Non-Candy Kid Gifts for Valentine’s Day

I really, really REALLY enjoy celebrating the holidays with my family. Any excuse to spend more time or money on them is a good one! Valentine’s Day is no exception, but sometimes kids can get overloaded with candy, and I am not a HUGE fan of candy. It’s messy, no nutritive value, expensive and bad for the teeth. But, I know it is a fun part of childhood, so I let my kids indulge once in a while, and of course I enjoy some good, quality dark chocolate at times too!

Non candy Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Since people will be giving my kids candy for Valentine’s day anyway, I would rather invest in non-candy gifts for them. Gifts that will last a little longer than an hour and that let them know I am thinking of them. If you’re a non-candy mom, this list will be perfect for you!

Valentine's Day gifts ideas for kids

Non-Candy Kid Gifts for Valentine’s Day

What cute gifts do you plan to give your kiddos this year? Are you going with traditional Valentines and candy or trying something new! Connect with us on social media to let us know!

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