Lego Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

After all the Valentine’s Day parties, your child may have her hands full of candy! That can make a parent wince with visions of sugar-loaded kids racing through their heads! Have no fear — here are some Lego Valentine’s Day Gift ideas that your kids will love! No sugar added!

lego valentine gift ideas

Moms, dads, brothers and sisters all love Legos. In fact, legos are a great idea for a fun family night! Check out some family fun night ideas here that involve your favorite set of legos!

My kids even have a travel lego box so they can keep building, even when we’re on the road.

I’m all about hands-on-learning and keeping screen time to a minimum. Play dough, legos, blocks, coloring books, library books and fun crafts are always a go-to when my kids want to engage in an activity. Many times if I don’t have something planned, they’ll ask to have screen-time.

My secret to very little screen time during the week? Keep hands-on-learning activities ready at all times. We keep a stash of games, puzzles and other supplies in an easy-to-reach location so after chores and school are done, they can dive into for some non-screen fun!

So pick one of these cutesy Lego Valentine’s Day ideas and add some heart-filled, lovable fun to your Lego stash. Seriously — why didn’t I buy these last year? I’ll tell you which one is my favorite at the end. I’d love to hear yours too!

lego gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Lego Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I truly think every single kid in this world LOVES puppies. Lego knew what it was doing when it created this crazy-cute set of a Valentine puppy — all dressed up for Valentine’s Day!

My girls love to plan dinner — this lego set is a fun way to plan a fancy, Valentine’s Day themed dinner! I absolutely love the little window in the background — don’t you?

I love flowers…but they die. What kid wants a plan that dies? Problem solved with this oh-so-pretty Lego rose,

What’s more cuddly than a teddy bear? Ok, so the lego version is not so cuddly, but it’s still just as cute! All teddy bear fans will love this teddy bear set for a Valentine’s day gift! (lego teddy bear)

Cuteness reigns with this Lego heart trinket box. It’s perfect for my daughter to put all her “treasures.” I bet your child has some treasures worth keeping too — like a rock, a broken necklace, stickers and some lost teeth. Those are irreplaceable — wink, wink!

IF your kids love ow presents are wrapped, they’ll love this beautiful gift box that’s made out of — you guessed it — legos!

How precious is this heart-shaped book made out of legos? Budding writers and readers will appreciate this fun book they can build!

Create a special message with super-cute lego letters. You can even decorate with them!

The time has come to share my all time favorite Valentine’s Day Lego set. Ahem. Drum roll please…’s the trinket box!! YAY! Why? Because I love how my kids save “treasures” and they’re always needing a new trinket box.

Now, tell me, which on is YOUR favorite? Chat with me on Facebook!

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