The No Fail Holiday Guide for Moms with Boys

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Got boys in the house? You’ll love this no-fail Christmas Day Guide!

Dashing through the snow…

No, that is NOT what I want to be doing on Christmas morning because I didn’t fully prepare for celebrating Christmas day with two boys in the house!

But it happens…

90% of the Christmas gifts my boys request require batteries.


That means that if this mom forgets a set of batteries, Christmas morning could be a bust instead of a blast!

But it doesn’t have to be because you can click here to receive a $5 Walmart eGift card with your $15 Energizer® battery or lights purchase.”

Let’s give our boys the BEST holidays ever!

Oh, and be sure to tell me if you have any other “best holiday tips ever” for moms with boys! I’d love to read them!

Here are our BEST tips!

This no fail holiday guide for moms with boys with help prepare your family for the best Christmas yet! #holidayguide #boymom #moms #motherhood #holidays #christmas #holidahacks #christmaswithkids

No-Fail Holiday Guide for Moms with Boys

  • Don’t give socks and underwear as gifts. I know it’s a money-saver, but your kids don’t share your frugal mindset…ha!

    Just grab them on your normal grocery run to Walmart, but don’t wrap them up and give them as a gift.

    No boy in your house wants socks and underwear for Christmas…unless they light up and play his favorite music! ;0)

  • Great toys ideas for Christmas morning!

  • Choose boy-approved wrapping paper. My sons always go for the reds, blues, greens, dinosaurs, superheroes, and camouflage patterned items.

    I try to keep those styles in mind when I snag the wrapping paper and gift bags for their gifts.

    And even though they’re boys, they notice the effort I put into wrapping their gifts with love!

  • Wrap Christmas presents with great care and wrap boys presents with paper they'll love!

  • Buy extra batteries. Why? Because even if I’ve made a list of all the gifts that require batteries and have even checked it twice, there’s still a 55% chance (I like writing, talking, and thinking in percentages…can you tell?) that I’ll forget at least two AA or AAA batteries!

    We love stocking up on Energizer MAX® batteries and Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries for the holidays.

    They’re great for their long-lasting power and leak-proof design which protects your kids’ most-loved toys and devices from leaks and corrosion.

    And I know you and your kids want those toys, digital cameras, and other valuable devices working long after the holidays are over.

  • Stock up on batteries for toys at Christmas.

  • Buy gifts that aren’t on their list. We have a super cute and thoughtful Christmas wish list we print and give our kids.

    But, sometimes I see items I know my sons will love that they didn’t write down on their lists.

    For instance, I have a sneaking suspicion your son would love an Energizer® Brand Headlight!

    A friend gave my son one a few years ago and we’ve kept them stocked ever since! They work awesome for camping trips, reading late at night (my very intelligent sons prefer classic comic books), going on “secret spy missions” and even for visiting theme parks when it’s dark!

    We’ve never bought the super expensive light up souvenirs because all of my kids were wearing headlights!

  • An Energizer LED Headlight is a creative gift idea for Christmas!

  • Put together a stocking that will make them shout with joy! Stuff the stocking with their favorite snacks and even a special gift that they wouldn’t be expecting.

    You could even surprise them with one of these super thoughtful gift ideas sneakily hidden right in their Christmas stocking!

  • Always include some sort of fun sports gifts or game that the entire family can play with during the holidays! We’ve had impromptu games that have lasted for hours!

    Anything that brings the whole family together for a fun time at Christmas is a win in my book!

Toys that boys love!

Ready for Christmas Morning?

Staying stocked on Energizer®batteries is a lesson I’ve learned from BIG time failures!

No one wants to rush around and find a store that’s open on December 25 so your son’s gifts will actually work! ;0)

Remote controls, flashing lights — almost everything on a boy’s holiday gift list requires batteries!

Stock up now and be super prepared for Christmas morning while also getting a $5 Walmart eGift Card in return! Consider it a bonus for being such a prepared mom!

Happy holidays!

Shopping for Batteries Stock up on Energizer Batteries for Christmas Toys

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