5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit for SAHMs

Staying fit as a stay at home mom isn’t always the easiest thing. I think some people have the perception that it’s just a “sit on the couch” type of job and we should have all sorts of free time.

losing weight as a sahm

Any of us who actually stay home with our little ones know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While many of us are chasing toddlers and following preschoolers around the park, sometimes there’s a lot of sitting on the floor reading books, preparing meals, and eating what is left on little plates.

All these things can add up — in more than one way. A few pounds here and a few pounds there start sneaking in, and before we know it, the battle to lose the baby weight is over. We give up trying and continue to let pounds creep into our lives — bite by bite.

I think we all have that friend who can eat 15 Oreos in one sitting and wash it down with a glass of Coke without putting on an ounce. While I’d love to be “that friend,” I’m definitely not that girl.

I’m the girl who has to watch what she eats, walk every day, and do crunches at night to keep her figure somewhat slim. As a mom of little girls (my girls will be 4 and 2 next month) and the operator of an online business and blog, it’s not always possible to do all those things. I’ll do great for a week or two, then life catches up with me and I don’t get to walk for an entire week.

While I don’t always find time to fit in formal workouts, I do try to add things to my day that help me compensate. Here are 5 tips that will help you stay fit while you stay at home.

  • Teach your children how to do jumping jacks and other easy exercises. First of all, let’s be honest. It’s hysterical to watch a 3 year old try to do jumping jacks. Plus, they’ll need plenty of visual instruction. After your little one learns, do 10 jumping jacks after every book you read. What an easy way to fit in at least 100 throughout the day.
  • Take it outside. When the weather is nice, take your children outside. Whether it’s going for a walk down the street, playing tag in the yard, or pushing your baby in the swing, you’re more likely to be physically active outside than you are inside.
  • Park in the back of the parking lot. I know it’s tempting to park in that closest spot when you’re at Walmart or the grocery store. Don’t do it! If you park a long way from the door, those steps can really add up. More steps equals more calories burned.
  • Do workout videos that are 30 minutes or shorter. Let’s get real: not many of us have 60 minutes during our “mommy day” to devote to an exercise video. There are some excellent videos on YouTube or available for purchase that allow you to get your heart rate up for about 10 minutes. Squeeze a couple of those into your day and you’ll be sure to see some results.
  • Don’t be a picker. I think this was one of my grandfather’s favorite things to say to people. When he would see me snatching a bite of food off someone else’s plate or eating an extra cookie, he would warn me about mindless eating. At the time, I didn’t have to worry about my weight and it made me chuckle, but now it comes to mind quite often. When my little girl doesn’t finish all of her Cheetos, I’m tempted to eat them. Instead, put those leftover chips in a little container or plastic bag so your child can eat them for a snack after nap.

Do you have any tips for staying fit as a stay at home mom? I’m always looking for some other ideas to help keep my figure without needing to fit long workouts into my day.

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15 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit for SAHMs”

  1. I only ever started to exercise after I became a mum! I find it crucial to my physical and mental health now and find that consistency is key. I’ve doing the MuTu System now which is really short (6 mins +) and designed specifically for mums to help with tummy muscles that have separated. Really easy and short and has a 12 week program to keep me motivated!

    1. It seems like there are more and more mommy fitness programs out there! SO glad people are creating some that are geared to moms’ specific needs like separated muscles and lack of time!

  2. Great tips! I’ll admit, I’m guilty of parking as close as I can when I’m at the grocery store, but since it’s been a cold winter I’m going to chalk it up (for now) to limiting my time in the cold. I have been enjoying taking my baby for walks when the weather has been nice (and look forward to it more come springtime). Since I’m only 14 weeks postpartum, I enjoy doing online exercise videos that incorporate the baby–when she let’s me!

  3. I just recently discovered on demand workouts that were 10 minutes each! I did 2 and was sore the next day! I love short, to the point workouts like that, easier to squeeze in a busy day at home with a baby.

  4. Another one that helps me is trying to make sure my kids are eating healthy too. We don’t keep junk food in the house because even though I am not worried about my kids’ weight, I am worried about their health. We eat lots of dried fruit and nuts for snacks and only eat desserts on the weekends. It helps our whole family be healthy and happy.

  5. I am just starting to work on this! While I would be considered “that girl,” there are drawbacks. I have noticed this past year that while I look okay, I do not feel that great (aches and pains/always tired) So I have started youtube workouts(10-20 min.) and am already feeling much better. And yes, it is hysterical to watch my girlies do them with me. = ) I also like to give airplane rides, piggy back rides, and throw my kids up in the air. They love it and it I get exercise! Love this post!

    1. Hi Christie!

      10-20 minutes is a great start! Btw, I checked out your blog and your kiddos are sooo cute! Sweet family! :)

  6. This is a great tip I got from a friend of mine: After you go to the bathroom, do 10 jumping jacks, sit ups, or lunges (or whatever!). It adds up throughout the day and doesn’t take much time at all! Your ideas are great and I will be using them more consciously in the near future! Thanks!

  7. I love including my step daughter in my workouts. She get’s to continue her jumping around and I get my workout in! :)

    I’ve also found joining an online accountability group helps, it’s changed my attitude about workouts for sure! Anyone interested in a workout group? I’d love to connect!

  8. I never even thought about YouTube workout videos! I usually grumble bc my walks look like a circus. I push the stroller and by the time my big boys have tagged along I’ve got bikes and scooters and wagons and not a real good workout. I try to get up really early but I’m not disciplined enough to do so successfully long term. But you’ve got some great suggestions!

  9. A few things I do… Turn on some fun music and dance with the kids. While standing and folding laundry, I will do calf raises and squats. I will also do walking lunges as I go put laundry away. When tidying up the house, I will consciously make the effort to do a proper squat or lunge as I pick something up off the floor.

  10. Leslie sansomes walk at home videoes!! I don’t actually get to watch them but I remember enough of them to do while kiddos are watching cartoons so easy to stand walk in place throw in whatever excersize you can remember anything you can do adds up!! Just whenever you have a minute do some squats, stretch anything you can do is better than nothing!! I also look of different things on Pinterest and YouTube my littles interrupt me a lot but it’s so much better than not doing anything at all!

  11. I’ve started listening to music, one ear bud in, and dance around the kitchen while doing dishes, cooking, etc. It lifts my mood and I can’t help but to dance! I figure it all adds up bythe end of the day. I also keep two 5lb hand weights in my kitchen and do arm exercises while waiting for kids to finish lunch or the water to boil on the stove. :)

  12. Try the pop sugar app! It has new, quick, do anywhere workouts everyday right on your phone or tablet. Also, If I keep only healthful snacks in the house then there is no temptation to eat cheetos. If I shouldn’t eat it then my kids shouldn’t be eating it either.

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