15 Super-fun After School Snacks

When kids get home from school, what’s the first thing they want? SNACKS! If you’re looking for some new ideas besides a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, here’s 15 super-fun after school snacks that will hit the spot!

super-fun after school snacks

In this list you’ll find a mix of fun ideas, because all kids are not created equal. Some prefer healthier, veggie snacks, while other kids love some cheesy comfort food after school. Plus, there’s also the group that want something sweet, easy and just an “open and go” package. Guess what? All those types of kid-approved snacks are in the list below!

Enjoy these snacks and be sure to share with us your favorite idea of the perfect after school snack that your kids enjoy. We all love to hear more tips and tricks to make our kids enjoy their childhood even more!

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15 Super-fun After School Snacks

  1. Stove-top pizza dip. Moms will love how easy this recipe is to make and how it make every pizza lover smile! My kids LOVE pizza, so they love this snack! Feel free to dip your favorite breads, chips or pretzels in this yummy dip!
  2. Jif™ Bars. Did you even know there was such a thing! Theses are super-new and my entire family dove into these yummy snacks!

    after school snacks

    Their favorite flavors were the chocolate-topped bars, but be sure to try each flavor to find your perfect choice! Jif™ Bars are creamy and fresh roasted. In each bar you get to enjoy layers of Jif™ peanut butter partnered with chewy, crunchy granola. My kids love granola AND peanut butter — so these get an A plus for that! Also, if you’re a mom that’s making sure your kids get enough daily protein, each bar contains about 7-8g of protein. You can find these bars at your local grocery store, so keep an eye out for them next time you’re out! In fact, these bars help our family enjoy a Peanut Butter happy moment! For an energizing snack after school snack, Jif™ Bars are sure to make you peanut butter happy too!

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  4. Hummus. My kids love this stuff! We snack on it with fresh veggies or pita chips! Enjoy this simple recipe that you can whip up in your blender — in just minutes!
  5. Sweet and Salty S’mores. I like to save these for our fun Fridays we have at our house. And don’t worry, these s’mores do not require a camp fire! Enjoy this simple s’mores recipe that will keep your kids smiling!
  6. Pizza quesadillas. I had to include another pizza recipe, because my kids love it so much! This is my super easy version when we’re having an extremely busy day or need to pack a picnic lunch. They’re so simple, my kids make them too!
  7. Frozen yogurt grapes. I love this idea of a nice, cool snack after school! Fruit and yogurt always gets my kids attention!
  8. Inside out cucumber sandwiches. These are too cute not to share with you! They’re easy to make, and even easier to eat! It’s fun to serve my kids mini anything — even sandwhiches!
  9. Easy Peanut Butter Cookies. What kid doesn’t love a mom meeting them at the door with a plate full of cookies? Pair these simple peanut butter cookies with a glass of milk and you’re instantly trqnsformed into super-mom!
  10. Apples and peanut butter. This is a snack that my kids know they better keep away form mom — or it will be all gone! Most people love dipping apples in caramel, but I would much rather dip mine in some awesome peanut butter! Mmm…..excuse me while I go grab some now. ;0)
  11. String cheese. Our kids are always diving and trying to find the last piece of string cheese. I love that my kids are getting extra calcium in the form of a super-fun, are school snack!
  12. Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies. Can you believe you can make your favorite childhood cookie at home? Everything tastes better home-made, and these cookies? They are so incredible, you will never walk down the cookie isle again.
  13. Super Soft Pretzels. I loose smelling homemade pretzels bake in the oven! Keep a fun dipping sauce like honey mustard, cheese sauce or cinnamon butter handy for your kids to enjoy some pretzel dipping fun!
  14. Muddy Buddies. If you’ve never made muddy buddies for your kids, now’s the time to start! Enjoy this yummy, kid-approved recipe that will make snack time the best time!
  15. Banana graham butterfly snacks. Use Jif™ peanut butter to make these super-cute and healthy butterflies!
  16. Homemade Trail Mix Welcome your kiddos after school with this homemade trail mix. It’s filled with your child’s favorite treats!

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