12 Sneaky Health Tips Busy Moms Should Try

After years only focusing on mommy life, I finally realized how crucial it was for me to focus on my health.

I’m an incredibly busy mom.

Raising six kids, managing a work-from-home business, overseeing our homeschooling adventures, and staying involved in our mission work has left me little free time.

Your story is probably quite similar.

Responsibilities and commitments tend to distract us from giving our own bodies the TLC they deserve.

But taking care of our body should be a commitment too!

I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of MiraLAX® to write this post. MiraLAX® is a laxative used to treat occasional constipation. All opinions are entirely my own. #EaseTheDay #CollectiveBias

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That’s why we’ve pulled together some sneaky health tips that busy moms should try!

They’re simple changes.

Little improvements.

And they make a huge difference in your daily health.

When you focus on making time for your health, you’re also making sure you’re giving your family the best YOU!

If you can’t find enough motivation to sneak in these healthy habits for yourself, then do it for your family! <3

  • Get enough zzz’s. I was just watching an interview with one of my favorite actresses of all time. She’s in her late fifties and still has great skin and a healthy glow. When asked what her secrets were to looking so healthy, she replied, “Get enough rest!”
    Sneaky Health Tips for busy moms

    After suffering from some frequent health issues, I decided to finally make sleep a priority. No more staying up until midnight!

    My body was showing that it needed more quality sleep.

    Now I try to start snoozing at 10 PM nightly and it’s made a BIG difference!

  • Stay hydrated. This is a tough one! Trying to keep our kids hydrated often becomes our top priority! If we don’t, our kids will get cranky — fast! In the busyness of keeping sippy cups filled with juice, water and milk, we often neglect to get our own hydration needs met!
    Staying hydrated is a must for moms!

    Keep a bottle or glass of water handy if you’re as forgetful as me!

    Just seeing the bottle or glass will help you to remember to stay hydrated!

  • Keep moving! My grandmother just turned 79 years old this year. I can’t believe she’s almost 80! But you would never guess her age. What’s her secret? She keeps moving!

    Twice a week she meets up with some other ladies for swim aerobics.

    She shared her health wisdom with me a few months ago on the phone.

    “Alison, my doctor told me to keep moving. He said when I start slowing down, that’s when I’ll age faster!”

    You don’t have to do crazy-strenuous routines, but at least 30 minutes of exercise five times per week is what is normally recommended.

    Because you’re a busy mom, try getting in three sets of ten minute workouts if thirty minute sessions seem impossible!

    Exercise and drinking water always helps me stay regular, but sometimes I suffer from occasional constipation and I need products that can help.

    health tips busy moms

    MiraLAX® is different from stimulant laxatives. It works with your body’s natural process to provide effective relief. You can expect a gentle experience without harsh side effects.

    You don’t want occasional constipation to slow down your busy mom life, so make sure you keep MiraLAX® handy!

    sneaky health tips

    You can grab several sizes of MiraLAX® at Walmart. Use this coupon when you do!

  • Replace sugar with fruit. Sugar is in almost everything and lots of mommies (including me!) have a sweet tooth!

    Avoid the negative effects of sugar by enjoying a piece of your favorite fruit instead. Toss fruit into a smoothie or enjoy it frozen.

    Anyone love munching on frozen blueberries?

    If you must indulge a smidge or two in chocolate, keep some dark chocolate in your fridge for those special “mommy NEEDS chocolate” days!

  • Choose gentle health helps. MiraLAX® is the perfect choice for unblocking your system. In our cabinet you’ll also find honey and turmeric for coughs, coconut oil for dry skin and even aloe vera gel for sunburn and rashes.
    Easy sneaky health tips for moms

    MiraLAX® fits right in because it’s not harsh on the body. Our family wants gentle!

  • Avoid stress. Stress can come from anywhere. Work-related projects, mean-spirited people, financial difficulties and even health problems can add stress to your life. But that only compromises your health even more!

    Last year I was having constant heart palpitations.

    Main causes?

    Stress, lack of sleep and caffeine.

    Once I identified those triggers, I was able to finally see my body begin to feel ready for my ginormous mom duties!

    Make a list of the top stress factors in your life and see how you can reduce those!

  • Limit screen time. We focus on limiting screen time for our kids, but what about ourselves? It’s so easy to get sucked into social media for hours. Then, TV shows and movies seem to beckon us.

    Try cutting back a little every week and see how it affects your health!

  • Eat more meals at home. It’s difficult to find all the food triggers that can affect your body in a negative way. A simple way to invest in your health is to start cooking with fresh ingredients in your home.

    Eating out is really fun and I love not having to clean up after a meal, but when you prepare your own food, you know exactly what’s going on your plate!

    Avoid using prepackaged foods that have 15 or more ingredients. Choose fresh fruits, veggies and add your own spices for a truly fresh meal!

  • Make time for leisure. This health tip is definitely one of the most neglected for moms! Whatever you truly enjoy doing (knitting, reading, coloring, shopping, swimming etc.) make time for it.

    Of course, your life is super busy right now, but you’re not promised tomorrow!

    Sneaky healthy tips for moms

    Making time for leisure helps your health and overall happiness.

    And when you’re a happy mama, your kids are happy too!

Give yourself a day off. Sounds absolutely impossible for a busy mom, right? But, I can testify it is absolutely possible! It just takes a smidge of planning.

If you have young kids at home, have a “special activity” or “special toy” box that is only available on your day off. This makes your kids enjoy mom’s day off too!

Let them enjoy those extra-fun items inside of a fort you built together or a simple pop-up tent!

This keeps kids happy, busy and entertained!

The night before your mom’s day off, make sure you have crazy-easy breakfast planned so you can relax some in the morning. Also, plan lunch and dinner the day before as well.

I recommend one freezer meal and one crockpot meal so there’s very little prep, cook and clean-up on your part!

And my other tip? Keep disposable plates, cups and cutlery for your mom’s day off so cleaning up is a cinch!

You can also save movie night for your mom’s day off so you end your night with a fun activity that keeps everyone together in relaxation mode!

And, don’t forget to snag some MiraLAX®.

Just in case occasional constipation comes to visit.

  • Keep hygiene a priority. Even in the midst of chasing after toddlers and driving kids to soccer games, it’s important to your health to keep your body, mouth and hair clean!

    Your health will thank you for keeping hygiene on your “to do” list!

How are you focusing on your health?

sneaky health tips

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