10 Simple Ways to Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning Your Closet is Easier than You Think!

Cleaning hacks and tips always help to lessen stress in our busy parenting lives.

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I’ve been an anti-clutter mom for years.

We even did a toy switcharoo when my kids were younger so we’d keep the amount of toys in the house under control.

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I didn’t want to be a bad example to my kids by having a messy or disorganized closet!

So I had to apply the less is better and the “one touch” rule to keep my closet tidy, clean, and organized.

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How to Clean Out Your Closet — the Easier Way

Cleaning Closet Tip #1: Turn on inspirational music.

What gets you moving?

For me, it changes on a daily basis.

Sometimes I want classical, sometimes coffee shop music, sometimes the Chipmunks singing Christmas songs…ha!

Whatever gets you in an energetic, focused, mood…play that music to keep you motivated!

Cleaning Closet Tip #2: Pull everything out of the closet.

Nothing left behind.

Every shirt, coat, shoe…you name it!

Getting everything out of your closet helps you better analyze your “stuff.”

Cleaning Closet Tip #3: Get the inside of the closet clean.

Clean the walls, the racks, the carpet..everything.

Make it squeaky clean and you’ll be inspired not to dirty it up again!

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Cleaning Closet Tip #4: Divide your closet items into 4 piles

This is where you need to be honest and realistic.

Do you really need 9 red shirts?

Do you really need 52 pairs of shoes?

Here’s the four piles you should place your items in:

  • Can’t Live Without and Really Love Pile. These items make you smile. You feel good when you wear them. Some of these items are “must haves” that you can’t imagine living without.
  • Friends and Family Pile. This is a pile that you can keep (because it’s good stuff you know your people would love!) in a special section. You have items in mind for your bestie, your sister, and your cousin. Keep this pile only for a few months. If you don’t get these items to them in that time frame, go ahead and donate.
  • Donate. These are items in good condition that you won’t use and just don’t like. You know other people could use them.
  • Trash. These are items nobody wants and you beat yourself up for them even being in your house.

Cleaning Closet Tip #5: Go Through Your “Can’t Live Without” Pile Again

Most of the time we’re still way too generous in the “what to keep”.

Try on the clothes, shoes, and accessories that are becoming “iffy” in your head and see if they really make you feel like a million bucks.

If they don’t, then add them to the friends and family or donate pile.

Cleaning Closet Tip #6: Make Your Closet Welcoming

If you make your closet welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, you tend to try to continue to keep it clean and organized.

Check out organizing shelves, hangers and other items to make your closet perfect for your lifestyle!

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Cleaning Closet Tip #7: Fold Your Clothes in a BETTER way

If you fold your clothes in a space-saving, attractive way, you’ll want to keep them more neat!

Better Homes and Garden has an in depth article on how to fold clothes here!

Cleaning Close Tip #8: Think seasonally

There are a few options for keeping your closet seasonally appropriate.

You can keep the current season clothing near the front in an easy-to-reach location.

Or, you could put your clothing and other items that are not for the current season in a storage tub in your garage or in your attic.

Cleaning Closet Tip #9: Document your finished product!

Take pictures or a video or your newly cleaned, organized closet.

Put this picture somewhere so you can view it often!

This is a great way to stay inspired to keep your closet clean!

Cleaning Closet Tip #10: Celebrate!

You’ve worked hard on tackling your closet.

Celebrate with a walk in a nearby garden, a classic movie you haven’t watched in a while, or even a date night with your husband!

How Does a Clean Closet Affect You?

Havin a clean close brings joy and contentment to your day, your week, and your life!

Enjoy your clean closet!

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