we spend most of our food money every month?

We don’t buy soft drinks, candy, chips or cookies.

What was it?

Surely our set budget could work if only I could revamp our spending habits.

And that is exactly what I did.

After writing out an estimation of what food I normally purchase and the price for each item, it didn’t take long to see where the money was going.

how to save money on groceries

However, I just didn’t think to nix those items from our grocery lists was even possible.

But, it was – –and you can do it too!

It just takes a little bit more creativity and thinking outside of the box — um, literally.

I want you to enjoy some wiggle room in your food budget, so here are some simple ways that I have cut our family’s grocery bill, and am still able to provide yummy, healthy, hearty meals!

carrying a grocery basket when saving money on groceries

Simple Ways to Save On Your Grocery Bill

Moneysaving Tip #1: Make it from scratch!

Our family loves sauces and dressings.

We dip our fries, chicken tenders and just about anything in our fave condiments.

However, salad dressings, dips, and sauces can add up fast!

Our family started making our own honey mustard, salad dressings, and other fun dips to cut back on costs — and it worked!

We also make home-made macaroni and cheese, pancakes, tortillas, creamed soups and more.

We don’t miss the package versions because we learned the fresh, homemade versions taste even better!

And, don’t be intimidated about making your own food.

It’s a fun and tasty learning adventure that your entire family can get involved in?

One of my fave items we make homemade is hot cocoa.

Mmm…never give me the powdered stuff again!

shopping and saving money on groceries

Moneysaving Tip #2: Cut out the cheese.

Wow, I see the eyes brimming with tears on this one.

I know, I know — it still hurts sometimes.

But, I have to say that our entire family was quite amazed at the number of dishes that taste great on their own — without added cheese.

I even make some Tex-Mex dishes without cheese.

Cheese and I are best friends, but right now, we have to see less of each other.

If your budget is in a pinch, this step will drastically help!

Moneysaving Tip #2: Become a vegetarian — for a few meals a week.

I have a Southern man as my hubby, and yes he LOVES fried chicken.

But, he also likes the idea of a meatless meal when he sees the total price of a meatless meal.

Soups, burritos, and salads are all great meatless meals.

If you can’t fathom the thought of going meatless, just cut back on the amount of meat you use per meal.

I have found that I can feed my family with two chicken breasts if I cut them small and put them in a stir-fry, soup, casserole or fried rice.

If I make fried chicken — no way.

I use three times that amount!

Moneysaving Tip #3: Plan ahead.

Don’t go to the grocery store without a plan.

Write down your weekly or monthly menu plan, estimate the prices and then consider which meals are actually budget-friendly.

But, be flexible.

If you get to the grocery store and there is an amazing, unexpected mark-down on some foods you eat, switch your recipes and meal plan around to fit those in.

So many times I have walked in and experienced handfuls of financial blessings by checking out a marked-down section in the grocery store.

I quickly rearrange and rethink my plan. But most of the time, items that I truly need are not marked down — so planning is essential.

Moneysaving Tip #4: Eat out of your pantry.

There are more times than I can count when I have been at a friend or family member’s house and they said, “Well…there’s nothing to eat!”

But I see food items that can make at least four hearty meals!

Taking time to make sure that you use all the food in your pantry will save you a pretty big chunk of change in your grocery budget.

Get creative and try new recipes with that can of tomato paste before you run to the grocery store!

Use that bag of flour and make tortillas or homemade bread.

Try it for one month and you’ll see a difference!

Moneysaving Tip #5: Place leftovers in attractive, clear containers.

You want your left-overs to look appealing.

Don’t throw them in ugly, mismatched containers, but clear, matching and ones that are eye-pleasing.

Also, move those containers to the front so you’re reminded that you still have food to use before ordering take-out or stopping by the grocery store — one more time.

Moneysaving Tip #6: Make freezer meals.

Now, why do freezer meals save you money?

Because when we’re tired, hungry and don’t see any ingredients that inspire us to cook, we often purchase higher-priced convenience foods or order delivery.

Spending a weekend cooking up some hearty meals and freezing them for later will keep your family away from the “last minute” splurging temptation — and help get a hearty, healthy meal on the table in minutes!

Moneysaving Tip #7: Waste less.

Have you ever fixed your child’s plate and they only ate 1/8 of the food?

Guilty right here!

It took me a few years to really realize how much food I was wasting when that happened.

Now, I start with two tablespoons of each item and tell them they are welcome to get more if they are still hungry.

It’s a simple solution that saves us a good bit on our grocery bill!

Moneysaving Tip #8: Cut back on juice.

Juice used to be a staple at our house, but in the past five years, it rarely finds its way into our fridge.

My family still loves juice, but it is a pricier item on the grocery list, and it really isn’t a staple.

Instead, we invest in whole fruits which are healthier and cheaper options.

But, if your kids just can’t part with juice, try watering down the juice.

I actually always water down my juice because most commercial juices are just too sweet for my taste.

I find that if I give my kids watered down juice in their younger years, they tend to still enjoy it watered down when they get older.

What are Your Best Money-saving Tips For Cutting Your Grocery Bill?

Share them with us on social media!

We need all the tips we can get!

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25 thoughts on “How to Save Money On Groceries: Simple Tips to Make it Painless!”

  1. Thanks for another great post! Smart ideas! I have used many different methods through the years to save on the grocery bill. It really isn’t hard if you are willing to make sacrifices and devote the time to planning. Since we homeschooling I teach the kids my frugal shopping ways. It amazes me how far they have learnedto stretch their allowance!

    1. Thanks Shannon!
      Glad to hear your kids are learning to be frugal too! Miss you and so glad you are following along. Hope your family is doing well!

    1. I love those! We have been to a few in PA. We were blessed to have a HUGE store in SC that sold items close to date, or damaged packages for cheaper than sales, Aldi and coupons. Most places do not have that, but my hubby and I thought it was worth a 40 minute drive and stocked up every two weeks. The Amish places are great, but the ones I have been to were small.—but still worth a visit! Glad you have a place to find some good bargains!

      1. What store in SC are you referring to? I live in SC and am willing to make a drive if it’s worth better prices. Food prices have gotten so high and continue to rise. Now that I’m a disabled single mom of a always hungry 17 year old, I need all the help I can get.

        1. Oh, it is so worth the drive! I miss it so much. It is called Bargins food store, not sure why they spell it wrong, but that is how they spell it. :) We were able to get Red Barron Pizzas for 2.99, 8 oz cheddar cheese for 1.00, 10 pounds of potatoes for 1.99 and so on. You will LOVE the deals—just check the dates. There are a lot of expired stuff, so it takes a while to get through everything, but it is organized—and HUGE. Like a warehouse. Here’s the address and phone number. 349 Hwy 8 Pelzer, South Carolina 29669
          +1 864-947-1937 We were able to buy extra goodies there. Cereal is really cheap too, top brand names. I hope you enjoy it! MY grandmother drove down a few times from Abbeville, SC. She said it was worth the trip, and it definitely is for our big family.

          1. Thanks for the frugal tips….Hubby calls me Frugal Frieda all the time. :) We go to Bargain Foods, but really like Grocery Outlets In NC (Everyone calls them GO) and Aldi. We just check the dates and enjoy our savings!

          2. Neat! I love GO too! WE have those in SC as well as Aldi. My top pick is Bargain Food store, then GO then Aldi.:) It’s fun to meet a Frugal Frieda!

  2. These are great tips. Not the cheese! I am sure we could cut our bill cutting out more of the cheese. I didn’t want to read that bullet point, but I know you are right. I think I will try to start cutting down a bit and rationing it and see what happens.

    1. You are funny girl! Yes, I know cheese is hard to give up. We have a few cheese dishes a month and really enjoy them! It does help the grocery budget though. Just wish cheese grew on trees!

      1. I would so have a cheese tree if it existed. I guess I could buy a cow but my husband would not approve. But I have started trying to cut down a bit since I read this. I am going to start paying a bit more attention and maybe compare past receipts to see how much it makes a difference.

        1. Hmmmm…buying a cow, now that’s a great idea! Yeah, I don’t think my hubby would go for it either! Bummer.;0) Let me know how the less cheese thing works for your budget!

  3. I love this post! I focus on a lot of coupon savings because that works great for our family, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from clipping and sorting. I think these are practical tips anyone can adopt to stretch the dollars! I am sharing it on my blog: Capturing Inspirations Facebook page ( and know it’ll be a great read to my readers as well. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for sharing this post, Catherine! I am glad that you gained a few ideas to give you a little break in your clipping. :)

  4. I know having a meal plan is helpful, but if you like cooking, another great way to save is to buy only the items that are on sale, and see what you cam come up with. Almost like a mystery box challenge :). The crucial point is not to get carried away, and to be sure nothing goes to waste.

  5. 2nd time in a week I’ve clicked on something interesting & have been led to your site! 2 things to add: know what a good price is for food in your area- I don’t buy ground beef or grapes etc unless it’s below a certain price. When there’s a good sale- stock up so you can make it until a good price comes again. Freeze cheese so you can buy in bulk w/o waste. I usually buy meat when it’s reduced because the exp date is close and freeze it or even precook (esp grnd beef) and freeze in portions.

  6. A great grocery saving tip that I now implement is to make my menus in the middle of the week AFTER I’ve studied the local store sales. It has saved me SO much money with meat and produce!!

  7. I’m a stay at home mum feeding five and have always cooked from scratch (I’ve had several arguments with my other half that food prices are increasing and that actually I’m doing a very good job feeding us all without having increased my food budget – especially as the baby is now included!) A cheese tip is to use stronger extra mature cheese as you use less to get the flavour. You also get the health benefit of eating less saturated fat. You can also freeze it so buy it on deal.

  8. You do not have to give up cheese! MAKE YOUR OWN! We call it Farmers Cheese…there are many websites and Pinterest boards dedicated to cheese making. You can even make cheese in your crock pot! When the store has 4% milk on sale buy a couple extra gallons to make cheese with! You can make your own sour cream also! … hang homemade sour cream from a cheese cloth cover…let drip into a bow overnight until dry like Phili cheese and then add herbs and seasonings to make great cheese spreads!

    1. Great idea! The only thing for us, is the milk here is crazy expensive. I guess it is about 9 dollars a gallon, but most people don’t have that problem! Thx for sharing your tips!

  9. Less cheese in my recipes means more flavor in what little cheese I use! The stronger flavored cheeses go further…like sharp over mild cheddar…using the finest grate selection…but my best is making a bechamel sauce or white sauce as the foil for creamy cheese! I now top my lasagna with homemade white sauce and a minimum sprinkling of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses!

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