Why You Shouldn’t Call a SAHM During Her Child’s Naptime

I’m a sahm. Well, actually a wahm now, but I still stay at home with my kiddos. Since I have been blessed to me a mom, there is one part of the day that is super precious to me. It’s my child’s naptime. This is just about the only time my house is super quiet. It’s such a nice break from the busyness of life and I don’t want interruptions. So, most of the time, I do not answer my phone during naptime. Now, please don’t think I am rude. If you knock on my door, I will be glad you stopped by and make time to chat. But my normal, day-to-day routine is to ensure the house stays quiet during naptime. Let me explain why.

stay at home moms need naps too

Stay-at-home moms do not clock out. I am not saying that stay at home moms work harder than other people, but they rarely get breaks. Sure, we can cuddle up with our kiddos or enjoy a park playdate, but just quiet, interrupted free time is scarce. It is pretty much only reserved for naptime and late nights.

I am not complaining, because I really, really, really love being a stay at home mom. I enjoy staying busy and having kids in my house the entire day. I seriously miss my babies if they go to the nursery during a church service. I just love this motherhood journey I am on!

That being said, I also enjoy naptime. It is a time for me to gain refreshment. In the past, naptime for me was only for resting or reading. Now, it is for working, resting or reading. Naptime is the perfect time for me to write uninterrupted and without stealing time from serving my family.

I need this time, so please don’t feel offended if I don’t answer my phone.

There was a time when I had three kids under the age of five. My kids needed me just about every waking hour, so there was little time for quiet. Naptime was a time I looked forward to, so I could just enjoy some quiet, down time.

However, people that worked jobs outside the home did not understand about that special time. Many times I would get phone calls during my child’s naptime because people just wanted to “chat.” Why did they want to chat? Because they were bored at work or had a lunch break. Most poeple think stay-at-home moms are free all the time. But, that is simply not the case.

So, I really want to help stay-at-home moms out and give a voice to their special, quiet, naptime needs. Moms, especially moms of young children, need a time during the day with uninterrupted quiet just to get them through the rest of the day. It’s tough to keep a calm and happy spirit if you haven’t had a few minutes or an hour of just plain quiet. Just like toddlers get grumpy without a nap, moms get grumpy if they don’t have a break during the day.

In fact, when I meet a frazzled mom with young children or a distraught mom emails me, one of the first questions I ask is, “Do your children nap at the same time?” If she is stressed and frustrated, most of the time the answer is no. One of the first things I encourage her to do is to get all of her kids on the same naptime schedule. That is the only way she an ensure that she will have some quiet time to regroup during the day.

Back during the days of answering machines, I would leave my answering machine on during nap, but turn off the ringing tone so the toddlers, babies and me would not be disturbed. However, there were times when people would call repetitively and then call my husband to see why I wasn’t answering the phone! On other days, before our scheduled naptime, I would be outside hanging my laundry and playing with the kids. When I came back into the house my phone would ring. “Hello?” I would cheerfully answer the phone. “Why haven’t you answered the phone?” came many demanding replies from several different people. This was not an oddity. I would be irritated, but would bite my tongue and reply with a, “I was playing with the kids outside.”

I still don’t get it why some people think stay-at-home moms are glued to their phones 24/7. We really do have plenty of work to keep us busy. Please respect that we need downtime too. You need to unwind at the end of the day, right? You get a lunch break every day, right? We don’t get a lunch break, but we still need to unwind.

Here’s a few things to consider before you text or call that sahm after lunch (which is the most popular time for a child’s afternoon nap.)

  • Is it an emergency?
  • Can I call her tonight?
  • What time is her child’s nap?

Let your stay-at-home mom friend or family member have their small slot of quiet time. They need it to keep creating a happy home. Whether they are working, cleaning, resting, or reading — they need that time. And for you stay-at-home moms who are reading this — enjoy your quiet time today. You won’t be receiving call from me! :)

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15 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Call a SAHM During Her Child’s Naptime”

  1. So very true!! I agree completely…unless it’s my sister which is also a stay at home mom! That’s a good time for us to actually talk!

  2. Yes!! As a SAHM, I find people do not understand the sacredness of the quiet in my home and life when my young children are napping. As a bit of an introvert, I need that time to recharge my batteries. This article resonated with me and I will be sharing it!!

  3. This is a great article of truth that more people should read. I’m a SAHD who used to think staying at home would be eternal bliss. As a SAHD I work more than when I was “dutifully employed!” Talk about 16 hour days! SAHMs of the world: hats off to you!

  4. Nap times have always been sacred in our house and anyone who knew me well knew I was not available during that time, unless it was an emergency. I used to use the time to either get chores done in peace or (more often than not) catch up on some well needed sleep. I only have one baby at home now and mostly it’s a time to eat, shower and do dishes without interruption. Thanks for sharing.

  5. {Kathy} I feel so strongly about nap times for moms that I think that WE should also be napping too while they are down. I wrote a whole post about it. When we have young kids, that is the only time our bodies and minds can rest. We must take advantage of it. Thank you for writing such a comprehensive post about why scheduling children’s naps are important. I will be sharing it immediately.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more! I have been a SAHM for 5 1/2 years, and have always tried using my daughters’ naptimes as ‘me’ time, and to do something that I enjoy like drawing or painting. My youngest is turning 3 soon and is slowly dropping her day sleep, I will miss having this quiet time to myself.

  7. When my 6 north old take her nap at 9:30 – 10am, I am resting with her but when she takes her 11:30 – 2pm nap I take a nap as well, and I turn the volume off on my phone… luckily my friends and family know her schedule and not to bother me unless of an emergency. I love it when she naps because she is a big cuddle bug except for when it is time for bed then she sleeps on her own.

  8. I am actually completely opposite. I would much rather someone call me during naptime then have them interrupt me just about any other time during the day. Sure my naptime is my me time, but it’s also the best time of day for me to give myself to a phone conversation of any kind.

  9. I saw this posted on a friend’s timeline and I was hoping it wouldn’t be as shallow as the title made it appear, but I was disappointed. Having been both a SAHM and a working mom, reading comments like she called because she was ‘bored’ or ‘had a lunch break’ come across as demeaning and only add to the mommy wars. I’m not sure what kind of jobs they have, but I was never ‘bored’ at work and usually ate lunch at my desk so I could leave earlier to get home to my kiddo.

    1. I wrote this post in order to make people aware of that precious time for sahms. Yes, most of the calls I get during the day, during naptime, are of the “I’m bored” nature. It is not a knock against moms who work outside the home, it is simply just a way to bring to others attention that naptime is a needed time for sahms. Hope that clears things up! This has nothing to do with mommy wars, its just a help to sahms. :)

  10. I think this article should be called “why you shouldn’t answer your phone during your child’s nap time.” How do I keep track of every SAHM’s nap time? Am I supposed to have a chart on my refrigerator? Especially because as kids grow their nap times change. I hope that didn’t come across as rude, that’s not what I intended. I’m not going to expect everyone I’ve ever met to know exactly when my baby sleeps. But next nap time, my phone goes on silent. I do understand how important quiet time is :)

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