10 Ways to Make After School Conversations More Fun!

After school conversations are more important now than they’ve ever been.

Just recently I watched a video where a twelve-year-old girl was required to view gore and violence in her history class on an almost weekly basis.

Her friends were afraid to speak out about the situation, but because this certain 12-year-old had a mom who invested daily after-school conversations, she found a person she could trust with the details of her upsetting situation.

Her mom didn’t simply ask, “How was your day at school?” while she was checking Facebook for the 29th time that day.

Instead, her mom sat down, asked her details and paid attention to her daughter’s daily attitude.

And that is a super-smart mom who’s winning in her parenting journey!

after-school conversations

That’s one reason why I choose to make time for daily conversations with each child.

One-on-one time with every child in our home is absolutely necessary for my mom journey!

I want my kids to know they can come to me with anything that’s troubling them.

I want them to know that there will always be a listening ear.

And that means I need to give them my undivided attention (Smartphone included!) on a daily basis.

Why Are After School Conversations So Important?

Bedtime routines, morning routines and after-school conversations are the perfect time to spend a few minutes re-connecting with your child.

And connecting and listening to your child on a daily basis is exactly how you win your child’s heart. Winning your child’s heart is absolutely the “secret” sauce of parenting!

But I want to make those after-school conversations fun for my kids!

I want this time to be something they look forward to and eagerly anticipate — not something mom convinces them to participate in.

We know that happens all too often! ;0)

And that’s where these fun, spontaneous ideas combine to make your after-school conversations with your child adventurous and unique!

Kids remember connecting with mom and dad.

They remember the special snacks, games and time that their parents invested in just learning about the happenings of their child’s day.

But parents are also tired, busy and have huge, important responsibilities to see to — paying the mortgage, putting groceries in the fridge and making sure there’s clean laundry to wear.

Those are just the very beginning of an adult’s list of constant responsibilities.

That’s why these special conversations need to be simple.

Nothing extravagant.

We want to help parents and kids connect after school.

Don’t worry about brainstorming some new ideas to spark meaningful conversation after school — the guess work’s been done the work for you! You’ll find oodles of conversation starter ideas in our family pack below!<3

Enjoy this school year and may all your after-school conversations be meaningful, crazy-fun and memorable! <3

10 Ways to Make After School Conversations More Fun

  • Use our printable conversation starters. This makes conversation topics a breeze!

    Check out our BIG printable list that’s colorful, fun to hold and creative!

    It will help you think, laugh and connect!

  • conversation starter printable

  • Plan a simple snack. Parents are over-loaded with need-to-do tasks. Why make after-school conversations more complicated with elaborate snacks? Why not keep it super simple, but crazy yummy? Here are some fun after-school snack ideas to check out!
  • Change scenery. Don’t think that just because school hours are over that you need to stay at home!

    Surprise your child and go on a picnic!

    Go to the park or a friend’s house for an after-school conversation.

    Changing things up can always add freshness to your after-school chats!

  • Play with your child. During your after-school conversations, play with your child’s favorite toys, play basketball or make paper airplanes — with your child.

    Can’t think of ways to play WITH your child? Check out our article on that very topic!

    Whatever your child’s interests are use those as an open door to get after-school conversations started!

    My son loves playing cars so all I have to do is grab some cars and he’s all tuned- in!

    My teen son loves sports so we connect on the sports level!

    My daughters? They love music, writing, baking and art.

    You know your child.

    Take that knowledge and use it as a way to connect during after-school conversations.

  • ways to make after-school conversations more fun

  • Mix things up. Be crazy — instead of reading a bedtime story or watching an evening movie, add that to your after-school conversation activities.

    With all these unexpected surprises your child will eagerly await after-school conversations!

  • Record it. For one week or one month record your after-school conversations.

    Let your child know these are for keeping and remembering special moments in their childhood.

    If your child really loves recording your conversations, keep it up all year long!

  • Invite family. Surprise (lots of creative after-school conversations are full of surprises, right?) your child with an uncle aunt, grandparent or cousin who came over just to chat about the day!

    Definitely serve a simple snack during your surprise after-school chat.

    Oooh! Make sure you use the printable conversation starters for this surprise family visit too!

  • after school conversations

  • Talk in silly accents. These really keeps kids’ attention!

    Try a cowboy accent, an Australian accent or an English accent.

    The sillier the better!

  • Wear costumes. Have your child’s favorite dress-up costume ready, themed snacks on the counter and the printable conversation starters all sitting out.

    But, no one can being snacking or chatting until they’re wearing a special costume — mom and dad included!

  • Bring out family photo albums. Perfect time to chat about when mom, dad, grandparents and uncles attended school.

    Compare school attire, desks, lunches etc. to today’s choices.

    Kids have an easier time connecting when they see other family members have experienced school days too!

  • Play a conversation starter game. Here’s a super-fun conversation start game from B-inspired Mama I think you’ll love!

May your child’s school year be overflowing with parent/child moments that encourages your child to find a happy, safe and secure place in their mom and dad.

Being that trusted person in your child’s life will make all the difference in your mom journey!

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