Creative Ways to help Toddlers Comfortably Sleep at Night

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Preparing for winter season is something we take pretty seriously around here. My husband and I both work with kids and we try to create an environment of healthy immune systems.

We’ve also learned on our parenting journey that what we do during the day affects how our kids — especially toddlers — sleep at night!

Nothing too crazy, but simple preventative measures like washing hands, playing outside on a daily basis to soak up Vitamin D and fresh air and adding probiotics to diets.

Does your toddler comfortably sleep at night? If not, we've got some super simple solutions to help parents androids get their much-needed rest!

Even though we try to protect our toddler from feeling under the weather, dry and uncomfortable nasal passages happen in the winter months.

That’s when helping a toddler sleep at night gets tough!

And that’s when you’ll need this list of creative ways to help toddlers comfortably sleep at night.

help toddlers comfortable sleep at night

It’s super tough when a toddler can’t rest at night! Let’s change that today for your toddler!

Creative Ways to Help Toddlers Sleep at Night

  • Read a bedtime story. Reading a bedtime story to your toddler can help your toddler settle down for the evening. It can also help your toddler focus less on uncomfortable noses and sore throats!
  • Add a drug-free nasal spray to bedtime routine if needed. If dry and uncomfortable nasal passages are making it hard for your toddler to fall asleep, try hydraSense®. HydraSense® is easy to use (my son loves the feeling), sanitary (the soft comfort tip applicator easily removes for cleaning to help prevent contamination), and offers drug-free soothing for dry, uncomfortable nasal passages. The purified seawater solution is actually made with mineral-rich, 100% naturally sourced seawater from the Bay of Saint-Malo, France, whose powerful tides constantly renew the seawater’s composition.

    Toddler not sleeping at night? Tryout hacks to help toddlers sleep!

    We added a nasal spray routine to Simon’s bedtime routine over the last week when we realized that dry nasal passages were waking him up at night. I’m happy to report that he’s enjoyed more comfortable sleep!

    He loves the spray so much that when we pull out his nighttime book; he starts saying “nose, nose, NOSE.”

    help your toddler sleep better at night

    The spray is very gentle, and soothes his little nose with the perfect amount of purified seawater, enough to hydrate dry nasal passages without being harsh.

    My favorite part is definitely the removable and washable soft comfort tip applicator! It’s so easy to clean!

    toddlers sleep at night

    It’s a great product all around, and we’ll definitely be popping this nasal spray into the cart on Walgreens runs.

  • Have “rice socks” ready. Toddlers often are plagued with earaches. Keep a simple rice sock ready to help soothe your toddler’s ear so a comfortable night’s sleep is more likely!

    Here’s the rice sock “recipe”

    1. Fill a sock with rice
    2. Knot end of sock with a rubber band
    3. Microwave sock for 2-3 minutes
    4. Place on sore ear (Be sure temperature of rice sock is not too hot before placing on your child’s sore ear)
    5. Reheat as needed

    Simple and creative, right?

  • Keep moving. On the most difficult nights, always return to your traditional mom roots. Rocking or carrying your toddler around the house until she is calm, extra sleepy and ready to rest is very effective! Sometimes adding movement can help shift the aches and pains long enough that a toddler — or even an adult — can finally get some comfortable sleep!
  • Prepare a warm drink. Find a gentle tea or even warm up some water and add some lemon. Warm liquid helps soothe the throat and open nasal passages.

Oh! And I wanted to tell you that you can snag the drug-free, hydraSense® products only at your local Walgreens!

The hydraSense® daily nasal care line, consisting of hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Nasal Mist, hydraSense® Nasal Care Single-Use Vials, and hydraSenseTM Soft Comfort Tip Nasal Aspirator, can be found in the Children’s Medicine Aisle.

And you’ll love checking out this video that explains exactly how to use the hydraSense® nasal mist and how you can Sea. The. Difference.

For infants under six months, please consult your pediatrician prior to use.

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