21 Valentine’s Day Cards for School

These Valentines are Incredible Simple and Unique!

Valentine’s Day at school was always one of my favorite holidays!

I couldn’t wait to shake out my shoebox mailbox that was overflowing with valentines from my friends at school.

It was fun to look through each one and decide:

  • Which one was the cutest
  • Which one was the funniest
  • Which one came with the best candy
  • Which one was the sweetest

I could literally spend hours looking through each and every item!

Give your child and other school kids those same fun memories by sending one of these super-unique Valentine’s day card ideas to school. Kids will LOVE them!

Plus, most of these ideas consist of free printables.

That makes your job easier!

Printable and Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #1: Fun Free Printable Valentine Cards For Kids from sunnydayfamily.com

Check out these gorgeous free printable Valentine cards for kids.

Pair them with some mini-crayons to turn them into a cute gift.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #2: Children’s Valentine’s Day Cards For Bookworms from naturalbeachliving.com

The little ones will be super happy to hand out these adorable bookworm Valentines to their book-loving friends!

Plus, this Valentine will be a teacher favorite too because it encourages reading!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #3: Gummi Bear Valentines from creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com

Print, cut, and attach some adorable gift tags to gummi bear bags.

You’ll have a great Valentine gift idea your kids can take to school.

candy valentine's day card ideas for school

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #4: Eye Love You Coloring Valentine Cards With Free Printable from hellowonderful.co

Kids can color and decorate these cards.

They will be truly handmade, like the best Valentine’s Day gifts are.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #5: Llama Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids from simpleeverydaymom.com

Llamas are so much fun!

If you’ve been searching for a cute, gender-neutral Valentine card idea, here it is.

This is a printable, so it couldn’t get any easier.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #6: Fingerprint Valentine’s Day Cards from thebestideasforkids.com

Here’s an entertaining craft your kids can make themselves.

Three ideas are included but you can always come up with more!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #7 : Printable Rock Valentine Cards For Kids from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

If your kids love science, you can help them share the excitement with their classmates via these nerdy, rock Valentine cards.

It’s a matter of attaching a pretty rock to a printable gift tag.

These are super quick to make!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #8: Tic Tac Toe Kids Valentine Cards from temeculablogs.com

A gift that doubles as a fun game the kids can play when they exchange Valentine cards?

Yes, please!

Tic Tac Toe never fails!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #9: Easy Homemade Valentines Card Idea For Kids from club.chicacircle.com

This pencil-themed gift idea for Valentine’s Day comes with a free printable.

It’s as easy as printing and giving away when it comes to a homemade Valentine’s card idea for school!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #10: Puffy Paint Valentines Cards For Kids To Make from happyhooligans.ca

Puffy paint is so fun to work with!

Kids can make these puffy paint Valentine’s cards and give them to classmates the next day.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #11: Turtle Valentine Card Craft For Kids from simpleeverydaymom.com

Pull out some colored cardstock and markers, print the free template, and your child has the perfect Valentine’s day card to take to school!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #12: Heart Valentines Day Pop Up Card from easypeasyandfun.com

If you’re searching for a special kind of Valentine card craft to make for your child, here’s a lovely idea.

The pop-up design looks really cool and it can be done by the kids under your supervision.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #13: Footprint Bee Valentine Card To Make With Kids from nontoygifts.com

Footprint crafts make such precious memories, and also Valentine cards!

Here’s a fun bee footprint card kids are going to enjoy crafting and sharing with their classmates.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #14: I Love You Bunches And Bunches Valentine’s Day Card Craft For Kids from rainydaymum.co.uk

This 3D card design could work for Mother’s Day as well!

You just need some colored cardstock and a few more inexpensive supplies.

It’s such an easy project that toddlers and preschoolers can make it them too!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #15: Rocket Valentines from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Stepping away from the traditional red or pink heart-filled Valentines, this rocket idea is super creative and simple.

More importantly, it’s a printable which means you don’t really need to prepare anything in advance.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #16: Valentine’s Day Bookmarks from pintsizedtreasures.com

These bookmarks make a perfect Valentine’s day card that encourages young kids to read! Only a few materials are needed!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #17: Horse Valentines Cards from thedecoratedcookie.com

Do your kids love horses?

They will surely be proud to take these lovely horse Valentine’s Day cards to school.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #18: Free Printable Class Valentine Card from hellowonderful.co

Here’s another really pretty Valentine card that avoids pinks.

The design is fantastic and there are four designs you can print.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #19: Owl Homemade Valentines Cards from kidsactivitiesblog.com

Kids are always eager to do fun things and Valentine’s Day is an exciting time for them.

Let them try this craft and I am sure they will make some amazing owl Valentines to bring into the classroom.

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #20: Free Printable Valentine Cards from thebestideasforkids.com

I know these gorgeous Valentine cards will make the little ones happy, but I would give them out myself too!

Valentine’s Day Card Idea #21: Homemade Valentines For Kids Butterfly Pencil Valentine from buggyandbuddy.com

To make butterfly pencil Valentines, the kids will have to play with glitter.

That will be a fun experience by itself!

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