Easy Colorful Handprint Canvases for Kids

Thank you to Crayola for sponsoring these handprint canvases that kids can make!

Motherhood brings me so much joy!

Little hands…

Little feet…

Little kisses planted on my cheek…

I want to keep these precious moments so I can cherish them in the future!

One way I do that is by making time for handprint crafts.

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We’ve done a handprint game, handprint silhouettes and now we’re making colorful, handprint canvases.

Crayola makes that this craft (and all our kid crafts)easy with their specially designed tools for the littles!

Chunky paintbrushes, kid-sized safety scissors, washable paints…they’re all created with little hands in mind!

Easy colorful, handprint canvases are perfect for saving those little fingerprints! A perfect craft for preschoolers who love to make handprints! #ad #handprintart #Handprintcanvas #easycraftsforkids #activitiesforkids #handprintcraftsforkids #colorfulcraftsforkids

Kids love color…

Kids love paint..

Creating colorful handprints are something preschoolers and toddlers have always loved!

DIY handprint canvas for kids

But we don’t want to just create handprints, we want to display them in a classy way!

That’s where these simple canvases come in.

They’re an easy and fun way to keep handprints safe and visually appealing so everyone can enjoy looking at these little handprints.

Here’s a little secret — when kids get older, even they like looking back and seeing just how small their hands were!

My older kids are living proof of this! <3

Easy handprint canvases for kids

Don’t worry if you’re super awesome at stenciling.

Crayola has some simple letter stickers you can also use to create any message you want for your canvas.

Inspirational Sayings for Handprint Canvas

We love these inspirational family sayings:

  • A handful of blessings
  • Our Family’s Hands
  • A family that paints together, stays together
  • Excuse the mess, we’re making memories!
  • Little hands, big hearts

The kids will LOVE thees easy, handprint canvases! Super simple craft for preschoolers and toddlers!

You don’t have to use all the colors of the rainbow in your canvas like we did, you could go with a camouflage theme or your favorite sports team colors.

DIY colorful handprint canvases for kids! Super simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers! #toddlercrafts #colorfulcrafts #Handrpintart #handprintcrafts #handprintcanvase #easycanvas

If your child has a favorite storybook character or super hero, use those colors as your theme too!

There’s truly no limit to which color scheme you use for this art project!

Making time for creative projects with your kids help their imagination and critical thinking skills grow!

Crayola specifically design oodles of their products so that moms and dads could easily spend time creating with their young children.

materials needed to created handprint canvas

Did you know they offer adorable paintbrushes for little hands?

Of course we didn’t use paint brushes in our handprint canvases, but we definitely have some more painting projects in the near future.

These are perfect for young kids!

Easy handprint canvas materials for preschoolers

I love that they offer the right tool for the right age!

And these colorful canvases are the perfect project for little hands to get used to creating with bright colors and paint.

They’ll enjoy dipping their hands in the paint, seeing their handprints appear and even waiting for the handprints to dry so they can see the finished product!

And in case your young children accidentally touch anything other than painting surfaces, the paint is washable!

Crayola wants parents and kids happy!

Go ahead and dive into the world of art projects and crafting with your little ones.

Crayola has you covered with safe products that are little kid sized for all your parent/child crafting adventures!