10 Christmas Quiet Games for Kids

Kids Love These Christmas Games!

Did you love our list of quiet games that kids love?

Quiet games come in handy when you’re in a waiting room, need to make a phone call or just need an hour of quiet time in your home.

You can genuinely enjoy some quiet and give your kids some fun ideas when you play these Christmas games!

Christmas games for kids that are quiet

They’re a favorite of our family and friends and I know you’ll love them too!

10 Quiet Christmas Games Kids Love

Christmas telephone.

Play the classic telephone game with a twist! Kids can only create messages that are Christmas themed.

For instance, they can say “Jingle all the way while dashing through the snow!”.

Christmas Plush Toss.

Choose a Christmas plush for this game.

You can always keep one in your purse or diaper bag.

Have the kids sit in a circle and give the Christmas-themed stuffed animal (think reindeer, snowmen, or a Christmas Mickey!) to the quietest person.

That person then gently tosses the stuffed animal to someone in the circle.

Whoever drops the stuffed animal, talks or throws the stuffed animal out of the circle is out.

Christmas Statues.

This simple game always brings a smile!

Quietly whisper to the kids what kind of holiday statue you want them to make.

Some ideas are a snowman, a Christmas tree, a reindeer or even a gingerbread man!

At the count of three, the kids have to freeze into their Christmas statue and then you pick the best statue.

That person then whispers to the kids what kind of statue to make next, and so the game repeats.

Remember, statues don’t move or talk!

Frozen themed Uno.

My kids loved seeing Ana and Elsa on this card game cover!

Every card is decorated in a favorite character from Frozen.

To keep this game quiet, kids have to raise one finger instead of saying “Uno!”

It’s hard not to giggle on this one!

More Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Tic Tac Toe.

Grab all the details here for this incredible creative game!

Red and Green

Place Red and Green Skittles or M and M’s in a clean, see-through container.

Split up players into teams.

Each team player needs to close his eyes and pick one piece of candy from the jar….no talking!

Assign 5 points for each red-colored candy and -5 for every green colored candy. See which team has the highest points!

Silent Christmas Carol Charades

Act out famous Christmas carols. Instead of kids yelling and guessing, they have to write down their guesses on a piece of paper.

Correct guesses win!

Marshmallow towers

Pick up a few bags of large marshmallows and place a coaster in the center of a table.

Each child takes a turn placing a marshmallow on the coaster until they have to start stacking them.

It’s like Jenga: When the stack of marshmallows falls, that person loses.

Christmas Artist

This is great for kids because they love to draw!

Read all the details here.

Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a stocking with small toys and Christmas items, for example, a candy cane, bell, small car, or pinecone.

Let the kids feel the stocking and try to identify the contents.

The child with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Do you have any Quiet Christmas Games Your Kids Love?

Let us know!

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