Best Ever Christmas Family Traditions

Looking for some Christmas family traditions? I’m so glad you are, because I’ve got a huge, inspiring list for you!

best family christmas traditionss

I’m a believer in traditions. Traditions are the glue to many families, including mine.

Several years ago we started a frugal mom, but when it comes to investing, I don’t begrudge investing in memories. In fact, our family has a birthday and holiday budget just so we can ensure that each tradition gets repeated — and hopefully it’s even better than the year before!

Traditions bring people together and bind hearts together. Whether it’s reading the Christmas story in Luke chapter two or waking up to homemade cinnamon rolls, your family should have something special to remember this Christmas.

If you’re out of ideas, or are looking for new ones to add to your list of Christmas fun, then you’ll love this list! May your family enjoy loads of egg nog, board games, and belly laughs this holiday season!

family Christmas traditions

Best Ever Christmas Family Traditions

  • Homemade cinnamon rolls. Get the whole family together Christmas eve and bake some cinnamon rolls with loads of butter, sugar and cinnamon. It’ll be a fun, yummy memory that everyone will LOVE waking up to on Christmas morning!
  • No chore Christmas day. No chores beyond the basic clean up wrapping paper and wash dishes minimum. I repeat. No chores.
  • Finger foods. Keep Christmas day simple and munch fun with loads of appetizers that family can snack on for lunch and dinner Keep the Christmas cookies stocked too!
  • Serenade your family. Every Christmas morning, wake your family up with some favorite Christmas music!
  • Sing Christmas carols. Make sure you have enough copies of your favorite Christmas carols so everyone can sing their favorite carols.
  • Take a drive. There are some gorgeous Christmas lights displays out every single year. Pack everyone in the car and prepared to “oooh” and “aaah.”
  • Camp out. The week of Christmas plan on everyone sleeping in the living room. Pillows, sleeping bags and forts are all welcome!
  • Get the real thing. Go ahead and be adventurous. Pick out a real Christmas tree on Black Friday weekend. Enjoy homemade hot cocoa to warm up after. Then, decorate your brand new tree! Make sure you snap some photos of your special outing!
  • Remember it! It’s amazing what you can memorize as a family. For Christmas, memorize Luke 2 as a family. Break it up into parts if you have a lot of younger kids. When the person’s part comes, point to them and they can act out or dramatize their verse. It really makes the true Christmas story come alive!
  • Be festive! Plan a yearly Christmas Eve dinner where everything has to be red, green or white this includes food, decor and utensils!
  • Create a scavenger hunt! Make gift-opening more fun! Wrap everyone’s presents in specific colors. Tell each person their color, and then they have to hunt for their colored gifts. Once they find a gift, they can open it!
  • Have a marshmallow roast. Who said you need a camp fire to roast marshmallows? Cook them in your kitchen or over a small flame on your kitchen table. You can also satisfy that sweet tooth crazing by dipping them in chocolate! Yum!
  • Find the treasure! On Christmas day, fill an old popcorn tin with load of Christmas candy. Then, tell everyone to hunt for the treasure! Once someone finds it, everyone can dig in!
  • Get sentimental. Make your Christmas tree thoughtful by choosing one ornament per year that represents something special that happened in your family that year. After 15 years, you’ll have the most sentimental tree around!

What are your family traditions? Be sure to share them with us on social media!

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