25 Simple Christmas Dates for Moms and Kids!

One on one time is so important for Kids!

Think you’re too busy for dates or one-on-one time with your kids?

I’ve shared my little hack to spending one on one time with kids a few years ago.

Mom and child celebrating Christmas

It will help make it happen…even when you’re in a busy season of motherhood!

And Christmas is the perfect time to get those parent/child dates in with the kids!

Before we dig into this Christmas Parent/Child date ideas, we want to tell you about our newest book!

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Mom and child reading Christmas books

25 Christmas One On One Time Activities for Moms and Kids!

Go out for holiday drinks.

Peppermint hot chocolate, gingerbread lattes and Christmas frappes are in most coffee shops during Christmas!

Hop in the car, turn on Christmas music and grab a holiday drink!

Buy silly holiday props from the dollar store and take selfies.

Tweens and teens love this idea!

You know those reindeer ears with the blinking lights?

That Christmas light necklace or the giant jingle bell?

Grab a few take some holiday selfies!

Go to the holiday activities at zoo.

Christmas safari’s are always a fun, holiday adventure!

Take a Gingerbread House Class.

Learn a new skill by taking a gingerbread house class together.

Once you both learn who to create a classic, holiday masterpiece, you can share all your genius tips with others!

Make a holiday-themed dessert.

We have so many holiday themed recipes in our 25 Days of Christmas book!

I highly recommend the snowman Rice Krispie treats….so fun!

Christmas activities for kids and parents

Make Christmas ornaments.

You’ll find Christmas ornaments in our holiday book too!

There are pine cone reindeer, Christmas tree ornaments made with cookie cutters, salt dough gingerbread men ornaments and more!

Christmas fun for parents and kids

Watch a holiday movie.

I love the classical, Mickey Mouse Christmas movies!

And our entire family loves How the Grinch stole Christmas…so cute!

Stroll through the Christmas tree farm

Christmas tree farm

It’s fun to sip hot chocolate and talk about all the different types of trees and just take in the scents of all the Christmas trees!

One on One Holiday Ideas for Moms and Kids

Visit a holiday craft fair.

This are typically filled with local artisans and bakeries. I love scoping out a beautiful, handmade wreath or trying some holiday treats!

My kids have enjoyed listening to local church choirs sing Christmas carols too!

Go to a Christmas play.

Seeing a play in person is truly magical! We enjoyed several Christmas plays during our trip to Dollywood.

It was all included in the ticket price and they had The Christmas Carol showing!

Visit an outdoors store to see the holiday displays.

Try Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas to see all the interesting displays in their holiday best!

Take your child to Christmas high tea.

Christmas high tea

This is a great place to teach kids manners in a fun, yummy way!

Going to high tea during Christmas helps kids discover some classical holiday flavors in a classier setting!

Head to an art store and buy supplies for a Christmas crafts.

Grab our 25 Days to Christmas ebook to grab a huge list of doable, Christmas activities before you go!

Visit an amusement park.

Even smaller, amusement parks host holiday themed activities and decorate their classic rides with red, green and even tinsel!

Go ice skating.

Such a fun way to enjoy exercise and one-on-one time!

Christmas business lunch.

Dress up and go out to a fancy, business lunch that’s holiday themed.

Perfect during the days when your child is on winter and holiday vacation!

Check it out!

Go to the library and check out holiday books together and have a read-a-thon!

Create a holiday snack together.

Of course, we have some of our favorite Christmas snack ideas tucked inside our 25 Days of Christmas ebook.

Have a Christmas mani/pedi together.

My daughters and I have lots of heart-to-heart chats during our mani-pedis! It’s a fun way to relax and chat one-on-one with each daughter!

My toes look like a red and silver Christmas ornament right now…;0)

Go on a holiday hunt!

Christmas scavenger hunt

Do a Christmas light scavenger hunt.

You can use this printable!

Make holiday garland from popcorn.

Find out how to make holiday, popcorn garland here!

Do Christmas Mad Libs for some extra giggles!

You can grab an updated, Christmas Mad Libs book here!

Decorate your child’s room.

Decorating Christmas tree
Little girl decorating christmas tree with toys and baubles. Cute kid preparing home for xmas celebration.

Find a small, Christmas tree for your child’s room and decorate and set it up together with your child!

Start writing!

Write Christmas cards to family and friends while you enjoy a holiday snack!

Which One-on-one Activity will Your Try First with Your Child?

Don’t forget to grab our 25 Days of Christmas: A Family’s Guide to Games, Goodies and Giggles!

You’ll also receive our Best Christmas Wish List printable for free!

Christmas book

It’s an extra gift to help your families have a family-focused Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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