How to Give Money and Gift Cards as Presents: Genius Ideas!

As my kids get older (four are teens now!), their gift list often asks for “cash” or “gift cards.”

Christmas, birthdays, graduation…it’s all about having extra spending power!

Some of them still like thoughtful gifts, but their eyes really light up when we hand them cash or gift cards!

money gift ideas that are genius

But when we give gifts we like to be thoughtful, creative, and FUN!

If you’re looking for creative ways to give your kids, friends, or family cash or gift cards, you’ll LOVE these genius ideas!

Money Giving Idea #1: Give Them Cold, Hard Cash

This idea from Short Stop Blog is a play on words…and we love it!

giving cash in a creative way

Money Giving Idea #2: Wrap it in a Holiday Box

Love this idea from Mommy Savers!

Susie, from the blog mentioned above, says to roll up cash and bill-sized notes into a roll.

On the very last note, make a “pull here” tab.

Put the roll of bills and notes in an old tissue box, or a box with a slit cut in it, with the tab sticking out.

giving cash as a gift

Money Giving Idea #3: Tuck Cash Inside of Small, Cheap Toys

Imagine the surprise when a child opens up a cheap dinosaur egg or some other silly toys and finds a $20 bill inside!

That would be an awesome surprise for any kid!

Money Giving Idea #4: Place Cash Inside of Empty Play Dough Cans

Give friends the gift of real “dough” by placing money inside of empty play dough cans.

Make sure you leave a note about “dough” for extra, punny giggles!

Money Giving Idea #5: Get the animals involved!

Wrap up gift cards in decorative boxes and have animal figurines “deliver” them.

Cute idea, right?!

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for this idea!

giving gift cards as a gift

Creative Ways to Give Cash As a Gift

Money Giving Idea #6: Try Packing Cash With Bubble Gum

Place cash inside a plastic bag and hide it in a jar that’s filled with Bubblegum.

The money will be hidden. Add a tag that says “Don’t blow it all in one place”.

Check out Passions for Savings for more ideas like this!

how to give money as a gift in a creative way

Money Giving Idea #7: Create a Money Note Pad

Kids will;l be wondering if the money is actually real with this creative, gift-giving idea!

Visit What Mommy Does for details!

Money Giving Idea #8: Give the Gift of Green

Everyone needs more green!

Gift recipients will love this play on words and enjoy the tongs and salad bowl later!

A Girl and a Glue Gun came up with this fun idea!

giving cash in a salad bowl

Money Giving Idea #9: Let it Snow Money!

Give gift cards inside a DIY snow globe!

Check out Hip2Save for this amazing idea!

putting cash in snow globes for a creative way to give money

Fun Ways to Give Cash As a Gift

Money Giving Idea #10: Give Ornaments that Hide Cash

These are super cute! You can print them out here.

And you can even hide these on the Christmas tree for a Christmas scavenger hunt idea!

ornaments that hide the gift of cash

Money Giving Idea #11: Make a Money Tree

This is perfect for Christmas!

See the details here.

rolling cash into a money tree for a fun gift idea

Money Giving Idea #12: Make a Creative Money Card

Make your own card to tuck money inside of.

Grab the instructions here!

making cards to hide cash inside

Money Giving Idea #13: Stash Cash Inside a Pizza Box

My friends and kids would LOVE pizza for a gift (ha!), but this cash idea is genius!

Read the instructions here.

giving money as a gift inside an empty pizza box

Funny Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Money Giving Idea #14: Money on Hangers

Such a cute idea for recipients who love to shop for clothes!

Find out the simple instructions here.

making cash into origami as a gift

Money Giving Idea #15: Speak to Their Sweet Tooth

Eat your favorite box of chocolates and then tuck money inside!

See the full details and the genius behind this idea here!

giving cash in a chocolate box

Money Giving Idea #16: Frame it for Emergencies

A cute, creative way to give someone emergency money.

Click here for instructions.

putting cash in a Fram as a gift

Money Giving Idea #17: Grab Some Tissues

And some more…until the box is empty!

Then, create this tissue box that keeps giving MONEY!

Read the instructions here.

hiding cash inside a tissue box for a fun gif idea

Money Giving Idea #18: A Simple Jar of Money

Grab a cute jar and add money.

Remind the recipient to keep filling it BACK up as they spend I so it never runs out! :)


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