Spring Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Spring is in the air! Why not grab the spirit of Spring and incorporate it into your daughter’s birthday celebration? Here are a few fun ideas for a spring birthday party — just for girls!

spring party girls

  • Flower Party! Celebrate your daughter’s special day with fresh flowers! Grab carnations, roses, daisies, tulips and more! Place in small vases around the house and top her birthday cake with fresh flowers as well. Choose invitations, plates, cups and napkins that all go along with a flower theme. Consider sending home a fresh rose, carnation or daisy or a home-made daffodil lollipop from a fave food blog of mine called Pint-sized Baker. Check out her cute pic below!

    PS Daffodil Lollipops (31)

    Want to add a fun craft to your flower spring party? How about these Spring Flowers made from cupcake liners. These spring cuties are paired with cute paper straws and literally only take minutes to make! My girls loved making them and decorating their rooms with them. These would be a hit with all your girly guests!

    paper flowers
  • Pastel Princess party. The creative ideas and plans that can go into a princess party are endless! Make it more unique by veering away from the Disney Princess themes, and focus on medieval princesses.

    Start with a castle cake! This is the one I made for my daughter’s princess party. It took a lot of time, but was fun!

    princess cake

    The majority of the cake was made from homemade, marshmallow fondant. Check this site for great tutorials on castle cakes.

    Ask guests to dress up in their best princess attire — crowns, jewels and fancy dresses! My girls loved this at their party! Here are two of them all dressed up!



    Fun games to play at a princess party:

    • Princess, Princess Queen: This is “Duck, Duck, Goose” in princess form! Pick an “it” and give them a wand or scepter. Instead of saying “Duck, Duck, Goose!” tell the girls to say “Princess, Princess Queen!”
    • A royal gown. Divide the girls into two teams. Pick one girl from each group to be the main princess. Give two rolls of toilet paper to each group. Set a time limit and see which team can create the most beautiful royal gown from toilet paper!
    • A Princess Walk. Secure pink paper crowns to the floor in a circle. Write the word “Princess” on one of the crowns. Play some music and have the girls walk on the crowns. When the music stops, whoever lands on the crown with the word “princess” wins a prize.
  • A Pink Party. Create a theme for your girl’s party around her fave color — pink! Make a pink cake, pink lemonade, pink punch and pink ice cream. For decor, use pink balloons, pink invitations, pink plates, cups, pink streamers etc. Ask all the guests to only wear pink to the party. Have a contest of who can wear the most pink! Don’t forget to send home gift bags full of pink goodies.
  • A Tiny party. What little girl doesn’t love tiny things? Make tiny invitations by inserting smaller envelopes into one large one that open into a smaller and smaller envelope. At the very end, have a tiny invitation for the party invite.

    For the birthday cake, make several 4 or 5-inch cakes. Keep the cake decor on a mini-scale as well. Mini roses, mini candies, tiny sprinkles etc. Another option would be make one 4 inch cake and lots of mini cupcakes to go along with the tiny theme. Serve bite-sized foods, like petit fours and tiny sandwiches. Drink out of small, decorated dixie cups. Send home goody bags of mini toys, candy and snacks.

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