Creative Consequences for Kids: Number 5 is GENIUS!

These Creative Consequences for Kids Will Change Your Parenting Journey!

It’s awesome when your family has boundaries in the house.

They help tame the “out of control kid”…

They help create security in kids.

They create a home where life is predictable (but there’s still room for being silly!)

But listen closely…

Bring your ear to the computer….;0)

Boundaries Mean Nothing Without Consequences

Can’t think of any effective consequences that are creative?

Let’s chat about seven creative consequences for kids no one told you.

And they actually work!

One more disclaimer here for my mom friends.

Consequences are Not the Foundation of Parenting.

These creative consequences for kids are SUPER effective! this will help parents and kids see the importance of rules and boundaries in the parenting journey!

Unfortunately, the first few years of my parenting journey I thought they were.

Thankfully I soon realized consequences and boundaries are uber important to this parenting thing, but they’re not the foundation.

The foundation is love and winning your child’s heart.

If you haven’t set firm boundaries in your family, set them now. (We even set them for our marriage!)

Consequences are Only a Part of the Parenting Puzzle

Boundaries for attitudes, cleanliness, respect, and routines are all great places to start.

But here’s another hint: never set a boundary that you are not fully ready to meet with a consequence.

It’s better not to create rules than create ones and not deliver consequences.

And the consequences?

They need to be reasonable..;0)

Consequences Have to Be Reasonable

What do I mean by that?

When we’re stressed or frustrated as parents we might resort to “No soccer game tonight!” or “No movies for a month!”

But most likely you’re not going to stick to those consequences.

Consequences Your Kids Need Now


Because they’re over-the-top.

And later you’ll have more compassion and realize the consequences didn’t fit the offense.

But if you don’t follow through with the consequences, you’ll begin teaching your kids that rules and boundaries don’t really matter.

And they’ll continue to break the rules and develop negative behavior.

But that can stop today when you start using these super simple consequences that kids need!

7 Creative Consequences for Kids

Moments of silence.

This is a simple, but effective consequence around our house.

If a child speaks with an unkind tone or word, she is not allowed to speak for ten minutes.

After ten minutes of silence is completed, I give a brief chat about using words for kindness and then the moments of silence are over.

Practice makes progress!

If a child does a household chore very sloppily (such as making the bed, sweeping the floor, or folding laundry) she has to repeat the chore two more times.

I kindly guide the child through the chore and show her the proper way to complete the chore.

Then, she has to repeat the chore — twice. This is an important consequence in order for children to learn necessary life skills!

More Creative Consequences for Kids!

children feet in dirt

Earlier bedtime.

Before bedtime I do a “house swoop.”

For each item a child leave’s around the house, they have to go to bed five minutes early.

For instance, if I find three items that belong to Juli, then Juli has to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal.

This keeps our house from becoming a scattered toy box or an over-turned laundry hamper!

No treats earned.

I’m constantly rewarding my kids for good behavior.

At the same time, I will use a special treat such as homemade ice cream, apple pie, or pumpkin turnovers as a consequence if someone refuses to eat her dinner or displays an unhelpful attitude with dinner prep or clean-up.

When I first saw my husband enforce this consequence, my heart melted for my daughter.

I so wanted to enjoy some soft serve ice cream with her!

She had a very bad attitude that night and refused to eat dinner. 

However, when I saw her changed attitude the next day I knew this consequence was quite effective!

Disappearing toys.

If children refuse to share or frequently bicker over a specific toy, then that toy is then removed from everyone’s possession.

The toy can be returned when attitudes have improved.

Even if this takes days or weeks, never return the toy until kids have learned that fighting over toys is not allowed.

Letters of appreciation.

If your child is old enough to write, have her write a letter of appreciation (Or thank you notes) to the family members she has been unkind to.

If she can’t write entire sentences, have her draw words and pictures.

Writing out emotions and seeing why she should love her siblings or friends is a great visual reminder of why she should always be kind!

Removal from the fun.

Many acts of disobedience or attitude issues happen in the midst of a crazy-fun activity!

Use this opportunity as a super simple, but creative way to let your child know that hitting other kids, being disobedient to parents or teachers, and using unkind words is not allowed.

Remove your child from the fun for 10 or 15 minutes and explain to them that if they act properly, they can have fun too!

What Consequences are Effective in Your Home?

I’d love to hear about them!

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