Easy Snack Hacks for Kids Every Busy Mom Should Know

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It’s the start of a new school year!

Back-to-school season is definitely the best time for busy moms to try some new snack hacks for their kids!

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In all the busyness of the school year these snack hacks will help your family stay calm and avoid the chaos that stems from hangry (that’s angry hungry) kids!

Why Do Moms Need Snack Hacks?

Let’s review the typical family scenario.

easy snack hacks for kids busy moms should know

The kids get home from school and the first thing you hear are these three words:

Moooooom! I’m hungry!”

But it’s two hours until dinner and you don’t want to create another mess in the kitchen to feed the snack attack!

What’s a mom to do?

easy snack hacks for kids

Are you fresh out of ideas for healthy snacks for the kids?

Maybe you’re wondering how to make snacks happen between school and their extracurricular activities.

It’s definitely an impressive juggling act!

We’ve got you covered with several snack hacks that will turn those hunger cries into exclamations of “Thanks, Mom!”

And we all love those!

Snack Hacks for Kids Every Mom Should Know

  • Snack baskets are your best friend. Prepare and place a basket of snacks out on the counter or in the pantry for the kids to have the freedom to quickly and easily help themselves to a snack.

    snack hacks that kids love

    It’s an easy solution that keeps snacks super simple. Less mess. Less stress. Always the best choice for a busy mom!

    Place a second snack basket in the refrigerator to hold perishable snacks like fresh fruit, cheese, and hummus.

    snack hacks kids love

    Speaking of hummus — our family loves the Sabra Hummus Singles which are available at Walmart.

    They are perfectly packable for on-the-go snacks and even lunches!

    on the go snacks for kids

    And did I mention how delicious they are?

    The Sabra Hummus Dips are a tasty combination of chickpeas, tahini, and a touch of garlic blended to smooth, snackable perfection.

    snack hacks using hummus

    And they’re the ideal addition for your snack basket.

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  • Stock up! Keep your snack baskets filled to the brim with healthy, nutrition-packed options. You want your kids to eat healthy foods, and snack time is the perfect opportunity to make healthy foods fun!

    stock up on snacks

    Kids want the freedom to choose which snacks they can enjoy on a daily basis. By providing them with super healthy options to choose from, you’re creating a win-win situation for everyone!

  • Prepare or buy individual servings. Buy snacks that come in individual servings like the Hummus Singles from Sabra or prepare your own perfectly proportioned snacks.

    As you’re unpacking food from your grocery store run, break down snacks that come in large bags and bunches into individual servings.

    snack hacks for kids and moms

    You can use plastic bags or be a bit more environmentally friendly with reusable bags and containers.

    Keeping individual servings handy makes snacking portable and kid-friendly.

  • Put together a snack pack. Do your kids need a few portable snack options? Maybe they like to snack during school hours or even during sports practices and after-school activities.

    Prepare a snack pack filled with their favorite healthy snacks for snacking on-the-go.

    Add a sweet note or even a few stickers as an unexpected, but welcome, surprise!

  • snack hacks kids love that are easy

  • Get the kids involved. Let the kids help you shop for healthy snacks. They can even help prepare and package snacks for the snack baskets.

    Having kids do “jobs” around the house gives them a sense of responsibility and independence.

    And chances are that they’ll be much more likely to eat the healthy snacks if they assisted in the snack prep!

  • snack hack ideas

  • Keep it simple! Don’t make snacktime complicated. Things like fresh fruit, raw vegetables, pretzel crisps, and hummus are simple snack options that will keep everyone satisfied and happy.

Keeping back-to-school snack baskets and implementing these other snacktime hacks are simple solutions for when the kids come home and are super hungry.

Snacktime won’t have you stumped anymore!

And that’s a great thing because you’ve got more important things on your mind when the kids get home — like finding out how their day went and, of course, spending time together.

What snack hacks does your family use?

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