Pregnancy Diet: 12 Pregnancy Superfoods You Need!

Want to Eat the BEST Diet During Pregnancy? Try These Superfoods!

Superfoods are a pertinent part of pregnancy.

A healthy diet can help you manage gestational diabetes, fight anemia and promote the health of your little munchkin.

Pregnancy diet superfoods

Knowing the right foods to eat is extremely helpful in achieving the best health in your pregnancy.

Give your body the boost it needs with these healthy, super foods during your 9 months of waiting.

12 Pregnancy SuperFoods You Need to Know About!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Broccoli

This green food is packed with calcium and folate — two major nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy.

The high fiber in this super-food also relieves constipation — which many pregnant women struggle with.

And don’t forget about antioxidants!

This mean, green veggie contains antioxidants that help keep diseases away.

Packed with high levels of vitamin C, this veggie will aid your body in absorbing the iron your body needs to fight anemia.

Just make sure you take advantage of the high levels of vitamin C by coupling it with an iron-rich food, such as lean, red meat.

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Fortified cereals

Growing another little life inside your womb takes lots of nutrients.

One important nutrient you and your baby need is vitamin B.

Most doctors recommend 600 micrograms a day.

Choosing a cereal high in Vitamin B will make this healthy endeavor a little easier.

Now, you can learn to have more respect for the cereal aisle!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Pinto beans

These are some power packed beans!

They contain 1 milligram of copper, 5 milligrams of iron and more than 400 milligrams of phosphorus in a half-cup serving size!

These vitamins aid your body in forming red blood cells, making hemoglobin and aids the growth of your baby’s bones and teeth.

superfoods for pregnancy diet

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Pumpkin seeds

Lacking protein in your diet?

Try this super food!

Pumpkin seeds contain sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and mother minerals needed for hydration and healthy muscles.

These nutritious seeds pack 5 grams of protein per serving. These seeds also contain the famous healing mineral zinc.

In fact, one cup of pumpkin seeds provides almost half of a pregnant woman’s daily needs for zinc.

Bring on the pumpkin seeds!

Our favorite recipe for pumpkin seeds are these toasted cranberry, pumpkin seeds. Yum!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Tahini

Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds and olive oil.

A few tablespoons of this tasty paste that is added to hummus will gain you 6 grams of healthy fats that will help your nervous and immune system function properly — like I needed an excuse to eat more hummus!

The development of your milk glands, uterus and placenta all benefit from these healthy fats that are found in tahini.

Thiamine, phosphorus, copper and manganese are all minerals that sustain your baby’s health.

These are also found in this tasty, super-food!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Carrots

Carrots are the cream of the crop when it comes to Vitamin A.

This vitamin is crucial for the development of your baby’s nose, eyes, and teeth.

These crunchy, on-the-go snacks are also great sources of vitamins B6, C, and fiber.

Shred these veggies up and sneak them into lots of your weeknight foods.

Try them in baked breads, muffins and meatloaves.

Carrots are a pregnancy diet superfood

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Oatmeal

Oats are full of fiber, B vitamins, iron and lots of other minerals.

Add rolled oats to pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies, hamburgers and meatloaves to grab some extra nutrition.

Enjoy some oatmeal with honey and milk for breakfast.

Try these no-bake, breakfast cookies!

Blend into a smoothie with your favorite fruit!

There are no excuses for not eating this superfood!

superfoods for pregnancy

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Spinach

Your pregnant body needs folic acid, iron, vitamin A and calcium to continue developing the growing baby inside your womb.

Spinach is the food to give you all those necessary vitamins and minerals.

Eat your portion in lasagna or try in a fresh salad with your favorite dressing.

Or eat it for breakfast in this spinach frittata!

pregnancy super food spinach

Pregnancy Diet SuperFood: Yogurt

Packed with folic acid and protein, this super-food is quite versatile.

Substitute it for sour cream or mayo in dips, fillings and salad dressings.

Need a quick, healthy breakfast? Add some fruit and granola to some plain yogurt and you’re ready to go!

Want a snack? Make some homemade, peanut butter frozen yogurt!

peanut butter frozen yogurt for pregnancy diet

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Salmon

Mercury is one mineral you want to avoid during pregnancy.

Salmon is the perfect fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but still low in mercury.

Many other fish should be eaten in small amounts or avoided altogether for their high levels of mercury.

Enjoy this tasty fish baked, broiled or grilled.

Or make a super-quick bowl of salmon stew!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Blueberries

Who can resist these small, decadent treats?

Did you know these tasty fruits are one of the richest sources of antioxidants?

Antioxidants are needed to prevent and repair damage to the body’s cells.

Antioxidants also reduce the future risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

I love to nibble on these when they’re frozen!

Pregnancy Diet Superfood: Raisins

High in iron and fiber, these tasty treats can be a convenient snack for the busy mommy-to-be that is traveling to all her prenatal appointments and picking out her little one’s new wardrobe.

Fight anemia by adding these to your pregnancy diet.

Are You Ready to Add Superfoods to Your Pregnancy Diet?

Now you’re armed with the information you need to eat a super nutritious diet during your pregnancy.

Go ahead and power up on these superfoods!!