The Most Powerful Woman

If you asked most people today, “Who is the most powerful woman?” I think you would receive a myriad of answers. Some would say Hilary Clinton — some Oprah Winfrey — maybe some would go on and talk about some of the most famous movie stars. But if those were the answers, and I imagine they would be, I would have to differ. You see, I still believe the old-time saying of, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

most powerful woman

If you take time to ponder on that saying, you’ll see it’s one that highlights the full of power of a mother and home-maker. But, wow… rule the world?

Lovers of history will have to agree that a woman who spends the majority of her time at home influencing her family definitely is a powerful woman. We have mothers throughout history who have influenced kingdoms and ruled from beside the cradle. There are also women who completely helped shape and mold their child’s ministry by tirelessly teaching them scriptures and doctrines, like Susanna Wesley. What about Queen Esther, who through temperance, bravery and kindness influenced her husband to save an entire race of people. What about another heroine in the Bible, Abigail, who convinced a powerful, strong army of men to stop in their tracks and retreat from their mission to kill.

Those women didn’t have talk shows, invent a cure for cancer or hold a modern-day political office — but those women influenced their family and others in a powerful way.

And yes, if you are focused on your family and choosing to be a homemaker for them, and I believe you are one of the most powerful women in the world.

As homemakers, we may not have tangible rewards or trophies to display, but we indeed are rewarded on a much higher level. Where in the world can you find such an amazing opportunity to shape, mold and direct a person’s life? Have you thought about the powers you possess as a wife, mother and homemaker?

  • You have the power to make your husband and kids smile on a more-than-difficult day.
  • You have the power to help a child overcome a fear.
  • You have the power to make your husband feel like million bucks when the rest of the world tells him he’s worthless.
  • You have the power to encourage your kids to press for bigger and better goals than just completing the next level of Candy Crush.
  • You have the power to influence your sons to be amazing fathers and husbands.
  • You have the power to influence your daughters to become amazing mothers and wives.
  • You have the power to make a neighbor happy with some homemade cookies, free baby-sitting services or just a hot, homemade meal.
  • You have the power to have a home where friends and family can find peace and comfort.

Several years ago I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it, I saw a friendly, familiar face that I loved. It was a sweet friend of mine who was going through some horrendous troubles. She stopped by just to get some fellowship and encouragement. She blurted out, “I just need to be somewhere where God is right now.”

That was probably one of the highest compliments I have ever received. She viewed our home as a loving, God-centered place where she could find refuge and comfort. Oh, dear moms! That in itself is a super-power that many of you have too! The power to create a haven, not just for your family, but for friends and neighbors. And you know what? Those places are becoming fewer and fewer. Will you use your super-powers today to influence your family and friends for the better?

who is the most powerful woman

If you desire to be one of the most powerful women that have ever walked this earth, you need some resources. You need some encouragement, inspiration and guidance. I am thrilled to tell you about a book of challenges that will help you use your super-powers to create a happier home for your family. h25 Days to a Happier Home is an ebook that will encourage you daily to take baby steps in the right direction in marriage, homemaking and parenting. Hurry over and snag your ebook today! Psst! It only cost as much as a muffin and a latte — trust me, I know!

So ladies, if you are convinced that a homemaker is the most powerful woman in the world, then let’s do our best in our home-making journeys! No, not a one of us is perfect, but we can strive to thrive in our home-making — and love the journey! From my home to yours, happy home-making — you powerful woman, you! ;0)

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