Babies and Bathtime–7 Ways To Make it Happen!

Cute little four month old baby wrapped in a towel.

After countless spit-up episodes, messy blow-out diapers and new orange baby foods, babies need extra care to keep them squeaky clean and fresh. Some babies LOVE bathtime—others? Well, let’s just say they avoid it like strained peas.

How do you encourage little ones to enjoy bath-time without dread?

With six kids in our family, we have learned some unique ways to keep babies happy and overcome their fears and anxieties about water. Here are some tactics that have worked for our family.

  • Perfect water temperature. No one enjoys too hot or too cold bath water. Babies are no exception. Make sure the bath water is warm and inviting. Infants tend to enjoy water that is just a smidgen above lukewarm temperature. Don’t make the bath water as hot as you like it for an evening soak. Infants’ bodies are extremely temperature-sensitive.
  • A warm and cozy home. My mother-in-law gave me this great tip. About ten minutes before you bathe your bambino, turn up the thermostat. Babies can lose body heat fast, so a warmer house during bath-time can ease the discomfort of getting pulled out of a warm bath and being slammed with cool air. You can always turn the heat down after your bundle is all dry and comfy.
  • Water toys. We bring a favorite toy that is water-proof into the tub. Choose toys that will not break or be damaged during bathtime. Typically, plastic, non-electronic and hairless toys work well as long as the toys thoroughly dry after each bath.
  • Established routine. When babies have a routine, they are more comfortable because they know what to expect during the day. We make bath time the same time everyday. Just like adults without their morning coffee or tea, babies feel out of sync if they don’t follow a routine. Evening baths seem to help little ones wind down before bed and slumber more easily. we have chosen to go with the bathtime, brushing teeth, devotions and then bed.
  • Foaming soap. Little ones love bubbles! We like to use a baby-friendly foaming soap so our little one enjoys his baths even more. Fun things to try for boys are toy razors and toy shaving cream soap. Little boys love imitating their daddies!
  • Don’t rush. If I rush during bath-time, I am sending an “I’m stressed” message to my baby. instead or hurrying, focus on staying calm and sing a song about his little piggies or chubby fingers to show him this time is fun for mommy and baby!
  • Massage. If your baby is still quite young, infant massage after a warm bath helps little ones look forward to bath time. I enjoy using baby lotion with add an added scent. Sometimes moms like to use the calming lavender scents to encourage slumber time. The best part of the scented lotion–a baby that smells fresh as ever! Who doesn’t love the smell of clean babies?

Try these steps to ensure a happy bath time with your baby. If your bambino becomes cranky or upset, slow down, stay calm and think over the above tips. Most of the time some calming words or encouragment, correct water temperature and a calm mommy set the mood for a successful, happy bath-time. May your days be filled with bubbles and giggles!

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