Don’t Be Afraid to Shelter Your Children!

Are you afraid to shelter your kids? Are you concerned of what others may think or say? Are you afraid your kids will be outcasts because you decide to go against the flow of modern day parenting?

shelter kids

Before you give in to the pressure to let your child lead, consider this:

Why did God put infants, children and teens into homes with two adults? Are the adults there to be “best buddies” with the kids? Are they present for the sole purpose of providing monetary substance?

Absolutely not. God put children into families so someone would protect and guide them as they grow and learn about the world in which they live.

What does shelter mean anyway?

Protect. Safeguard. Shield. Guard. Are these actions considered “negative” and “unhealthy” when raising a child? No level-minded individual would dare say a child should not be protected or guarded — so why is the majority of care-givers and parents apprehensive and critical of “sheltering” children?

The philosophies of this world scream out at parents to let children find their own way, let children “discover” themselves and let them make their “own” decisions. Conservative parents that desire to be involved in shaping their children for the future are accused of being strict, brain-washing and “helicoptering” their children.

Does that sound familiar?

What are some antonyms to the word shelter? Expose. Endanger.

So yes, I choose to shelter my children.

“Kids must feel like they are in prison when they are in a home with so many rules and guidelines.”

Have you heard that popular phrase that many people enjoy parroting?

My children are 12, 10, 9, 7, 5 and 4. We definitely shelter our children from evil things that are present in this world. We monitor books, magazines, movies, games and the internet. Why? Because we love them and we desire the best for them.

Just the other day my oldest child said the following to me as I was working:

“Mom, I think it is sad when kids leave home.”

“What do you mean, Joshua?”

“Well, I think it is sad that you have to leave your parents when you get married or go to college.”

I just smiled and said, “Joshua, I will miss you greatly, but you will be happy that you will be getting married to the girl you love.”

Sheltering Children Creates a Happier Home

Ten thousand dollars could not bring me the happiness that honest, unsolicited comment brought to my heart. My son was letting me know he loves living in our family. And yes, he lives in a sheltered home. Does he feel like a prisoner? Not at all.

Just as a shepherd is suppose to tend to his flock, we as parents should shepherd and tend to our children. The shepherd watches out for wolves, lions and bears. Parents must do the same.

Anything that could affect my child’s mind or heart in an evil way, I keep out of the home. All activities must be acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. One mom put it this way:

“When you have a young plant, you shelter, protect and nourish it until its root system is strong and able to stand on its own.”

When your kids are young and at home, that is the perfect time to nourish them with good things. If they are too young to know how to perform chores correctly, drive a car, pay bills etc., then they are too young to keep themselves from danger.

The sheltering in our home is based upon the Biblical principles. We want our children to know why mommy and daddy do not do certain things and why we do not allow them to do those things as well.

Honestly, this makes us examine all our standards and convictions.

Don’t be afraid to protect, guard and shelter your children. But, do so according to the word of the Lord. Seek out knowledge from the word of God and seek God’s direction in every decision concerning your children. You may arrive at a different conclusion than the majority of other parents, but if you are following the Lord’s leading, then you are going in the right direction!

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