Ways to Make A Slumber Party Awesome

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I have four daughters and they love slumber parties! I know most people have them with friends, but our kids? They love weekly slumber parties — and I let them have them. After numerous slumber parties, my daughters and I have learned some ways to make a slumber party awesome — and we’re sharing them with you!

make a slumber party awesome

Now if you’re not comfortable letting your kids attend a slumber party outside your home or family, that’s absolutely fine with me. In fact, my kids attend very few slumber parties outside our home. It has to be a very close trusted friend or family member. But, guess what? You can have some major fun slumber parties at home too! Either way, these slumber party tips will keep the kids smiling and laughing!

Ways to Make a Slumber Party Awesome

  • Have tons of snacks. Be sure to check and see if any kids attending the party have food allergies snap plan accordingly. No one wants to be left out of the snacking fun! We always pick bite-sized snacks that are not super messy, so you won’t find cheese puffs or small cookies at our slumber parties. We just don’t like crumbs on the floor!
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  • Revisit classic games. Those are still truly the best. We grab Checkers, Chess, Rook, Scrabble, Monopoly, Life and pencil and paper to play hangman, tic-tac-toe and the dot game.Kids are so use to video games that classic games are a welcome to the slumber party. Even though they’re classic, they’re new to this generation of kids.
  • invite kids to bring their favorite stuffed animals. My daughter have a new favorite one and guess what? She can invite her grandparents to the slumber party too with one of her CloudPets™. We spend a lot of time overseas and my kids really miss their grandparents. FaceTime is okay, but you can’t hug a phone. CloudPets™ combines mobile messaging app technology with a cuddly toy that allows grandparents to give and receive “hugs” from afar via personal messages. I constantly hear CloudPets™ throughout the day — and night. They also plays lullaby songs that kids love. Not to mention the messaging system is a cinch to set up.it was super simple to set up. I’m not a techy person, and I was able to set up the messaging for the CloudPets™ all without my tech-guru husband’s help — yay for mom! Even my teen son wanted to send his little sister a message. It’s simple, fun, cuddly and keeps families connected — an A+ in the “must have” toy collection for this mom. I wonder how many CloudPets™ we’ll have at our next slumber party?
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  • Take turns fixing silly hairstyles. This is hilarious and loads of fun. Bring lots of hairbands, pony tail holders, bows and barrettes. You may need some hairspray too!
  • Put on a simple puppet show. Those favorite stuffed animals are more than just cuddly friends, they also make fun puppets. We believe in keeping it simple around our house, so we just pick two people to go behind the couch and put on a show. The giggles are almost non stop — we love the impromptu dialogues!
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  • Dive into Minute to Win It Games. These are always simple, loads of fun and get even the most serous kid falling over in laughter! The Oreo one is one of our favorites! Do you have a fave minute to win it game?

For your next slumber party, keep these ideas handy!

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