Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Toddlers

The holiday season is a super-busy time of the year for everyone — especially moms! If you’re like me, you are constantly trying to snag the perfect gift for each of your family members and close friends. Some people are easier than others, and toddlers? They’re super-fun to buy for because everything is new and exciting. This stocking stuffer gift guide for toddlers will help you find the perfect gifts to tuck away in their stockings.

stocking stuffer gift guide for todders

Oooh! I wish I was there when your little one pulls each package out of the stocking. Don’t you love to see the happy, surprised looks on their faces as they dig deeper and find another gift, and then another! It’s worth all the planning and gift-getting, isn’t it? Enjoy this gift guide and be sure to leave your amazing stocking stuffer toddler ideas in the comments. We all love fun ideas from moms!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Toddlers

  • Holiday Counting Book. Counting is an important part of toddler learning. This book will make the learning fun! I love to keep books hidden inside my diaper bag for when toddlers get bored or have to be quiet. My kids know that mom’s diaper bag is kind of like Mary Poppins’ large bag — you never know what may be in it!
  • Fave character sippy cups. Sippy cups are a must-have for moms of toddlers. Why not grab some of your toddler’s favorite character sippy cups for a practical and fun stocking stuffer!
  • Piggy paint. My girls have many times popped down on the floor beside me and stuck out their little toes, ready for me to paint them! Piggy paint makes it easy as it is non-toxic and safe for toddlers. So, give your daughter her first set of real nail polish and make those piggies sparkle!
  • Cars Cool kid-sized vehicles. These Super cool cars fit perfectly in little hands. They encourage imaginative play and are safe for children ages 18 months and up. THese are great qulailty and last through all the todller crash-testing. I keep these in my diaper bag too — just for bored emergencies! :)
  • Super-cute hat. This si a super-adorable hat that reminds me of my fave movie, UP. Keep your toddler’s head warm and super-cute with this super-cute hat that will fit perfectly in the stocking!
  • More cute hats — for the girls! Girls need cute hates too! Here’s an adorable one to get your daughter warm and adorable!
  • Snazzy socks. It’s oh-so-tempting for the frugal mom to stick to the boring, everyday white socks. But use the holidays as an excuse to snag the super-cute, stylish socks you’ve been eyeing for months. These also come with stlyish grips to keep your toddler from crashing and burning!
  • Gund plush animal. Every toddler needs a Gund stuffed animal. Really, they do. I love this brand as they offer super-soft, durable animals at a reasonable price. I have thrown these stuffed animals in the washing machine countless times and they are like brand-new and the seams don’t come apart. It’s a stuffed animal your toddler can keep for a very long time. You can grab one of my fave picks here!
  • Soft real fruit snacks. Fruit snacks for toddlers are my super-snneaky trick when it comes to holiday portraits or shopping trips. They keep my toddler happy and content inbetween meals. These fruit snacks are the perfect choice because they are made from 97% fruit, are certified organic, contain non-GMO ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. You can feel good about this treat — so throw it in your toddler’s stocking this year and you are sure to get a few smiles from this yummy snack!
  • Sensory balls. Toddlers love to touch, feel and explore. This set of sensory balls engage your toddler’s sense of touch and hearing skills. Your toddler can learn and have fun too!
  • Colorful links. These Colorful Links Set is a classic that parents across the globe brag about! There are so many uses and they encourage lots of hands-on play and learning. Colors and textures keep your toddler quietly busy for hours!
  • Fisher Price Little People Wheelies. I love how Fisher price place the little pople inside these durable cars. These last and are perfect for toddlers that like people and cars. Sweet!
  • Laugh and Learn Smart Phone. Phones are always a hit with toddlers because they want to mimic their parents on the phone. This Laugh N Learn Smart Phone adds lots of learning fun too! So, toss it in your toddler’s stocking this year!
  • Play dough. I know, I know. This can get very messy, but play on a table or other hard surface to prevent the play dough from getting smushed in your carpet…yuck! Always supervise toddlers with play dough as they often like to taste it. It’s definitely worth snagging for your toddler’s stocking this year, but use it as a mommy-toddler playtime activity and you will avoid dangers and messes. Enjoy creating with your toddler and get started with this playdough set that includes the mini versions so you have lots of colors to work with!
  • Little Einstein DVD. Little Einstein is famous for their learning videos! I have yet to meet a toddler or kid who didn’t fall in love with this series. Surprise your toddler with Little EInsteins this year for lots of fun, learning memories!
  • Chunky board books. I remember when someone gave me a set of Chunky Board Books with my first child. We used those books over and over again. We used them for my other children as well. They lasted and lasted. I love that my toddlers could sit and look through all the pictures — all by themselves!. At other times, we would snuggled up point out all the yellow objects or the objects that started with a “B”. If you want your toddler to learn and connect with you, this is a super-sweet way to get it done! Perfectly sized for a stocking — and your purse! :)
  • Boon water bugs floating bath toys. Bathtime should be fun! These water bugs and net are receiving rave reviews from moms and dads. Go beyond the rubber duck and enjoy some bug catching while your little one gets all scrubbed up.

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