15 Sneaky Self Care Ideas to Keep Moms Sane

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Hey, busy moms! Has life seemed like a hectic rush of cooking meals, running the kids to soccer, and cleaning the house?

Maybe you’ve even been too busy caring for everyone else that you’ve neglected taking time to care for yourself.

In the midst of busy schedules, mounds of laundry, and endless “to-do” lists, please remember that self-care is important too.

And it’s a lot easier to sneak in than you might think.

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Today I’m sharing 15 self-care ideas for moms that take 10 minutes or less. Yes! You read that correctly! 10 minutes or less!

These ideas are super simple and ones that even moms with young kids at home can even sneak into their busy lives.

From taking a walk to simply pouring yourself an icy cold beverage like a glass of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade™, here are 15 doable, totally possible ways for you to sneak in self-care — every single day!

15 Sneaky, Ten Minute Self-care Ideas to Keep Moms Sane

  1. Pour an icy cold glass of your favorite beverage. Right now I’m loving Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade™!

    This NEW product from Canada Dry combines crisp Ginger Ale made from real ginger with refreshing lemonade made with real juice.

    It’s the perfect way to enhance your relaxing moment.

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  3. Take a snack break. Take a few minutes to enjoy your favorite snack.

    And what’s snacktime without a refreshing drink?

    Pour a glass of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade™ and you’re snack break will become the perfect way to unwind.

    Why not even invite another mom to join you?

  4. Taking time for self careen motherhood

  5. Read a book. As a busy mom, I know reading for enjoyment often takes a back seat.

    Carve out a few minutes to read a book just for fun!

    Do you remember the last time you did that?

    Give the kids a book to look at or read while you’re reading to make the environment even more peaceful.

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  7. Listen to soothing sounds. A crackling fire? The sound of the waves? What sounds are soothing and relaxing to you?

    Download an app with nature sounds or other relaxing clips and you’ll be on your way to pure relaxation.

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  9. Play your favorite song. You can even put it on repeat and listen to it more than once.

    It’s a super simple way to boost your mood.

  10. Take a warm, relaxing bath. Need a little extra relaxation? Ditch the shower and opt for a relaxing bath.

    Don’t forget the lavender bath bombs or even some bubbles.

  11. Go on a walk. This is not only healthy for your body but it’s also healthy for your mind.
  12. Journal or paint. Put your thoughts on paper, jot down “to-do” lists, sketch, or paint.

    Journaling — in any form — can be extremely relaxing.

  13. Hug your spouse or kids. Take a break from whatever is going on around you. Yes! Right now! Stop and give your family a hug.

    It only takes a moment.

    And who knows?

    Maybe your loved ones needed that hug too.

  14. Plant something. There is something sooooooo calming and rewarding about growing a plant or a garden.

    Even if you don’t have time for a full garden, start a small herb garden, fill a few pots on your front porch with flowers, or plant a few succulents.

  15. unwinding during motherhood in a garden

  16. Do some quick stretches or exercises. Spend just 10 minutes each day squeezing in a short workout or stretches.

    Your body will thank you!

  17. Call a friend. When most of your phone calls are for work or you’ve spent the entire day talking to kids, a fun conversation with a friend can be a great way to unwind.
  18. Get a change of scenery. Just stepping outside for a few minutes can do wonders.

    Take in the scenery, breathe deeply, and relax.

    You can even take this a step further and run a quick errand to get a little break away from the house.

    A change of scenery can help you regroup and stay calm.

  19. changing scenery in motherhood

  20. Burn a candle or diffuse essential oils (if that’s your thing). Candles are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere. I especially love wood wick candles with the crackling sounds that are reminiscent of a burning hearth. Using essential oils like lavender and bergamot is another excellent way to promote relaxation.
  21. enjoying essential oils and candles to relax for self care in motherhood

  22. Spend time on a hobby. Maybe it’s sewing. Or watercolors. Or even writing a book! Spend time on an activity that is all your own. Be intentional about this and schedule it in your planner.

    And to get started on your hobby, I highly recommend checking out all these gorgeous stencils!

    You can create t-shirts, journal covers and almost any cute home decor item!

    There are oodles to pick from and their reasonably priced! See my favorites below!

learning a hobby for self care in motherhood

Being a mom is challenging!

You need ways to relax and unwind.

Don’t let busy schedules rob you of the joy and benefits that come with taking time for relaxation and self-care.

Taking time for self care during motherhood is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself so you can be mom your kids needy to be! Check out our ten minute self care ideas that will keep moms sane! Only TEN minutes! You have time for that, right? <3 #motherhood #selfcare #mommy #parentinghelp #momhelp #helpformoms #makingtime

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