Easy School Night Dinner Ideas

School days are busy for moms and kids, right? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to relax after school hours because you have some easy school night dinner ideas up your sleeve?

easy school nights dinner ideas

Easy meal ideas are all the rage these days, and there’s no doubt moms need them. If there’s a no-fuss way of managing my home, I’m all in!

And this week I’m highlighting some fun dinner ideas that may be new to you!

school night dinner ideas

Our kids are involved with church activities, music lessons and loads of traveling. Our schedules seem to bust at the seams sometimes, and that’s when easy dinner ideas come to save the day.

Even during your busiest of school nights, dear mom, stay calm and smile! You’re kids need a patient, loving and FUN mom! Enjoy these school night dinner hacks that will bring you some “aha” moments in your parenting journey!

Easy School Night Dinner Hacks

  • Crockpot chicken and dumplings. Get this hearty meal on the stove before your kids head out to school, and they’ll be welcome to a hearty, warm and aromatic meal! And you can prop your feet up, read some books together and even have a tickle war!
  • easy dinner idea crockpot chicken dumping

  • Pizza quesadillas. My kids love it when I whip up these easy, peasy quesadillas. They make little to no mess and are ready in minutes. Plus, each kid can choose their own toppings!
  • Italian skillet. My brain is almost completely fried after a busy school day that’s mixed with any kind of shopping. This Italian skillet recipe rescues me every time and I get lots of moms who write me and thank me for this original recipe idea!
  • dinner ideas for busy school nights

  • Taco Baked Pie. This easy school night dinner idea is so deliciously awesome, I serve it to guests and people always ask for the recipe. It’s super-easy and versatile. You can add meat or go meatless! The choice is yours!
  • Easy Chicken Chili. My kids know if we get home late and we’re exhausted from a busy school night that easy chicken chili just may be on the menu that night! This recipe is made completely from scratch, but it’s ready faster than a frozen pizza! It’s a dinner hack you don’t won’t to miss!
  • Easy Skillet burgers. Don’t worry! You don’t have to fire up the grill for these yummy burgers. Ready in minutes, this is a meal your entire family will love!

Do you have any easy school night dinner hacks up your sleeve? Share them with our community of moms!

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