Fall Birthday Ideas For Toddlers!

Is your toddler having a birthday soon? Lucky you! Fall is one of the best seasons to celebrate a birthday. Not convinced? Just hang around!

fall birthday ideas

The earth is being sprinkled with autumn colors, and the sun is saying good-night a little sooner than we like. But, the outside fall scene is the perfect scenery for birthday fun — especially if you have a toddler on your hands!

The crisp weather that’s not too hot or too cold keeps your toddler content, happy and a little bit giddy. The natural scenery of falling leaves create lots of natural play-space and imaginative adventures. Celebrating your toddler’s birthday is a great way for your child to enjoy the seasonal fun with friends! Here are some fun ideas to get your party started!

  • Schedule the party in the morning. Toddlers are infamous for tantrums and these are normally brought on by sleepiness and hunger. Avoid this conflict your toddler’s birthday by scheduling the party in the fresh hours of the morning. After breakfast, baths and a fresh clean set of clothes, your toddler will be ready to conquer the world — and a birthday party!.
  • Keep the guest list short. Though you want all your friends and family to take joy in your toddler’s special day, it is best for everyone to keep the guest list short and sweet. With more party guests comes more noise, more chaos and more stress for your toddler. Yes, toddlers enjoy playing and having fun, but they are super sensitive to over-stimulation. Save the long guest list for when they are grade-school age. Choosing close friends and family members will keep the party atmosphere relaxed and happy!
  • Include some leafy fun! Little ones love to play in the leaves! Rake up a few huge piles and let the jumping begin. Then you can make a hole in the center of the pile and play fun games like Monkey in the Middle or Farmer and the Dell. An outside leaf ring is perfect for imaginative play. Just let the toddlers go and they will play, and play and play some more. The crinkling sound of crushing leaves, the smell of the fall air and the freedom of having lots of space to run and play makes leafy fun one of the best toddler party activities EVER!
  • Play T-ball. Kids of all ages love to play ball. Make the party toddler-friendly by playing T-ball. Don’t keep score and just let the little ones take as many swings as necessary until they get a hit! I love to see a toddler’s reaction when they finally get a hit. Parents can’t help but cheer, and the toddlers feel so accomplished. Have your camera ready!
  • Pick a toasty dessert. As temperatures cool, kids and adults love warm drinks and desserts. Prepare homemade hot cocoa and apple cider that has been cooled to a lukearm temprature so it’s toddler-safe.. Oven-baked S’mores on Ritz crackers will definitely be a quick and easy treat that the kids will love! Don’t forget to include some fun, silly straws.
  • Make a craft. Little kids love creating masterpieces. Choose something simple that uses little materials. Just crayons, stamps, pom-poms, glitter, lots of colored paper and glue can be enough for kiddos to have fun. Also, try making easy fall collages. Before your pint-sized guests arrive, cut out pictures from magazines of fall things, animals and anything associated with your birthday theme. Let them glue them on to construction paper and voila — easy, crafty collages for the kids to take home.
  • Fly a kite. Grab a few cheap kites from the store and let each guest fly their own kite with adult assistance. Kids can also make their own kites as a craft activity at the party. Here’s a tutorial if you need some guidance. Watch the smiles and listen to the giggles as kids watch their kites soar! I know March is known for windy days, but my kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed flying kites in the fall. Try it and see if it’s a blast with your family!
  • Have a Nature Walk. Give kids buckets and containers and let them collect fall leaves, acorns and special rocks. After everyone has collected their treasures, go through the buckets one-by-one and discuss their findings. Ask each kid to pick their favorite treasures out of their bucket and snap a photo with each kid and their treasure.
  • Choose a favorite character. Does your toddler love Curious George, Thomas the Train or Elmo? Use this as your party theme to bring your child’s dream to life! Grab some themed plates, cups, napkins, party favors and a character cake. Takes lots of pictures for him to remember his best fall birthday ever.

Try out these creative ideas to make your party planning fun and easy. Feel free to offer your toddler-friendly party ideas that were a great success in the comments section below. Happy Fall partying!

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