Five Common Ways We Waste Money on Clothes

We’ve chatted about saving money on groceries, holiday shopping, and even vacations, but today we want to talk about clothing!

Do you think it’s possible that you’re wasting your money on clothes?

Many well-meaning moms find that answer to be yes — but not for long!

Once you identify the money-wasters and avoid them, you can be a money-saver!

Budget-savvy parents (most likely that’s you)  create a family budget to ensure that the family’s needs are met and bills are paid on time.

But did you know that many families are unknowingly wasting more money than they’re actually saving on clothes?

And most American families spend 5-10% of their total income on clothing and accessories alone!  

Sometimes the money wasters in our budget are not super obvious!

I cringe when a mom friend tells me how much she spends on one child’s wardrobe.

I’m not exaggerating when I mention some moms have told me they estimate they spend $900 on clothing per kid, per year.


I have six kids.

$5400 per year for clothes is just not going to work for our family!  

That price doesn’t  include the adults or special occasion outfits!

How can a family stop wasting money on clothes?

So glad you asked.

For starters, you should avoid these money-wasters.

Then, use the money you save to invest in clothing for your family the smart-shopper way!

Five Ways You May Be Wasting Money on Clothes

You don’t pay attention to clothing care labels.

Yes, it does matter if you wash some clothes with colors or not.

Yes, you still need to wash towels and washcloths separately from your family’s clothing.

I know it’s tempting to dump the entire, mixed up laundry basket’s entire contents into the washing machine, but STOP!

That seemingly “laundry hack” will indeed ruin your clothes in the long-run — or perhaps in just ONE wash!

Take care of your family’s clothing.

You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite football team’s jersey a little bit longer if you do!

You don’t invest in the “good stuff.”

Yes, quality actually matters — especially in clothing.

Garments which are not properly sewn will in time develop ragged edges and loose seams.

Then, if the material is cheap, the clothing won’t be comfortable and definitely won’t hold up through repeated washings.

I look for top brands at TJMaxx, Ross, Burlington, JCPenney, and Macy’s clearance floor.

You purchase clothing without taking inventory.

In a busy parent’s world sometimes there’s not a lot of brain space left to remember how many jeans your son still owns or how many cute, unstained white t-shirts your daughter can still wear.

Do your budget a favor and take an inventory before you go shopping.

Want to make it more fun?

Have a fashion show tip your kids.

That way they’re digging through their closest and drawers and you’re not!

Plus, they’ll be having fun and enjoying all the silly outfits they put together! :)

You don’t pre-treat.

I know just how easy it is to overlook a stain in a large load of laundry.

However, however, however…it’s absolutely worth the few minutes it takes to inspect clothes for stains and smudges before they hit the washing machine.

Here’s an extra sneaky laundry tip.

If you know an item is stained before laundry day, simply snap a safety pin on it or tag it in an easy way.

If you have an extra laundry basket, keep one that’s only for stained or soiled clothes.

That will speed up the inspection process and ensure you don’t set the stains!

You purchase waaaaay too many clothes.

Yes, this is a big money waster in the clothing area of your budget.

I have many family members who have walk-in closets that are overflowing and requiring a little bit of shimmying and climbing in order to select an outfit.

If your closet is overflowing, you end up wearing 50% of your clothing stash the the remaining clothes just sit and rot without any use.

Not to mention it steals your storage space to hide Christmas presents!

Consider getting rid of what you haven’t worn in six months.

Have You Wasted Money on Clothes?

Have you found some new ways to save money on your clothes?

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