How to Stay Sane When Your Child is Sick

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How to Stay Sane When Your child is Sick

When I first became a mom, I was completely unprepared for the responsibility of taking care of a sick child.

I always imagined motherhood being filled with little kid giggles and mountains of toys.

But when my first child began running a fever of 102.5 I did what any novice mom would do.

I sat down and cried.

And called my mom.

And my dad.

And my pediatrician.

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They all gave me little pieces of advice that would help me stay sane when my child was sick.

But it would still take a few years for me to develop a plan that worked best for our family.

Just a few years after the first fever incident drove me to tears, I had an even scarier one with my youngest son.

He began running a very high fever…104.5.

Plus it was a holiday.

But it’s never a good time for your child to get sick, right? :)

When you child is sick, here's how to stay sane!

Our entire family stayed up with him through the night, sponging him down with cold water, setting timers to give him MOTRIN® to reduce the fever and holding him as he watched his favorite super-hero cartoons.

As I held and rocked my four year old, I found comfort knowing that I had already experienced fevers with my other children.

Those experiences taught me that I could trust Walgreens and MOTRIN® to help him fight this sickness.

And we would fight this sickness together!

Use MOTRIN® only as directed.

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You can hover over the image above and grab your own stash of MOTRIN®!

But please use caution. Only use as directed!

Those are a few of my secrets to staying sane when my child is sick!

MOTRIN® and Walgreens have become my cold and flu assistants!

Walgreens is a great place for me to grab my “get better soon” stash for my kids.

I snag popsicles, chicken noodle soup, tissues, extra socks and kids’ cough drops there too!

Walgreens is also open 24 hours so they’re always there for this busy mom!

Plus they deliver via Postmates when I can’t leave the house, but my little one needs relief ASAP!

Supplies for the days that your child is sick

And a smiling face always greets me and answers any questions I have.

That’s a relief when my mind is running in a thousand different directions!

Checking temperature of sick child

Moms need support when our kids are sick, don’t we?

That’s why Walgreens is always my first choice during those difficult days.

I’m a work from home mom, so when my kids get sick, everything shuts down in our family.

We focus on getting the sick child comfortable and better ASAP.

It’s something our family believes in…putting each other first.

Especially during their most difficult times.

And during those difficult times, Walgreens is a place that an overwhelmed mom can find exactly what she needs to help her child find comfort during cold and flu season.

Walgrens helps me when my child is sick

In our Walgreens, I’m always greeted by the cashier.

“Hello! Welcome to Walgreens! Let me know if you need anything1”

And as a Southerner, I personally love this touch!

My grandmother always taught me to smile and wave! <3

The other staff at Walgreens always offer me a warm smile and assistance.

And I know that when I grab our sick basket items at Walgreens, I’ll be back home in record time.

helps for when your child is sick

The check out process is typically quick, the aisles are super specific, organized and I can get my questions answered about my child’s illness.

Other Ways I Stay Sane When My Child is Sick

But those aren’t the only ways I stay sane during the under-the-weather days.

I lean on a stash of freezer meals too…or super quick meal ideas.

But I highly recommend stashing up on freezer meals during the cold and flu season!

Always having a meal you can pop in the oven is a huge help during your child’s sick days.

It helps moms focus on spending time with their child instead of hours in the kitchen!

MORE Ways to Stay Sane When Your Child is Sick

Entertainment for the kids is always an awesome tool to keep mom and kids sane!

Several years ago I started keeping a stash of favorite movies for sick days.

A lot of them are definitely animated choices..ha!

And that’s perfectly ok because I’m a huge fan of kid movies. <3 This gives the kids something to look forward to and distracts them from their ailments. We also keep MOTRIN® stocked for fevers, but if we run out, we know to take a quick drive to Walgreens to re-stock! And FYI, Walgreens is the only retailer to carry all flavors of the MOTRIN® products.

That’s a pretty big deal!

How to stay sane when your child is sick

My aunt is actually the one who introduced me to MOTRIN®!

I was sponging off my son during one of his fevers and she said, “Definitely try MOTRIN® for his fever! It’s worked better than anything for my kids!”

That advice stuck with me and since then I’ve kept MOTRIN® in our home!

I’ve even taken it with me on road trips and mission trips — but I definitely keep it out of reach of little children.

Through the years MOTRIN® has been my go-to because it provides quick, safe comfort and relief for my kids.

And I know, from chatting with my mom friends, that it’s definitely a parent’s top choice!

Plus, MOTRIN® is dye free!

how to stay sane when child is sick

With Walgreens, MOTRIN®, my sick stash basket and a big selection of movies, I’m ready to stay calm, sane and help my children through their sick days!

Use only as directed.

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