12 Bottle-Feeding Hacks Every Mom Should Know!

These bottle-feeding hacks are a must-read for parents!

We’ve chatted about bottle feeding mistakes every mom makes.

And I was right there with you…

And I shared how much I wanted to breastfeed my babies.

But after six months, four months and even just one month for one of my kids, I was unable to produce enough breast milk.

baby bottle-feeding hacks

In some situations, bottle-feeding is the best way for your baby to get her nutrition!

And we want to make the bottle-feeding experience even better for you and your little one.

Bottle-feeding Doesn’t have to Be Stressful!

Sometimes bottle-feeding moms are considered lazy.

Crazy, right?!

I enjoyed my breastfeeding days. No bottles needed to be washed, sterile or warmed to the perfect temperature.

I never had to worry about milk spoiling or finding clean water to make a bottle because we were traveling for 3 or more hours.

But bottle-feeding takes commitment.

These Bottle-feeding Hacks will Help You Stay Committed!

Committed to giving your baby one-on-one time during feedings.

Committed to giving your baby the best formula possible.

Committed to giving your baby a clean bottle…every. single. time.

Let’s dig in and chat about Bottle-feeding Hacks!

bottle feeding hacks parents need to know

Choose one brand for the baby bottle.

Sticking with one brand means you always have the correct replacement parts for when you misplace a lid or a bottle nipple gets cracked.

Find the perfect formula and stick with it.

Switching out baby formula because one is “on sale” can create digestive issues for your baby.

Do your research and find which one is best for your little one and don’t skimp in this area!

We recommend Enfamil NeuroPro and you can order it on Amazon! Easy-peasy!

Let Your Husband Give the First Bottle (Or Your Mom!)

If you’ve been breast-feeding and need to switch to the bottle, make the transition easier by allowing a close family member to introduce the bottle first.

Your little one may be a little less stressed about the switch!

Don’t Let Dirty Bottles Build Up!

Wash bottles immediately. This will keep your dirty bottle stash from becoming overwhelming.

More Bottle-feeding Hacks for Parents

Invest in a bottle warmer.

Yes, it sounds unessential, but it’s a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry and you’re picky baby wants perfectly warm milk…ha!

You can find an awesome, FAST (Because that’s exactly what you’ll want…trust me!) baby bottle warmer here!

Burp your bottle-fed baby often!

bottle feeding hacks moms need to know

Because with baby bottles, air happens.

Try different burping positions until your baby gives you a good, big burp! Try burping your baby every 5-10 minute

Keep your diaper bag packed with bottle prepping items!

For my diaper bag, I love stocking it with Playtex disposable drop-ins!

This ensures me a clean bottle every single time.

I don’t recommend using the Playtex drop-ins daily at home because it gets very pricey.

However, having it in your diaper bag is perfect when snagging a clean bottle gets a little trickier!

Also, keep some baby formula packed in a travel-friendly container and keep filled, water bottles handy for clean, filtered water in case it’s an extra hassle to stop by a store and grab some.

This way you’ll always have clean water, formula that’s measured and ready-to-go, and clean bottles!

Prep bottles for the night.

No one wants to stumble into the kitchen at night and make a bottle.

instead, have the powder measured before you go to bed, the bottle warmer ready and filtered water ready-to-use. That way you can grab, shake and feed! :)

Have a Baby Bottle Station.

Yes, bottle feeding a baby is definitely a little bit more complicated than breast-feeding!

In fact, you need a station for it!

Keep your bottle feeding station stashed with all your bottle-feeding needs.

Put bottle-feeding notes on your phone.

Forget when you fed your baby last or how much she actually drank?

Keep a record of your baby’s feedings on your phone so you can keep up with how much she’s consuming and when you fed her last. This is especially important during the first few months.

Check the temperature of the baby’s milk.

Not too hot and not too cold.

If your baby likes a warm bottle, use the inside of your wrist and see if the milk is at comfortable temperature.

Why your wrist?

Because it’s heat sensitive!

If the milk is too cold, pop the bottle in the bottle warmer I mentioned earlier!

Watch out for bottle-fed babies who bite!

Baby teeth will arrive before you know it!

Check bottle nipples often for signs of tearing and replace them as needed.

Enjoy Bottle-feeding Your Baby!

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