DIY Fabric Covered Button Pins

Fabric Covered Button Pins are Easy to Make!

Do you have some fabric scraps lying around?

Don’t throw them out!

Those scraps can be turned into fun accessories!

Even the tiniest scraps from your favorite fabrics can be crafted into these fabric covered button pins!

Start a new trend with these easy to make pins! You decide the patterns and designs with the fabrics you choose.

Kids will love securing them bags, backpacks, and clothes.

Make a few for yourself to wear as a brooches.

They’ll add a fun, unique touch to whatever you pin them on.

If you love crafting with your kids, this is an easy, inexpensive craft to try — requiring minimal supplies and time!

Pull out those scraps and keep reading to see how to make fabric covered buttons and turn them into wearable pins!

How to Make Fabric Covered Button Pins

Materials needed:

1. Most fabric covered button kits have a template on the packaging for cutting out your fabric. Use the template to cut a circle of fabric.
2. Following the directions on the kit, place the fabric circle with the right side down into the mold followed by a front button piece.
3. Tuck the edges of the fabric into the mold.
4. You can remove the ring on the back button piece now or wait until the button is completely assembled. Use wire cutters to snip it in half and pry it loose. This will give you a flat back to glue your pin back on in a later step.

5. Place the button back into the mold over the tucked edges of the fabric. Use the presser to push the button back into place. You’ll feel the pieces snap together. Visit this link for more step by step instructions on assembling fabric covered buttons.
6. Push your assembled fabric covered button out of the mold. If you haven’t already removed the wire ring from the back of the button, do that now with the wire cutters.
7. Use the E6000 adhesive to glue a pin back the the back of the button. Let it dry for a few hours before using.

Now you have cute, colorful pins to embellish an outfit or bag.

Have fun trying different designs and fabrics when making these.

Make several fabric covered buttons in different sizes, glue them together, and add a pin back to create a large brooch.

The possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting!


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