Start Loving Your Husband Again: Simple Tips that Work!

Ready to Ignite Your Love for Your Husband?

Wives don’t wake up one day not loving their husbands…

It’s a slow process that grow out of busyness, laziness, health problems, money struggles, and unfaithfulness.

how to love husband more

But it’s absolutely possible to ignite your passion and love for your husband again.

Maybe you still love your husband, but your feelings for him have waned.

And if you’re reading this article, it means you care.

You care about marriage.

You want things to change.

And you want a happy marriage that dreams are made of. <3

The good news is…it’s totally possible to renew your love for your husband today.

Let’s dig into how to make that work!

How to Love Your Husband Again

Love Your Husband More Tip #1: Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember what it was like when you first knew he care about you.

Remember how you finally decided to become a couple.

Remember what it was like when he proposed.

Remember the scent of his cologne, the flirtatious things he said, and even the moment you first touched.

Take time to think about your honeymoon, special milestones in your marriage, and what you’ve bene through together.

husband and wife hugging and holding each other to focus on loving each other more

During our crazy lives we often forget just how far we’ve come in our marriages…just how much we’ve conquered together…and just how passionate we were about our husbands.

Remember when you couldn’t think or talk about anything else except…him?

Reignite those memories to help stir your passion for your husband again.

Watch videos, look at pictures, and read old love notes.

Take your time when doing this…because your marriage is the most important earthly relationship. It deserves your time and devotion.

Love Your Husband More Tip #2: Stop thinking about what your husband doesn’t do.

If you start your day off with looking at him and thinking..”He doesn’t wake up early enough..” or “He never makes breakfast” or “He stayed up too late last night watching TV or playing video games” or “He left his dirty clothes in the floor….again”, you’ll never conquer a critical attitude.

Your critical attitude will smother your marriage.

Instead think of what he has done.

Try thinking these things:

“Look at him sleeping in OUR bed. He stayed here all night with me and the kids. I don’t have to worry if he’s out with someone else or getting drunk at a bar. He’s here.

“There he comes…after a long day at work. He worked all day….even though he probably would have rather been at home with us. He worked so we can live in our home, fill our pantry with groceries, and even enjoy some extras. Without him, I’d have to carry that burden alone!”

Look for things to be thankful for.

Maybe it’s his carefree attitude…

Maybe it’s his love for kids…

Maybe it’s the cute way he laughs or eats his cereal.

Think about all the reasons you SHOULD love him and focus on those.

Don’t think about the negative…because we’re all growing, learning and improving.

But it doesn’t hurt to pray about his faults when you see them!

Plus, it’s incredibly hard ot be critical or angry at someone you pray for often!

Love Your Husband More Tip #3: Take Care fo Your Appearance

As you get older and busier, it gets even tougher to make time for your looks.

But, let’s be honest, that we “feel” more beautiful, pretty, and attractive when we’ve gotten into shape, lost a few pounds, bought a new outfit, fixed our hair, or painted our nails.

And if we feel cute, often we’re less self conscious and more lifrty and affection with our husbands.

Have you ever seen an overly jealous wife that seems incredibly discontent?

Often that’s someone who is unhappy with her appearance and feels ugly around her husband.

She often times feels threatened by other women and that will cause her to be catty, less flirty, and suspicious of her husband.

It’s a nasty cycle.

Avoid that by taking time for yourself.

Even if you’re on a a budget, there are some frugal ways you can invest in your appearance and give your husband something attractive (not perfect…but attractive) to look at! :)

Love Your Husband More Tip #4: Put Your Kids to Bed Early

kids going to sleep early to help parents have a better marriage

I’m all about giving your kids the best childhood ever.

Motherhood is one of my main focuses in life, but I’m a better parent when I’m a better wife.

When I’m a better wife, I give my kids an example of a good marriage, of being faithful to commitments, and keeping marriage a priority. And my kids find security in that!

And the only way busy parents can make time every day for each other is putting kids to bed early. (Unless you can enjoy super early morning together!)

Starting bedtime routines at 7 PM so you can get your kids into bed by 8PM would leave you and your husband 2 hours of uninterrupted time together every single night.

That gives you time to talk, unwind together, and reconnect.

And it lets your husband know he’s still a priority.

Work can wait. Kids can wait. But your marriage can’t.

Give that precious evening time to your husband and it will ignite your passion and love again!

Love Your Husband More Tip #5: Talk Less

new husband and wife embracing as they focus on loving each other more

Give me a cup of coffee and my chattiness comes out.

But I’ve learned there are many times when it’s better to talk less and just listen.

I’ve got to fight my habit of interrupting and give him the respect he desires.

Men like someone to listen.

Husbands like it when wives listen to their work issues (without asking the details and why this and why that.)

Listen to what he wants to say and when he doesn’t feel like talking…let him enjoy quiet. :)

Sometimes I wonder if that’s why men love dogs so much…ha!

Dogs just listen, greet them at the door, think they’re great no matter what, and don’t interrupt them or nag them for conversation.

Becoming a good listener is a powerful relationship skill. Try it this week and see how well your husband responds!

Love Your Husband More Tip #6: Change It Up In The Bedroom

If your intimate life with your husband is incredibly predictable, you need to change things up.

Wear something new.

Be less shy.

Try something new.

Because this is public, I won’t go into too many details, but you’re an adult…you can figure things out.

Don’t do the same thing the same way. Who wants meatloaf and potatoes three times a week?

Keep your husband guessing what will happen next and when you’re more involved in intimacy, your emotions will follow.

What happens in the bedroom isn’t just for husbands…it’s for wives too! And when you make HIM happy, you’ll be happy too…;0)

Love Your Husband More Tip #6: Pray for Your Husband Often

You don’t have to be alone in a prayer closet to pray for your husband.

Pray for him as you fold laundry…

Pray for him as you cook dinner…

Pray for him as you’re exercising…

Make it not only a daily habit, but a very frequent habit, to pray for God’s blessings on his life, God’s protection from temptation, and for your devotion and passion for him to be stirred.

Love Your Husband More Tip #7: Kiss, Flirt, and Makeout Daily

Now, there could be times when you’re in the bed with a migraine (raising my hand!) or super sick.

I get it.

But, as much as is possible, make an effort to flirt, kiss and makeup with your husband.

Gross your kids out…ha!

Slow dance for a few seconds.

Give him a super long kiss (not a peck!) before you start dinner

Wink at him often.

Surprise him throughout the day with affection and it will keep both of your engines running!

Love Your Husband More Tip #8: Focus on your husband ONLY

It grieves me to hear and see married women swoon over movie stars, famous athletes, and even firemen and dentists who dance.

You’re not helping your marriage if you let your mind focus on other men.

You promised your husband in your wedding vows (at least most of us did!) that you’d forsake all others for him.

Being Iron Man’s top fan…

Going to every concert of your favorite male singer and screaming at the top of your lungs…

It’s not helping your marriage in anyway.

Writing suggestive comments on Facebook about other famous men?

That won’t inspire you to love your husband.

Just because it’s “normal” for your friends and neighbors to do that, doesn’t mean it’s not damaging to your marriage relationship.

Save all your squealing and fan-girling for your husband…seriously.

Stop your work to go watch your husband cut the grass…

Watch him fix the car, the roof, or anything extra manly. ;0)

Clear your schedule for his free days so you can spend time with him.

Save your fan-girl concert trip money and surprise your husband with an overnight, romantic trip for you two.

If you want a passionate, love-filled marriage you’re going to have to be different..

You’re going to have to be the “weird” one who chooses to focus on her husband and only him.

Go ahead.

It’s rewarding to be the “weird” wife who refuses to comment, stare, and become obsessed with other men besides her husband.

You’ll get the benefits of a passionate marriage that will make people rill their eyes and say…”I wish they’d get off the Love Boat!”

But once you’re on the love boat, you never want off! :)

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