23 Skills Your Preschooler Can Learn At Home

Preschoolers Can Learn Important Skills From Home

I love teaching these important site words and other preschooler skills to my kids!

There’s oodles of important life skills and educational help preschoolers can learn at home.

23 Skills Your Preschooler Can Learn From Home

Skills for Preschoolers #1: Follow simple instructions.

This is super important as your preschooler will begin classes soon — which are overflowing with simple instructions.

You can teach your preschooler to follow simple instructions by talking her through daily activities.

Instruct her on how to make her bed, open a snack package or wipe the table.

Learning this important skill will be the foundation of most of your child’s learning!

Skills for Preschoolers #2: Name shapes.

Basic shapes including squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles, hexagons, ovals and rhombuses can be taught easily using puzzles and even flash cards.

Skills for Preschoolers #3: Recognize and count numbers 1-20.

Count out spoons, cups, toys, socks, snacks and any items around your home that are easily countable.

We even count little toes and fingers with our preschoolers! :)

Skills for Preschoolers #4: Identify letters.

An easy way for kids to learn letters is the Leap Pad Letter Factory DVDs.

Those are super-fun, engaging and very educational.

You can also check out these number formation rhymes for an additional, fun resource!

These simple, magnetic letters have been a super easy way to spell on a regular basis. We use these on our fridge!

Skills for Preschoolers #5: Recognize and Write name.

I still remember my kindergarten teacher holding up all the student’s name tags during circle time for us to come up and snatch it for activity time.

It really paid off that I knew how to write, spell and read my name BEFORE kindergarten began.

That way I could race to my favorite activities…like the soapy water play station!

Some simple ways to teach this at home is to have your child write his name in the sand or in a box of rice. Plus, when she colors a new page in her favorite coloring book, have her sign it like an artist and spell her name out-loud to her.

Spelling the child’s name out-loud helps a preschooler remember how to spell it when they write it later.

Skills for Preschoolers #6: Wash hands properly.

Learning how ot wash hands properly is a simple skill to learn quickly.

Here’s a great article to reference when teaching your preschooler to wash her hands.

Skills for Preschoolers #7:Take turns.

Life is full of taking turns — even for adults.

Teach your preschooler this important life concept by making her take turns at the library, the park, home and at play groups.

The faster your preschooler learns this lesson, the better — for everyone!

Skills for Preschoolers #8: Share.


This is a sore spot for some families, but sharing is super important.

Look for opportunities to encourage your child to share.

Simple Skills for Preschoolers to Learn

Skills for Preschoolers #9: Sit and listen to stories.

In case you see a group of six kids walking down the street with piles of books, that’s us!

We load up on the books from the library!

My younger kids will sit for hours handing me book after book.

I normally have to finally say, “OK, reading time is over!”

I love to see my kids thrilled with reading, plus it’s a quiet, inside activity they can enjoy during the sizzling months of summer or during super cold days as well.

Listening to stories helps your child’s attention span grow. Your preschooler also learns the art of sitting quietly — which is needed in many real life scenarios.

Skills for Preschoolers #10: Catch, kick and throw balls.

Start with the large, cheap plastic balls so your child doesn’t get scared or frustrated from hard, small balls.

These playground balls are the perfect size!

Skills for Preschoolers #11: Clean up after play.

Right after your child is finished playing, encourage her to put the toys away.

Get involved and teach her how to put things back properly and quickly.

Also, scheduling house swoops through out the day really helps too!

Skills for Preschoolers #12: Clean up after snacks and meals.

A preschooler is fully capable of cleaning off her plate, raking food into the trash, and placing the plate in a designated area.

Plus, preschoolers feel needed and important when you give them a daily task to complete. :)

Skills for Preschoolers #13: Sort objects.

Elementary days are full of sorting.

Teach your preschooler how to sort by doing simple sorting throughout the day.

You can do this by matching up shoes and socks, sorting the dry silverware, or sorting lights and darks in the laundry baskets.

Skills for Preschoolers #14: Cut on dotted or solid lines.

Print out some super-safe child scissors to avoid injuries.

Skills for Preschoolers #15: Copy color patterns.

Grab a color by number book to help your preschooler learn how to follow a coloring guide.

Skills for Preschoolers #16: Glue objects.

Glue sticks are best for preschoolers.

They’re less messy and cheap!

More Skills Preschoolers Can Learn

Skills for Preschoolers #17: Brush teeth properly.

Pick your child a super-cute toothbrush, yummy-flared toothpaste and teach her the proper way to brush her teeth.

A fun way to teach your child to brush thoroughly is to tell her to hum the happy birthday song three times as she brushes her teeth.

That way she not only brushes them correctly, but also thoroughly!

Skills for Preschoolers #18: Make an emergency call.

If your preschooler ever faces an emergency, they need to know what to do. Learning to call 911 at an early age is incredibly important.

Using your phone, show your preschooler the exact numbers to press for immediate help.

Go over an emergency plan for serious situations so your child is familiar with all the steps involved in contacting help.

She needs to know parents names and her home address.

Skills for Preschoolers #19: Use proper bathroom hygiene practices.

Instruct your preschooler on the proper basics of bathroom hygiene.

Flushing toilets after bathroom use and properly washing hands after each bathroom visit is often a lost practice among preschoolers.

Change the tide with yours!

Skills for Preschoolers #20: Identify community helpers.

Children are bombarded with “stranger danger” information — which is very good.

However, kids should also know that there are community helpers available when they are scared, lost, or need protection.

Teach your preschooler who they are and how to identify a community helper such as policemen, firefighters, and EMTs.

Skills for Preschoolers #21: Identify landmarks.

In case of an emergency, your preschooler may need to tell someone where she is located.

Teach your child to look for landmarks and how to describe them to emergency help.

Encourage your preschooler to notice colors, signs, and anything unique about surrounding landmarks.

Skills for Preschoolers #22: Proper library etiquette.

Preschoolers should learn the basics of proper library etiquette before visiting.

They should learn to be quiet, not run, and who to ask for help.

Skills for Preschoolers #23: Tying a shoe or a knot.

Many shoes these days don’t require tying, but it’s still an important skill to learn.

Here’s a simple way to teach kids to tie their shoes.

implementing learning through daily activities makes learning seem like a fun adventure — instead of a dreaded chore!

What Skills Is Your Preschooler Learning Now?

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Take these few, fun years to help your child grow in knowledge and life skills!

Hope your learning adventure is as fun as ours has been!

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