Rainy Day Activities to Do With Kids

Need Some Rainy Day Activities for Kids?

Indoor activities and rainy day activity ideas are always good to have on hand when you’re a teacher or busy parent!

Here are some creative and fun ideas to keep your kids busy during the cold, rainy or snowy days.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids that are Fun and Creative!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #1: Indoor Tents

All six of my munchkins love to be involved with building tents or forts.

I know it’s not fun folding all the sheets back up, but the hours of happy play is well worth the extra effort!

Of oyu can make it easy on yourself and grab a space-themed indoor tent on Amazon!

You can surprise your kids and throw some Ritz crackers s’mores in the oven for a fun “camp-out” snack.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #2: Hide and Seek.

Depending on your child’s age, you can change this up quite a bit.

You can split into teams, play in the dark, or hide items instead of people.

You could also add points and a reward for a more competitive twist.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #3: Mattress Tumbling!

My kids love to pull out their mattresses and start jumping and tumbling.

I don’t mind as long as no one gets hurt.

Pick an area away from your favorite breakables and lay out some mattresses on the floor where your kids can do hand-stands, flips, and cartwheels.

We also stack them up for some fun, jumping games!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #4: Painting.

Choose some washable paints and start creating masterpieces!

If you have the funds, you could purchase some piggy banks or other ceramic items to paint.

Finger-painting is a hit with toddlers!

Creative Activities to Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Activity Idea #5: Baking.

Planning a big baking day soon?

Involve your kids!

Sure, it may get a little messier and take longer, but your kids will love the opportunity to learn this life-skill as well as enjoy measuring and taste-testing the ingredients!

These turnovers are a great recipe to start with!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #6: Reading

Choose a chapter book that you love and would love to share with your kids.

Many preschoolers and older kids love to cuddle with mom or dad and listen to an exciting story.

Books without pictures is more of an adventure because the kids can imagine and create the scenes in their minds.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #7: Puzzles

This is a great way to keep kids quiet and entertained.

All the munchkins can be involved and you can start them off with directions and walk away to make dinner.

If you have the time, sit down and enjoy creating the masterpiece with them.

It’s a fun way to encourage siblings to work together to achieve one goal.

Choose puzzles with their favorite characters or pictures that interest them.

Keep the number of pieces to a child-friendly level.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #8: Dress-up!

Keep a collection of dress-up clothes handy.

Hats, sunglasses, wigs and scarves are always great for imaginative play.

You don’t have to go out and buy over-priced costumes.

Let your kid’s creativity soar as they choose different items to make their own unique costume.

My three-year-old always tucks a pillowcase in his shirt for “wings.”

I can’t help but grin every time I see him sport his “wings.”

Simple Activities for Kids to Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Activity Idea #9: Play Balloon Games

Grab some balloons and play balloon volleyball, hot potato and other creative games.

Plus, you can make some fun crafts with balloons too.

Find some creative balloon activities here!

Just make sure you toss any popped balloons immediately to avoid choking hazards.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #10: Make hand silhouettes.

These are fun to make for all ages!

Plus it’s a piece of art you can save for many years!

Find the instructions and details here.

Rainy Day Activity Idea #11: Make Music Videos

Download your child’s favorite song and act it out in a music video.

My kids do this all. the. time.

It’s been fun to look back at their music videos throughout the years!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #12: Put on a Play

Have your kids act out a favorite scene from a movie or book.

Make simple costumes and enjoy the giggles!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #13: Cooking Contest

Have everyone make the same recipe and give out prizes for the best tasting, prettiest, and most creative version!

You can make a super simple recipe like these tortilla pizzas!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #14: Do a WorkOut Video Together

This gets everyone moving…and laughing!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #15: Play Instruments

Recorders, penny whistles, and ukeleles are simple instruments to start with!

Rainy Day Activity Idea #16: Indoor Scavenger Hunt.

We just had this activity with our kids and youth at church!

It was incredibly fun!

We made it simple by having them break into 3 different colored team (red, blue, and yellow) and printed out a list of items to find in the church building.

For instance, they had to find and count the doors, flower arrangements, Bibles, hymn books, sinks, and even tissue boxes throughout the church in 20 minutes.

The team with the most accurate number won!

The kids had a BLAST!

Here’s a printable scavenger hunt you can download now!

What Rainy Day Activities Do Your Kids Love?

We’d love to hear about them!

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