The BEST 18 Make Ahead Breakfast Casseroles

The Best 18 Make-Ahead Breakfast Casseroles

These casseroles will be a game-changer for your breakfast line-up! We also have Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes your family will LOVE!

With six kids, an online business, a ministry, and a homeschool mom journey, I absolutely have to find time-saving hacks so I can get amazing food on the table fast.

I’ve been using casserole recipes as a go-to for a fast meal fix for years.

But breakfast?

It was kind of an afterthought.

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Things changed when we started making easy breakfast cookies (They’re healthy too!)

And a super simple quiche!

That’s when we realized breakfast could be simple, but hearty.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Casseroles Keeps Breakfast Simple!

Gone is our pantry that was stuffed with boxes of cereal.

Instead, our house is filled with the aroma of a piping hot breakfast!

And mornings can be slower…

Less rushed…

Less stressed….

With easy breakfast recipes, you can still get your quiet morning time in without waking up at 5 AM!

These 18 make ahead breakfast will be perfect for your meal planning.

Seriously, you only need seven to have a complete month of breakfasts planned!

I’ve been doing that simple meal planning method for a few months now.

I wish I had started that earlier…but oh well.

And I’ll write an entire post on it super-soon!

Breakfast Casseroles Are Time Savers!

But the basic idea is to plan all three of your family’s meals for one week.

Then, multiply that times four.

That gives you four weeks of a super-fast meal plan.

We even write out every single ingredient we use and estimate how much we need of that specific ingredient.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but it helps this crazy-paced family enjoy more meals together and less mess in the kitchen.

That’s a HUGE win!

Plus it helped cut down on the “Mooooom!! What are we eating for dinner?” chorus I would hear nightly!

Because everyone can read in our family.

They simply looked on the fridge and knew we were having baked spaghetti hat night.

Simple, right?

Add these breakfast casseroles to your family’s meal plan and you’ll enjoy hearty breakfasts too!

Don’t forget, it’s totally acceptable to eat breakfast for dinner too…especially casseroles!

The Best Make-ahead Breakfast Casseroles

The Best 18 Make-Ahead Breakfast Casseroles

Easy Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole.

I remember going to a restaurant and our friends ordering two sides of hashbrown casserole.

Obviously, our family wasn’t the only one that craves hashbrown casserole!

I love that this easy casserole can be made the night before and heated up the next morning!

You’ll find it at A Mindful Mom.

The Best Breakfast Casserole.

Oh yeahh….this one has all the fixings!

Toss all the ingredients together the night before, cover it with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge.

The next morning, bake and eat!

You can grab the recipe at The Recipe Critic.

Make-ahead breakfast casserole

Sallie’s easy breakfast casserole.

We all need easy in our life, right?

This is a family fave of many! Find the full recipe at The Seasoned Mom!

Blueberry French Toast Casserole.

Oooh…just say blueberries and I am there. I can only imagine how good my house will smell when I make this casserole! I definitely need to try it ASAP!

Find all the instructions here.

English Muffin Breakfast Casserole.

This one has our favorite English muffins and it’s packed with bacon!

Anyone love bacon?

Dig into this amazing recipe by grabbing the recipe from Happiness is Homemade.

Brakfast casserole

Cinnamon French Toast Breakfast Casserole.

Mmm…this breakfast casserole reminds me of a classic kids cereal…but it’s in french toast form!

Can’t wait to dig in!

You can see the full recipe at Family Food and Travel

Tater Tot Breakfast Bake.

Our family loves tater tot recipes!

We even had a tater tot dinner casserole we make!

Grab this family-friendly breakfast version at Fabulessly Frugal!

Cinnamon Roll Crockpot French Toast.

If overnight and make-ahead is on your meal list, you KNOW a crockpot will be involved!

This breakfast looks soooo good!

You can see the full instructions at Mess for Less.

Breakfast casserole

Overnight Crockpot Breakfast Casserole.

This is a classic breakfast choice that’s packed with hashbrowns and cheese!

Get the details at The Gracious Wife.

Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole.

Whoa…did I read sausage and breakfast in one recipe?

That’s my favorite kind!

We crave sausage so much we even make our own.

If you’re a big sausage fan, then print out this recipe from Plain Chicken and start cooking!

Lazy Cinnamon French Toast.

These are made from store-bought cinnamon rolls — SO SMART!

No-fuss breakfast casserole coming up!

Grab the recipe here!

Make-ahead- breakfast casseroles

Red and Green Breakfast casserole.

This one is perfect for Christmas morning or even a sports team whose colors are red and green!

See the entire recipe on All Things Mama.

Vanilla Chai French Toast Bake.

I love me some Chai Tea!

Add it to a breakfast casserole and I’m smitten!

Try out this amazing breakfast casserole at Home Cooking Memories.

Easy Keto Breakfast Casserole.

This one is great if you have any guests or family members who are on the Keto diet!

Grab the full recipe at Green Healthy Cooking.

Make-A-head Bagel Breakfast Casserole.

Bagels are perfect for a make-ahead recipe!

You’ll find that out when you try this amazing breakfast casserole from Well Plated!

Easy Breakfast Casserole

Sausage and Egg Biscuit Casserole.

This one from Mess for Less can be made ahead too.

Make the recipe as normal, but cover and refrigerate until the morning to bake up fresh.

Strawberry French Toast Recipe.

This is a fun addition to the blueberry version!

Grab the entire recipe here at Yellow Bliss Road.

Veggie Breakfast Casserole.

We always need more recipes that include veggies, right?!

Why not add an extra serving to your breakfast with this recipe from Primavera Kitchen.

Want more super-easy, family recipes?

Check out our recipe books that are always packed with family-friendly recipes!

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See you there!

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